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I played a game about helping a human and tentacled alien get each other off. Tentacle porn. It's quite possibly the perviest, most indefensible phenomena in all of geek culture. In game designer Naomi Clark 's Consentacle —which features art from James Harvey —two people play the roles of a human spaceperson named Kit and Dup, an extraterrestrial with stretched-out appendages just aching to go around and into places.

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To be clear, everything happening in Consentacle occurs because the characters want it to. But, depending on the players taking on their roles, either the alien or human can get much more satisfaction out of their coupling. The game starts with each player drawing five cards that have specific actions on them, along with five interlocking red or blue plastic pieces called Trust Tokens.

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You need specific cards to take satisfaction tokens out of the intimacy pool and the goal of the game is get as much satisfaction as possible. When I played Consentacle with Clark, we talked about our hands and what the actions would let us do to each other. The current form of the game consists of two decks that are pretty much complementary and Clark wants an eventual retail version to have more cards that would encourage competitive play and deck-building.

Certain cards will pair up into combos with more powerful results, too, like the ones pictured below. The game Clark and I played was a friendly one, where we tried to relieve each other of cards, keep things moving and let the satisfaction go to whomever had the luck of the draw. But, Consentacle can be played in a more selfish way, too. It's possible to "withdraw consent", too. This doesn't turn the game into a forced-sex encounter, though. It cancels a turn and lets the withdrawing player pull back a card at the cost of a trust token.


Players can also go through their rounds silently, offering up looks, actions and gestures that suggest the cards they're holding and the things they'd like to happen. This could mean doing a saucy wink, sliding a tongue out for a lick or miming penetration.

Another player wrote that she ended up playing a silent game with a guy she didn't know, but that they came to an unspoken agreement that they'd keep the sexual innuendo and overtly suggestive talk out of the game. It worked better than I hoped it would in terms of people finding their own way to play. There's an echo with the kinds of board games sold at sex shops, which tend to be instructional in nature.