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Both players had to leave the field after a scuffle. The ensuing dismissal ended his extraordinary career. In South Africa, Spain dominated its rivals with its tiki-taka style, constantly passing the ball. In the final, Spain beat the Netherlands , celebrating the biggest success in its soccer history. The winning goal was scored by Andres Iniesta front row, No.

Germany came in third, after defeating Uruguay The hero of the last tournament, which took place in Brazil, was Argentina's star Lionel Messi. Thanks to him, Argentina reached the final to face off against Germany — which had decisively defeated the host nation in the semifinals. Germany won in overtime — and for the very first time, a European team succeeded in taking home the trophy on South American soil.

This year's host country is Russia, a controversial choice in the wake of the FIFA corruption scandal and accusations of doping. Russia will face off against Saudi Arabia on opening day in Moscow on June The final will take place just over a month later, on July 15, in the same place — Luzhniki Stadium. World Cup , an illustrated history, is published by Edel Books. The book chronicles the unforgettable moments of the year history of the tournament, with witty comics and humorous texts. German Aczel, the Argentine artist behind the book, began his career in his hometown Buenos Aires, where he worked for the sports magazine El Grafico.

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He moved to Germany at age 26, and now lives in Munich. Currently, he works for British soccer magazine FourFourTwo. Sports clubs, charity organizations or groups sharing a hobby: These associations are all known as "Vereine" in Germany — and living in the country, it's a concept you are bound to quickly encounter. Germany is famous the world over for its autobahn — also known as "the highway without speed limits.

Here are some tips for navigating it. From lakes to saunas and parks: Is Germany's nudist culture, known as FKK, dying out or still making waves? It's still strong enough to inspire a change of attitude for Berlin-based expats. From Carnival to football and even odder hobbies like rabbit-breeding, there's a club for everyone in Germany.

Nearly half of Germans belong to one - and the numbers continue too grow. They might look like slums or homes for garden gnomes. Those peculiar settlements of tiny little houses with allotment gardens, known as the "Schrebergarten," are a typically German phenomenon. Admittedly, not all Germans are deeply enthusiastic about these cultural habits — but you shouldn't be surprised if you meet one who is. An eventful match at the Volksparkstadion resulted in HSV being finally relegated.

Die geheimen Tattoo-Codes der russischen Mafia

There is not really a single element that links the destruction of Brazil by Germany at the World Cup to their gold medal match at the Rio Games. Even the protagonists are avoiding talk of revenge. Speak like a Weltmeister with these expressions — and discover colorful literal translations. Learn to speak like a Weltmeister! With the World Cup running from June July 15, it's time to polish our football vocabulary — and Germans describe the sport in a creative way. Surprisingly, Leroy Sane was left out. Hardly the first surprise in World Cup history, as caricaturist German Aczel highlights in his book.

Some 45 million Americans have German roots, but not much can be seen beyond the Brauhaus and Oktoberfest. When is toast not really toast? Rachel Stewart is back with more English words that have been given a new meaning in Germany. The Grimm brothers left an astounding legacy.

From well-known stories like Snow White to lesser-known tales, here are our favorite Grimm stories - and some things you may not have known about them. Many Hollywood stars play homosexuals or lesbians these days, but acceptance of the topic was far from a given before the gay rights movement. A look at homosexuality in films since Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" remains a children's classic 50 years after it was published. When the Berlin Wall fell, the run-down center of the East German capital became a party hot spot. Photographer Martin Eberle honed in on the club culture of the s.

He joins Berghain DJ Fiedel and remembers dancing away the days and nights. An 18th century Dutch painting of a vase of flowers will be returned to the Uffizi gallery in Italy after it was stolen by retreating Wehrmacht soldiers. The German family who acquired it tried to sell it back. Teachers and parents might not have noticed, but students don't only use YouTube for fun. According to a new study, about half of them watch videos to learn things as well. How does this affect the educational program?

