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Louisiana Funky Butts Streetparade

Information about Page Insights data. Now on Soundcloud! Book now available on Kindle Unlimited. The Funky Butts. Dreams - The Funky Butts. To mark 25 years, this page is hear-by active again.

More to come! The novel gets a four-star review!!

North Korea Athletics: Dictated by Kim Jong Il

Funky Butts: An Unauthorized Autobiography. After nearly 20 years, the story of the Funky Butts can finally be told. In the brief period before grunge and after the explosion of MTV, one band represented the last gasp of pure, harmless and good-natured rock and roll. One band challenged the music establishment by breaking the rules and mak We are fig newtons of your imagination.

Happy belated birthday to Marathon Man, who turned 46 yesterday! Yes, there really is an Equatorial Guinea, a country which has been dogged by allegations that it used male players to qualify for the Cup. After all, what would a world sporting event in Germany be without at least a few questions of gender validity?

It is also another chance to get reacquainted with North Korea. And you thought the Cubs had tough luck.

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Either someone was embellishing, or the squad conducted its training sessions under a very large tree. Come on, how many times can you say a team hustled against the Wildcats? Meanwhile a loss to Portugal was never mentioned in any media outlet — you thought soccer got short shrift here — and the television commentators stayed silent the entire second half.

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Dick Vitale just counted his blessings that he does not report on North Korean sports. After the game ended, there was not a word on the previous events of the night, the telecast cut short, and reportedly a Mork and Mindy marathon followed, though reports on the latter are unconfirmed. The fans chosen were guided in coordinated cheers by a conductor, whose knowledge of the Beautiful Game probably rivaled that of Mozart, or Moe Howard.

It has long been held that members of the national World Cup team, which was eliminated in the quarterfinals by blowing a lead, were sent to labor camps upon their return to Pyongyang. Still, it seems like a more lenient punishment than a Zinedine Zidane head-butt.