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A Reminder to Delegates, Staff, and Visitors: No Smoking at UN Headquarters

Ben Lang, I received my Lang 60 Original almost a month ago. I have only had the opportunity to smoke cure it, and to cook on it once. I cooked some beef briskets, baby back ribs, and some spare ribs. Everything turned out great. My father passed away this past Saturday and one of the last things he talked to me about was how much he enjoyed the ribs I cooked.

He was in a great mood and seemingly feeling well because he mentioned firing up the smoker and cooking some ribs. My father was a wonderful cook and he knew good food. He was as proud of my Lang 60 Original as much as I am. His passing was sudden and at home and by all indication pain free.

He was in the kitchen preparing food for our weekly Sunday afternoon family meal. Thank you for providing a quality smoker cooker that brought some joy to my father's life.

Testimonials | Lang BBQ Smokers

One more thing I have to tell you; my neighbors are telling me that the smells that came from my Lang 60 Original was making them hungry. They are already requesting that I feed them the next time I cook. I am one happy customer and I look forward to using and learning more about how to use my cooker in the days, months, and hopefully years ahead.

What a hobby! What a way of life!

Thank you Ben Lang. My Dad purchased a Lang Smoker a few years back from you and it is the best smoker we have ever cooked on. He bought it about two or three years before he passed in and really enjoyed cooking on it.

He was cooking for a lot of the people in our neighborhood. Word got out and I have started cooking with it since his death. I really enjoy getting out on Saturday mornings and firing that baby off and cooking for people. It will cook the best BBQ you have ever put in your mouth. I would recommend this Smoker to anyone.

Most people think like my Dad did and say to themselves that I can cook just as good on my old smoker as anyone else can on that smoker. I hate to say it but they are wrong just like my Dad was. Once he cooked on the Lang Smoker he said I wished I would have had one of these Smokers my whole life.

I know if you are reading this right now you are saying to yourself yea right just like we did.

Smokers' Brains Change in Response to High Levels of Nicotine

The old saying goes don't knock it until you try it. I guarantee you will be satisfied with this product if you buy you one. We get nothing but great compliments on our food from the members, but it's the show of the Lang smoker itself with a great smell that draws them in. Grills and smokes to perfection! I absolutely love the smoker.

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  4. Dear smokers, UK experts recommend switching to e-cigarettes for big health gains.

I have smoked so many things on it, and everything turns out fantastic. Since this was my 1st smoker, I was hoping to get a unit that was very "user friendly" and "idiot-proof". This one surely fits the bill. I did a ton of homework before purchasing a smoker, and your name seemed to always come out on top! I won't say how great it is, I will post a picture on Facebook!

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  • Easy use from start to finish " I hope you enjoy the final production. Likewise, I hope you find the DVD content to be helpful to anyone considering one of your fine cooker products. Ben, I just can't tell you how happy I am with the 36" Cooker. Everything about it exceeded my expectations. It's easy to use from start to finish. Just this past July 4th holiday I cooked 4, 10 lbs. Boston Butts and 4 racks of ribs for family and neighbors. People just loved the meat. I think I had more fun cooking it than eating, but you know how that goes…LOL If I were to have to start over at the beginning, knowing what I know now, I'd definitely start out competing using Lang smokers.

    Over the next four years I would collect thirteen Stump's Smokers I have no idea. Am I worried they will become addicted to caffeine and suddenly start buying jars of caffeine powder from China and go crazy on it? Not really, because paranoia is a terrible way to live life and to raise children. When there are ,, people, a one in a million chance means people are going to do stupid stuff, but that is no reason to ban Starbucks. He shouldn't fall prey to the same hype about vaping.

    I see bizarre commercials about vaping all the time now - zombies and what not.


    Except millennials are 30 years old now. These commercials are making actual young people laugh. What is this hoping to show? Vaping will give you throat cancer? It is well-known that smoking and HPV are the leading causes. Is it hoping to scare us into believing our children will be actual zombies? Well, that is just as evidence-based as anything else CDC claims. It's like the egg cracking in a frying pan in those old War On Drugs ads. Kids are laughing.

    That is not what FDA should be seeking to accomplish with taxpayer money. The data show only 2. That's not an epidemic, it is not even a cause for concern. Unless we demand perfection from young people it is bound to happen. When there are 72 million young people, a few of them can be counted on to do anything. But for the ones who do actually smoke, if they use e-cigarettes for harm reduction even a few times per day, that is a public health win. An FDA commissioner has a lot of knobs to turn to promote sensible science and health policies and e-cigarettes are an inconsequential problem in teens that doesn't need fixed.

    CSPI claimed for decades that coffee causes breast cancer, and they used junk epidemiology and surveys to promote it. Now they have the CDC to help. View the discussion thread. Hank Campbell is an award-winning science writer and bestselling author. He became the second President of the American Council on Science and Health in June of and prior to that began the Science 2.

    So this is an archive. Huntington News - "Groundbreaking…If I were teaching journalism, this is a book that I would require my students to read and absorb -- and keep for reference.