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Instead it seemed to be regarding them, a long, thin tongue slithering in and out of its mouth, tasting the air like a snake. The Oracle , Chapter I love the way Hoyle moves these two characters from mutual disgust in the first book to grudging tolerance in the second—and finally, in this closing scene, to possible friendship. But more on that next time! Interesting article with great insights! Now I cannot wait to read the new edition of The Gateway Chronicles! Your email address will not be published.

Subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter for book reviews and author updates, plus an exclusive sample chapter of The Arrow and the Crown! An Unlikely Heroine One of my favorite elements of the Gateway Chronicles is the way that Hoyle matures and develops her characters throughout the series. An Irresistible Quest In The Oracle , Darcy and her five friends return to Alitheia with excitement, ready to continue their training in magic and warfare. He acquiesces. Kieran thinks it was his father behind wanting the Black Volume years ago because he wants it again now.

Magnus said the story says the child was murdered. They wonder what his ultimate goal is. Kieran asks Cristina if he can try to draw power from their bond to summon a projection of his brother. He asks his son not to testify. Kieran asks his father not to wage war with the Nephilim. He gives back the memories he stole from him. Kieran is hurt they lied to him after rescuing him from execution just so they could have his testimony before the Clave for the Seelie Queen.

Magnus used to have a recurring dream about a city with towers of bone and streets of blood. It went away after the Dark War, so he thought that was what it was predicting. Julian visits with Magnus about the parabatai curse. They decide exile will be the best option for the two of them. Magnus thinks it would slow the curse down because of how exile dampens Shadowhunter power and runes.

Magnus suggests Julian and Emma go to the Inquisitor, tell him everything, and try to set the terms of their exile. Cristina tells Mark he has to make things right with Kieran. Magnus comes in with the binding spell antidote, which is finally ready, and tells them they need to spend a few hours apart as it works. Cristina sends a fire message with Magnus. Emma is skeptical but eventually agrees.

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They hate the idea of being apart. Julian assures Emma exile will give them time to determine how to break the bond. This will give them breathing room from the onset of the curse to figure it out. Diana takes Jia to Brocelind Forest to show her the blight on the land, the places Helen and Aline found on the map. Diana wants them to be presented as candidates for the LA Institute leadership in front of the Council. Cristina tries to persuade Kieran talk to and forgive Mark. Kieran mentions the things Mark did for the Clave. Kieran brings up what the phouka told each of them in Faerie.

Shadow Lords

He thought they were going to find a charge to bring him back to Faerie to execute him. Kieran tried to save his life by having him brought back on different terms. Mark forgives him.

Mark says he would. Kieran believes him. He forgives Mark, too. The Riders are near. The group rushes to the library. They see the five Riders outside the Institute. They want to Portal out. He needs a few hours to regain enough. A sixth Rider, Ethna, comes through the gate with a human girl. Emma grabs Cortana and races outside. Ethna drops the girl.

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The battle begins. All Shadowhunters run out to fight alongside Emma. One of the Riders eventually shouts to give them the Black Volume and then they will let them go. Kieran says not to listen to them because they are Faeries who can lie. Annabel appears with the Black Volume and asserts the Blackthorns never knew where it was.

The Riders order her to turn it over for the Unseelie King. She says to tell their king she knows his name. Malcolm learned it after being close to the king for a long time and shared it with Annabel. Magnus appears and steals their swords with magic. The Riders vanish. Annabel came because of a letter she received from Ty.

She wants to talk to Julian about the Black Volume. He goes to her in the library. He says they need the book to save their family. Julian asks her to come to Idris to testify in front of the Council as recompense for what they did to her. He tells her she can trust him because he never revealed to anyone she was in Cornwall. He tells her he can tell how much she loves Blackthorn Manor from the pictures she drew of it. She can be a Shadowhunter again. She needs to say she killed Malcolm to take away glory from someone trying to take credit and then take over their Institute.

Julian tells her Magnus can be with her every step of the way. She knows and trusts him. Annabel agrees to do it. They all Portal to Idris. Robert finally agrees to it. Most of the group assembles in the Council Hall. Helen and Aline appear. They have a mini-reunion with the Blackthorns present in the Hall. Magnus collapses. They send for Alec. Annabel will have to proceed to the testimony without him by her side.

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She at least wants Julian there. She asks her to send the witness out. Annabel appears. The crowd calls her a liar. Julian says the liar is Zara because she claims she killed Malcolm. The room erupts. The crowd shouts vile things about her. Jia agrees to let her testify holding the Sword. Julian asks them not to make her because she was tortured with it before.

Jia begins with simple questions. Annabel answers them but is strained. Jia asks about Malcolm.

