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After finishing reading the book, Daniel marries Beatriz "Bea" Aguilar, whom he has loved for a long time, in Soon after, Bea gives birth to a son.

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In the USA, Entertainment Weekly assigned the book a grade of A, describing the book as "wondrous" and noting that "there are places in which the book might seem a little over-the-top doomed love, gruesome murders but for Zafon's masterful, meticulous plotting and extraordinary control over language.

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You're welcome. After hearing the interview, we bought the English translation for my wife she thought it was great and the original Spanish for one of our nieces haven't heard what she thought, but she had just returned from a stay in Barcelona, so we bet she did enjoy it. I've seen the kindle version on sale. I may tackle it later on this year!

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Thanks, I'll read the full review. Actually bought this book a month ago, it's really kicking my butt. Can't help overall. Still i've learned a good amount from it. On Lang-8, I used the word "folletinesco" meaning "melodramatic" which appeared in this book in a journal entry.

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La sombra (Spanish Edition)

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