Manual Lettere Uno (Italian Edition)

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Articles are placed before a noun; they introduce a noun in the sentence, indicating its number singular or plural and gender feminine or masculine. Before a possesive adjective: la mia casa, il mio libro, la mia macchina, il mio amico Before mezzogiorno and mezzanotte:. Before the days of the week to indicate a repeated, habitual activity: la domenica studio italiano.

Cento lettere a uno sconosciuto

Partitive articles introduce a part of a whole or an indefinite quantity. They are composed by the simple preposition "di" plus the definite article:. Some nouns have an irregular feminine form. Some nouns have only the singular form, including all nouns ending with an accented vowel and all foreign nouns e.

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Some masculine nouns end with "a" and form the plural ending with "i". Some feminine nouns end with "o" and form the plural ending with "i". It is titled Cento lettere a uno sconosciuto.

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It has a pale blue gatefold cover and, to date, no English translation from Italian. Each reader whose eyes fall on a book blurb reads a letter addressed to a stranger.

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Instead, connections are formed through the untidier, rapturous motions of reading and of the desire to read, holding together a multitude of contingent singulars. Some styles are very odd and not very practical….

Like some other French masters, Beauchesne was a Huguenot a French protestant who had to exile himself for religious reasons. This is his second publication, which was influenced by his travels in Italy. His first copybook A booke containing divers sort of hands had been published in London in with the help of John Baildon… and is known as the very first English copybook.

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A nice manuscript different works from the same author can be found here. Little is known about this master from Montpellier.


These three books were beautifully engraved by Frisius the best letter engraver of this period. For each hand, he shows his penhold and many beautiful variations.

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Mercator was a renowned geographer and the founder of cartography school in what is now known as Belgium. He wrote this book of instructions on how to write the chancery script with cartographers in mind.

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It was the first of the genre in the region and only the third manual, chronologically, to deal with italic script. Unfortunately, no full scan of this book is available online, but as the first copybook printed from engraved metal plates intaglio , rather than from woodcuts, I thought it deserved its place in this list.

4. Learn Italian Beginners (A1): Indefinite articles (un, uno, una, un’)

You can see some of the plates here.