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He states how war will never happen and that the Titanic is unsinkable. This would indicate to the audience that what Mr Birling says is not to be trusted. It might also alert them to a few other clues that Priestley gives in this opening scene that things are not as positive as they might appear in the Birling house. Eric Birling is distracted and a little drunk, while Sheila teases Gerald about him neglecting her last summer.

During the speech, Mr Birling suggests that 'a man has to make his own way'. At this precise moment, Inspector Goole arrives. The Inspector tells the family that a girl died in the infirmary two hours ago. Would that really make it any safer? Of course not. If someone falls, it'll be much more than a 30" fall, because the ground slopes away. Common sense says that the open side of this deck should have a guard installed, whether it's required by code or not.

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Just one more deck item. The builder left a thin little piece of each 6x6 post and bolted the beam onto it. If you build decks, inspect decks, are planning to build a deck, or just want some great info on how to properly build a deck, download this free guide from the American Wood Council. I recently wrote an entire blog post on installation defects with LP Smartside , which I won't repeat here. All of those installation defects were from new homes. Here's a compilation of images from that post:.

Same thing goes for stone veneer siding. Here's a compilation of installation defects from new installations, mostly from a previous blog post I wrote about installation defects with stone veneer siding :. Installers seem to do a much better job today than they were doing back then. Nevertheless, there are plenty of installation errors still happening today with fiber cement siding. New construction roofs are not impervious to installation defects. The most common issue we find with new roof installations is improper shingle nailing. I have dozens, maybe hundreds of these, but they're all pretty repetitive.

When I find a roof with overdriven nails, I recommend having the roof covering replaced, or getting a letter from the roofing manufacturer saying that these installation defects will not void the warranty. I've never seen that letter sent out from a manufacturer before, but I have seen full tear-offs and replacements. The photo below shows new shingles delivered on top of the existing roof that was only a week or two old. The home buyer sent me this photo to show that the builder was making good with their defective installation.

This prevents shingles from sealing down properly. The home shown below had a lot of them. The fix for this isn't as big of a deal as over-driven nails, because the nails can simply be pounded back down as long as they haven't punched through the shingles. Once under-driven nails have punched through the shingles above, the fix is to replace the damaged shingles.

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Believe it or not, the loose tab below was from a roof installed on a new-construction townhome in What seems odd to me is that any builders are still using 3-tab shingles ;-. Here's a roof peak that will surely leak. Water from the seam on the right drains under the seam on the left. The roofer missed one of the roof vents. As you can tell from the house wrap, this was a defect we caught during a pre-drywall inspection.

The photo below comes from the same house shown above. There wasn't a single roof vent installed on this new home.

Why new construction houses need to be inspected by private home inspectors - erigomusajij.tk

I generally think roof vents are over-rated, but that doesn't mean they should be skipped. This same house had drip marks in the insulation throughout the entire attic. Here's an example of what an attic air leak looks like before everything gets covered with insulation. The space between the top wall plates was open. This is typical stuff that we find during pre-drywall inspections if we can do the inspection before the attic is insulated.

We found that using an infrared camera. They make finding attic air leaks a piece of cake.

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  7. There were no visible signs of this defect, but a quick scan with an infrared camera made it quite obvious. Here's frost and black staining below in a new-construction attic. This was the result of an air leak. When data tubes end in the attic , the ends need to be sealed off to help prevent them from pumping conditioned air into the attic like a chimney. Radon fans should be installed vertically to help prevent water from accumulating, which can cause the motor to burn out prematurely. Without a doubt, the most common problem that I find on new construction inspections is insufficient insulation in the attic.

    It's not common to find fiberglass batts in new homes, but it happens. Here's a custom home that had fiberglass batts haphazardly installed throughout the attic, hopefully by someone who did not install insulation for a living. There were two attic spaces here; above attic 1 was plenty of snow. Above attic Someone completely forgot to insulate attic 2. I've heard of this happening before, but this was the only home I've inspected like this.

    In other words, this is not a common defect, but it sure is an egregious one. If you're buying a new construction home and the attic access panel is "sealed", insist on having it opened. More on that topic here: Opening "sealed" attic access panels is no big deal. Even new stuff can leak. We test tiled showers by using a shower dam. This photo shows our shower dam sitting in the shower. We use infrared cameras to check ceilings below showers for leaks, and we can usually identify shower leaks before any water is ever visible, but not always.

    The next photo shows water that leaked through the shower base, down into the garage. While scanning the ceiling for a shower leak with my IR camera, I once found a leaking shutoff valve for the bathroom sink. This was a very slow leak, but the builder was very thankful that we found it when we did. This would have been a huge hassle if the ceiling had to be repaired, but we caught it before any repairs had to happen there.

    And a leaking tub. This tub actually leaked a bunch of water through the house before my inspection, and was being repaired when I arrived. An infrared scan and a follow-up test with a moisture meter confirmed there was water in all of these places.

    Who Played Inspector Poirot Best?

    The builder had a lot more drying out to do than first anticipated. When the drain, waste, and vent pipes are installed at a new home, everything gets pressure tested. To do this, the plumbing vents get capped off. After the pressure testing is complete, the caps need to be removed. This is frequently forgotten about.

    Plumbing vents and drains need to be pitched so water drains out. I added the blue in the photo below to show where water will end up sitting. This vent wasn't pitched properly.

    (That's kellinkston.com for you nerdy internet types!)

    When frost-free faucets are installed, they need to be pitched downward, to allow water to drain out. We've inspected many new homes where the faucets were pitched upwards. More on that topic here: frost free faucets. Dishwasher drains are supposed to be looped to the underside of the countertop. This is done wrong on a lot of new homes. We've found countless access panels for bath tub drains that either gave access to a solid wall, or an access hole that was comically undersized. That didn't happen here. Just a quick reminder: these are all from new homes.

    The two condensors below should have been installed at least 24" away from each other, per the manufacturer's installation instructions. Condensors are always supposed to be installed level. When they tip like this, the refrigerant lines can get stressed.

    Audrey’s Royal Return 💅🏼 I Short Story I Descendants 3

    When a condensor sits on a wall-mounted bracket, it won't tip. That's good practice Unlike this one. Just like plumbing drains and vents, high-efficiency furnace vents need to be pitched properly to help make sure there are no dips that could allow condensate to collect and obstruct the vent. I marked up the photos below to show where this didn't happen.

    Here was a scary find. This was a disconnected vent for a water heater. She takes an exasperated breath, puts down her accouterments, and returns to the door. This inspector is positively frozen. She lets them in without a thought and they start tearing through her things. The third inspector whistles as he displays a set of five knives.

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