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Journaling provides a complementary practice: When we put thoughts to paper—or type them—we are able to clear our mind and gain perspective on any given situation. In fact, setting aside 20 minutes each day could be all you need to reap the benefits. Below is an effective exercise Michelle suggests that seamlessly integrates meditation and journaling—plus a bit of movement to start things off:. Move five minutes. Stir up some energy: Do yoga poses, stretch, jump around, shake, make some noise—anything that lets you get in touch with your body to create a physical and emotional space conducive to meditation and journaling.

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Meditate five minutes. Once the energy is stirred, sit in a comfortable position, spine tall, eyes closed or gaze soft. Focus on the breath as you allow the energy gathered to settle and ground. Open up to your senses and welcome in all sensations.

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Journal five minutes. Express yourself from a place of spaciousness, allowing your journaling to be organic and intuitive. Observe the thoughts and feelings that arise from the journaling. Allow them to wash over you without judgment or attachment. All rights reserved.

Daily Reflections: A Meditation Journal

Containing pages of guided exercises, the Daily Life Design Journal is divided into two sections. The left page prompts a morning writing session designed to set the tone for the day, while the right outlines a reflection of that day's accomplishments.

Find Your Meditation Style With These 7 Practices

With about two month's worth of pages, filling this lay-flat journal won't be an issue for new writers. One reviewer wrote, "This daily reflection journal is great for anyone that wants to maintain a daily positive focus and outlook on their life, but who just need a daily reminder like this journal to do so.

Everything You Need to Know About Meditation Posture

Studio Oh! Touted as the perfect traveling companion for the journey of self-discovery, this journal is littered with insightful prompts that reflecting on things like memories, or people you admire.

It also includes checklists and diagrams to inspire introspective writings. Inside, the pages are uncoated, which stops ink from smearing, while the exterior is a durable hardcover. One reviewer said, "Full of questions to help get you writing. Some questions relate to your childhood and family history, some explore memories both good and bad, and some questions are just lighthearted and fun.

Beautiful book with charming quotes and colors.

Mindful Mornings: Daily Reflections and Meditations to Start Your Day Off Right

If writing daily page-long diary entries stresses you out, Moorea Seal's 52 Lists for Happiness journal simplifies the process with weekly lists that prompt self-reflection. Designed to help discover what makes you truly happy, lists are divided into reflect, acknowledge, invest, and transform sections.

One reviewer wrote, "I'm really enjoying this journal. I love lists and writing things down. Every Sunday, I look at the week ahead.

I plan my work and social commitments as well set aside time for meditation and exercise. I also jot down any meals I might want to cook! Doing so helps me feel less overwhelmed. I find something to be grateful for every day. When I'm struggling, and this feels hard to do, I think of something simple like my morning cup of tea or my new favorite song. Over time this practice has truly helped me be hopeful during times of heartbreak and challenge!

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It also helps me to recognize and celebrate the gifts in my life. I consider what feelings I'd like to embody or invite into my day, sort of like an affirmation. On days where I am tired or sad, I may write, I am energized or I am compassionate. Other times when I'm nervous, I may write, I am courageous and brave, or I'm good enough.