Annabel answers. Annabel calls for Julian to help her. She asks for Magnus. She panics and breaks and uses the sword to kill Robert Lightwood. Diego tells Alec chaos reigns in the Hall and his father has been injured. Cristina has requested Diego bring him to the Scholomance to keep him safe. Kieran finally agrees.

The two leave. Julian approaches Annabel, but she yells for him to stay back. He tries to talk her down. Something has snapped in Annabel. Emma fights Annabel and the Mortal Sword with Cortana. Cortana shatters the Mortal Sword. Emma feels an electricity-like sensation in her arm as it happens. Livvy rushes up and tosses Julian her sword. Ty grabs his chest and falls to his knees just like Livvy had. Julian crawls to Livvy and holds her.

He tries to draw healing runes. They immediately vanish. Julian tries to talk to her. Rage fills Emma. She turns with Cortana to kill Annabel. Smoke erupts from the window behind Annabel with the force of an explosion. Emma sees a shape in the smoke with a gleam of gold in it, with a crown broken in half. Then the smoke vanishes along with Annabel. There you go! Click to buy and help us pay for hosting. What now? Friend us on Goodreads: Sara and Stacy. Check out awesome Dark Artifices art, quotes and more on Pinterest.

Oh and share this with your friends who might like to read a recap of Lord of Shadows. I just wanted to say thank you for this. I started Lord of Shadows last year, then got into the biggest reading slump. When I went back to try again, I was lost. Now I can finally finish. Leave this field empty. Skip to content Search for:.

Author Cassandra Clare Ratings 4. Jace tells Kit about the benefits of being a Shadowhunter and a Herondale. What happened in Lady Midnight? Rapid Review of Lady Midnight. His nickname in the Wild Hunt had been elf-shot, for he was swift and accurate with a bow and arrow or a thrown blade. Cortana felt warm and solid in her hand, and her feet flew over the sea-warped wooden slats. She felt free, her worries cast aside, everything in her mind and body focused on the task at hand. She could hear footsteps beside her.

His footsteps had been beside hers for all the years she had been a fighting Shadowhunter. His blood had been spilled when hers was. He had saved her life and she had saved his. He was part of her warrior self.

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The carriages continued to rotate around it, the passengers shrieking in delight, unaware. Emma hit the line for the wheel and started shoving her way through it. Mundanes in line swore and yelled as she stomped on feet and elbowed her way to the front. A carriage was just swinging down, a couple—a girl eating purple cotton candy and her black-clad, lanky boyfriend—about to climb in. Glancing up, Emma saw a flicker as the Teuthida demon slithered around the top of the wheel support.

Swearing, Emma pushed past the couple, nearly knocking them aside, and leaped into the carriage. It was octagonal, a bench running around the inside, with plenty of room to stand. The carriage rocked under her feet as Julian landed beside her, setting it to swinging. He craned his head up.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Wikipedia

She had seen the demon, she was sure of that, but it seemed to have vanished. From this angle, the Ferris wheel was a mess of bright lights, spinning spokes, and white-painted iron bars. The two carriages below her and Julian were empty of people; the line must still be sorting itself out. Good, Emma thought. The fewer people who got on the wheel, the better. Her whole body tensed. Their carriage was still rising. Emma could see the beach below, the dark water spilling up onto the sand, the hills of Palisades Park rising vertically above the highway, crowned with a fringe of trees and greenery.

The stars were dim but visible beyond the bright lights of the pier. Julian held her arm neither roughly nor gently, but with a sort of clinical distance. He turned it over, his stele describing quick motions over her wrist, inking runes of protection there, runes of speed and agility and enhanced hearing. This was the closest Emma had been to Jules in two weeks.

She felt dizzy from it, a little drunk. His head was bent, his eyes fixed on the task at hand, and she took the opportunity to absorb the sight of him. The lights of the wheel had turned amber and yellow; they powdered his tanned skin with gold. His hair fell in loose, fine waves over his forehead. She knew the way the skin by the corners of his mouth was soft, and the way his shoulders felt under her hands, strong and hard and vibrant.

His lashes were long and thick, so dark that they seemed to have been charcoaled; she half expected them to leave a dusting of black powder on the tops of his cheekbones when he blinked. He was beautiful. He had always been beautiful, but she had noticed it too late.

She could never touch him again. He finished what he was doing and spun the stele around so the handle was toward her. She took it without a word as he pulled aside the collar of his shirt, under his gear jacket. The skin there was a shade paler than the tanned skin on his face and hands, scored over and over with the faint white Marks of runes that had been used up and faded away.

