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Tan solo una aventura / Just One of Those Flings (Viudas Alegres / Merry Widows) (Spanish Edition)

But it seems her lover has found her. Too bad he is none other than the man who has been courting her niece with intentions to marry. But a secret never remains a secret for long, and Beatrice must decide if marriage for the second time around really is worth it. Just One of Those Flings promises to bring delight and merriment to the reader, as well as a little bit of naughty fun with the sex scenes.

Candice Hern continues to delight fans of the Regency era with vivid accounts of dress and form.

Although this is my first Candice Hern novel, it definitely will not be the last; I would love to read the remaining tales of the Merry Widows club. And read more of those racy scenes!

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Click here to learn more about this month's sponsor! Words: 92, Published: October 11, Marianne Nesbitt reluctantly agrees to join her friends the Merry Widows in seeking out lovers for the Season. But he can't bear to think of another man in her bed, and foils her every attempt at seduction.

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Until a night of reckless passion changes everything. Words: 9, Published: May 29, Lydia Bettridge has a plan.

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To capture the attention of Geoffrey Danforth, the man who has stolen her heart but barely notices her, she has engaged the help of Phillip, a friend of her brother's, to play the love-smitten fool in public, in hopes of piquing the interest of her unnamed love. But when Geoffrey himself shows up to take Phillip's place, what's a girl to do? Words: 62, Published: May 27, Rosalind Lacey has spent all her 26 years in the country quietly managing the lives of her widowed father and 5 younger siblings. When she learns she has contracted the illness that killed her mother, she decides to spend her last few months living life to the fullest.

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With the help of her worldly aunt and the rakish Max Davenant, Rosie cuts a wide and wild swath through London Society. Words: 64, Published: May 9, The Earl of Strickland is a handsome widower in search of a new wife to be mother to his two children. Having loved once, he seeks only a convenient arrangement with a mature woman. When two sisters come to visit his estate, the elder sister, a beautiful young widow, seems the perfect match.

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But the artless younger sister causes all his best intentions to fly out the window. Published: May 1, Two sisters on the edge of poverty have a chance to meet wealthy, titled, unmarried gentlemen when they are invited to a month-long house party at a famous country estate owned by the Duke of Carlisle.

Though courted by a wealthy earl, Catherine Forsythe finds herself falling for the handsome estate gardener and faced with the choice of marrying for money and security, or following her heart. Words: 76, Published: April 5, Except for one man. Lord Sedgewick had danced with her, and she had secretly fallen in love with him. Now, six years later, a carriage accident drops a near-dead Lord Sedgewick practically on her doorstep.

Hoping for a second chance at love with him, Meg instead finds her world turned upside-down.

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Words: 79, Jack, Lord Pemerton, is a cynical rake forced by family circumstances to seek a bride. Lady Mary Haviland is a plain, charming, but firmly on-the-shelf spinster who offers to help Jack by presenting him with suitable candidates. When Jack discovers information that makes Mary the perfect candidate, their comfortable friendship takes an unexpected turn. Words: 77,