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  8. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. How did the German expressions establish themselves here? Dresden vs. Berlin, Historian Christoph Marx. Also in October , the first issue of another new medical journal was published in China: Tung-Chi. Medizinische Monatsschrift. On February 2, , Brauer asked Bischoff to send him the most important German propaganda writings. He planned to build up a stock of political books and brochures for discrete distribution to foreign visitors.

    Not a day went by, according to Brauer, without a doctor from abroad visiting his hospital in Eppendorf Brauer, 2 Feb. Four weeks later Bischoff sent him more than fifty propaganda writings, in fact several copies of almost every book or brochure Bischoff, 14 Feb. These often extreme and self-righteous writings were intended to convey to other countries the German point of view on war, peace treaties and the post-war period.

    Their topical focus was the question of the mistreatment of German prisoners-of-war by the Allies.

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    Brauer's desire to have propaganda documentation was especially intended for Spanish-speaking visitors to Hamburg, primarily from Latin America. Foreign cultural propaganda also took place in Germany and Hamburg itself. But the editors of the other periodicals saw no reason to compromise their positions Stellungnahme He underlined the fact that the Foreign Office would be exceedingly appreciative of this kind of solution i. There was strong rivalry between different German doctors and various groups in Germany who pursued their own particular interests. This domestic conflict was sometimes carried out aggressively.

    In a letter to Bischoff from October , Brauer 28 Oct. Meanwhile, the structure of the Foreign Office's Cultural Department had changed. He intended to break the opposition of Brauer and the Revista publisher, Kornfeld, by increasing the pressure on them.

    He also installed influential persons in Argentina who spoke out against the status quo of the journal. According to Brauer Feb. However, in January , Revista hit serious financial problems, in response to which the editors asked Heilbron for financial support on behalf of German cultural propaganda abroad. Five thousand Reichsmarks were granted for and again for Brauer, Nocht, 6 Jan.

    Revista could continue to be published, but only in reduced volume. In the autumn of , the structure of its support changed. Kornfeld in Berlin.

    Military influence: 'Marksmen' and 'canons'

    After , publisher Kurt Kornfeld remained in the background while Bruno Hauff 13 , from Thieme, took over the main responsibility. The economic interests of the German pharmaceutical industry abroad were a driving force for Germany's cultural propaganda in Latin America, but Geribam was also supported by the Notgemeinschaft der deutschen Wissenschaft Emergency Foundation of the German Sciences.

    Arrillaga 15 and Carlos P. Waldorp 16 , who had already been co-editors of Schwalbe's La Medicina. Couto, As early as the early s, Brazil had been in the focus of the Revista 's editors and its publisher, Kornfeld Kornfeld, 11 Apr. Cepha was the most important pharmaceutical industry association in Germany until , and included I.

    The contract period was five years. Cepha guaranteed eight thousand Reichsmarks annually, to lower the price of the journal, and Cepha subscribed a specific number of pages of advertisements totalling eighteen thousand Reichsmark. A Geribam circulation of 2, copies was the goal. There was a large gap between ambitions and reality. At the beginning of , several member companies of Cepha expressed their dissatisfaction with the development of the journal abroad.

    They wanted to end the cooperation agreement; that is, they wanted to withdraw their financial support as soon as possible Zusammenfassung However, the contract was valid until autumn He assumed that the financial support the pharmaceutical industry provided for the journal would be continued. To give proof of his activity to promote Geribam abroad, Hauff sent Peiser extracts of his correspondence with more than a hundred physicians, influential persons, companies, institutions, libraries and booksellers in a large number of countries Hauff, 17 Nov.

    However, the copies of the numerous letters Hauff had received from abroad painted a quite dismal picture and provoked the opposite reaction to what he had intended. Of course there was general interest in the German journal in Latin American countries - specimen copies were requested - but it seemed impossible to increase the number of subscribers.

    Hauff, however, was still convinced of Geribam 's efficiency as a propaganda instrument abroad. To give some precise data: after January , the circulation of Revista only averaged two thousand copies in approximately thirty countries; this, compared with up to five thousand copies between and The number of subscribers had declined from more than eight hundred at the end of to two years later and of these were procured by the Revista office in Buenos Aires. All in all, most of the Geribam copies were not sold abroad, but sent free of charge to other countries Hauff, 22 Dec. This scenario did not improve in the following years.