She had to move a step nearer to Mark him. The runes bloomed under the tip of the stele: agility, night vision. Her head reached just to the level of his chin. She was staring directly at his throat, and saw him swallow. That Mark makes you happy. She had finished the runes; he reached to take the stele from her motionless hand. For the first time in what felt like forever, he was looking directly at her, his eyes turned dark blue by the colors of the night sky and the sea, spreading out all around them as they neared the top of the wheel. What was one lie among so many others?

She had never been someone who lied easily, but she was finding her way. A writhing shape rose up behind him—it was the color of an oil slick, its fringed tentacles clinging to a spoke of the wheel.

Its mouth was wide open, a perfect circle ringed with teeth. Dangling by one hand, she slashed out with Cortana, catching the Teuthida as it reared back. It yowled, and ichor sprayed; Emma cried out as it splashed her neck, burning her skin. Pulling herself up onto a spoke, Emma glanced down to see Julian poised on the edge of the carriage, another knife already in hand. He sighted down along his arm, let the second knife fly— It clanged off the bottom of an empty carriage. The Teuthida, incredibly fast, had whipped its way out of sight. Emma could hear it scrabbling downward, along the tangle of metal bars that made up the inside of the wheel.

Emma sheathed Cortana and began to crawl along the length of her spoke, heading toward the bottom of the wheel. LED lights exploded around her in purple and gold. There was ichor and blood on her hands, making the descent slippery. Incongruously, the view from the wheel was beautiful, the sea and the sand opening in front of her in all directions, as if she were dangling off the edge of the world. She could taste blood in her mouth, and salt. Below her, she could see Julian, out of the carriage, clambering along a lower spoke.

Its tentacles were whipping around its body, slamming at the heart of the wheel. Emma could feel the reverberations through her bones. She craned her neck to see what it was doing and went cold—the center of the ride was a massive bolt, holding the wheel onto its structural supports. The Teuthida was yanking at the bolt, trying to rip it free. If the demon succeeded in disengaging it, the whole structure would pull away from its moorings and roll off the pier, like a disconnected bicycle wheel.

Emma had no illusions that anyone on the wheel, or near it, would survive. The wheel would crumple in on itself, crushing anyone underneath. Demons thrived on destruction, on the energy of death. It would feast. The Ferris wheel rocked. He looked up at her as he stretched his body out along the iron bar, wrapped his left arm around it to anchor himself, and held the other arm out, his hand outstretched. She knew, immediately, without having to wonder, what he was thinking.

She breathed in deep and let go of the spoke. She fell, down toward Julian, stretching out her own hand to reach for his. They caught and clasped, and she heard him gasp as he took her weight. She swung forward and down, her left hand locked around his right, and with her other hand she whipped Cortana from its sheath.

The weight of her fall carried her forward, swinging her toward the middle of the wheel. The Teuthida demon raised its head as she sailed toward it, and for the first time, she saw its eyes—they were oval, glossed with a protective mirrorlike coating. Its tentacles flailed—a last, dying spasm as its body pulled free of the blade and skittered, rolling along one of the downward-slanted spokes of the wheel. It reached the end and tumbled off. In the distance, Emma thought she heard a splash. But there was no time to wonder. She slammed Cortana back into its sheath as he hauled her up, up, onto the spoke where he was lying so that she collapsed awkwardly, half on top of him.

He was still clasping her hand, breathing hard. His eyes met hers, just for a second. Around them, the wheel spun, lowering them back down toward the ground. Emma could see crowds of mundanes on the beach, the shimmer of water along the shoreline, even a dark head and a light one that could be Mark and Cristina. That was the worst thing: that he was right, that they still worked so perfectly together as parabatai.

As warrior partners. As a matched pair of soldiers who could never, ever be parted. Mark had kicked off his shoes and was partway into the ocean water. Cristina was folding away her butterfly knife. At her feet was a patch of slimy, drying sand. Cristina nodded. Emma smiled back at him, as much as she could. She was unbelievably grateful to Mark, who was playing his part in all this without a word of complaint, though he must have found it strange.

Darkness to Light: K.B. Hoyle’s Gateway Chronicles, Part 1

Julian had stepped away from them and was on the phone again, speaking in a low voice. Mark splashed up out of the water and jammed his wet feet into his boots. Neither he nor Cristina was fully glamoured, and Emma noticed the stares of mundane passersby as he came toward her—because he was tall, and beautiful, and because he had eyes that shone brighter than the lights of the Ferris wheel. And because one of his eyes was blue, and the other one was gold. And because there was something about him, something indefinably strange, a trace of the wildness of Faerie that never failed to make Emma think of untrammeled, wide-open spaces, of freedom and lawlessness.

I am a lost boy, his eyes seemed to say. Find me. Reaching Emma, he lifted his hand to push back a lock of her hair. Reading Group Guide. About The Author.