    For example, in November , Paulo Zander from Rio de Janeiro, an ethnic German physician and intermediary between Thieme Verlag and Brazil, reported to Hauff that the prospects for the successful circulation of Revista in Brazil were rather unfavorable at that time due to the importance of French literature, a large number of free journals and the crisis of the Brazilian currency mil reis.

    According to Zander 2 Nov.

    Schwalbach am Taunus

    The German pharmaceutical industry's main criticism of the Thieme Verlag was that the publisher, Hauff, had not invested his own financial resources in the Revista project. Hauff was considered as having taken none of the risk, and Revista was regarded as rather worthless. Peiser 4 Dec. In the end, after much argument, the contract between Cepha and the Revista publishers was not renewed.

    Schwalbach am Taunus - Wappen - Coat of arms - crest of Schwalbach am Taunus

    Beginning in , the Leverkusen files contain concepts for a new German medical journal in gigantic dimensions, partly developed with the participation of Goebbels's new Propaganda Ministry. This journal was intended to be published in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and to represent the supposed dawning of a new era in Germany Sitzungsprotokoll, 28 June But all these plans for a new powerful periodical abroad were castles in the air and were never realized as formulated Fachgruppe As its new director officially beginning in May , he made this institution a center of colonial revisionism.

    Carreras, The specific circumstances of its continuation are difficult to reconstruct.

    The Geribam papers in Leverkusen only continue until February This article is based on historical documents found in German archives. Indeed, a set of letters from Latin American countries are part of the correspondence from the Berlin Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from the Leipzig publisher, Bruno Hauff.

    However, systematic research into the history of the journals' impact and reception, not only in Brazil, but also in the other Latin American countries, particularly in Argentina, is needed. We cannot tell the whole story of Revista as a phenomenon of international knowledge exchange, political struggle and economic contest in the s and s until these various perspectives and aspects, as well as the appropriate comparisons, have been conducted. A total of 19 issues were released. Before World War I the journal appeared fortnightly; after the beginning of the war, irregularly.

    Kornfeld, Berlin. Waldorp not indicated : Argentine physician, professor, land owner; studied in Buenos Aires, Berlin and Paris; specialized in clinical medicine; National University of Buenos Aires intermediate director Mediavilla, , p.

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    Bayer et comp. Essen: Klartext. Bischoff to Schwalbe. Bischoff to Brauer Attached: list of the propaganda publications. Bischoff to Brauer. Bischoff to Deutsche Botschaft Madrid. Bischoff to Kornfeld. Die Lateinamerika-Beziehungen des Hamburger Tropeninstituts File [B]. Brauer to Bischoff. For example, in section 1. Historic German version This is Schleicher's translation of his Indogermanic fable. Note: Unlike the modern version above, this text is grammatically incorrect by today's standards. English translation of the modern Standard German version using as many recognizable cognates as possible, retaining German sentence structure.

    Modern English developed from dialects of Middle English that developed within regions of Anglo-Saxon England that experienced the densest settlement of speakers of Old Norse itself a daughter language of Proto-Germanic. The resulting Middle English was therefore heavily influenced by Old Norse, taking words from both Old English and Old Norse, and, where the words in the two languages were very similar, words that were influenced by both.

    Old Norse forms are only indicated when they are either the source of the modern English word or the difference between the Old English and Old Norse word stems is due to vowels. In general, only the singular forms of nouns, the principle parts of verbs, and base forms of other words are given. Other forms are given when they are of specific interest. Portions of words in German or Modern English that have been separated out by parentheses indicate either elements that have been added to those words since the Proto-Germanic period or the presence of stem of interest in a compound.

    These portions are thus part of the word and cannot typically be omitted: E. Likewise, e. We treat alternations between voiced and unvoiced s as no change. We treat alternations between fricative v and semivowel w as approximately no change. German word-internal b has two main correspondences. The first is English f , always in cases at the end of a word:.