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I finally uploaded this photo and description of the mystery insect to the fine folks at BugGude. When I looked at the photos, the Broad-headed bugs looked like types of Leaf-footed bugs, Family Coreidae, which, as it happens, they were once classified with. Broad-headed bugs are now classified in their own group.

One last mystery comes in the form of this handsome fella that I watched working Frostweed blooms. It looks like a fly, but my search for an identification proved fruitless. Any ideas out there? This insect crawled from bloom to bloom. It certainly possesses a fine set of wings, though. Please share your wildlife stories for this past month and remember to leave your link when you comment.

I just love your blog and incredible wildlife photos! You have a beautiful diversity of life at your home. In Ontario, autumn is in full swing, so there are few insects to be seen. My unfortunately invasive European Mountain Ashes have been teeming with birds. I will leave the trees at least until my native berry plants mature.

There are Cardinals and Cedar Waxwings enjoying my small dogwood shrubs too. Thanks again for your lovely posts, Tina.

Like Like. Thank you, Laura—so sweet! I was in British Columbia opposite end from you, of course exactly a year ago and remember how incredibly beautiful autumn is. Thanks for reading! You have a nice selection of visitors. Butterflies have come back to my yard this and I found some Monarch caterpillars. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Wow, you always come up with so many interesting bug stories. Nymphs are tough to ID since they usually look vastly different from their adult form. I really have identification problems with many kinds of insects. He looks so innocent, and bigger than I remember. A big herd of those things came into my dining room when I brought in a big bouquet of sunflowers.

There was quite a flurry of commotion, like they were really partying, but when I walked in, they froze for less than a second, and then, all at the same time, flew out the window, leaving sunflower frass, feathers and poop everywhere! What a funny story! It would have been funnier if it had happened to someone else. The birds were cool though. It is hard to dislike them. What lovely photos Tina. So much variety in your backyard! Hope someone can enlighten you. I love the photo of the blue jay, it looks like a sweet bird.

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Thanks, Sue! But—I love having them in the garden. They are so amazing! This is a beautiful WW post! The swallowtails—all of them—are glorious to see! Tina that magnificent photos of the large number of visitors and residents that it has. All are wonderful and I can not stay with any in particular.

What worries me is what it says about Monarchs and how climate change will affect them. Well, climate change already affects the climate in Spain. Never since there are records has there been such a warm and dry October, if it rains nothing. Now temperatures are starting to normalize somewhat, but without reaching normal values. In my garden I have a male blackbird that comes every day in search of food and with his beak he is tapping the ground and then he hears if there is food. I have three canine roses they are wild that have become giants: more than two and a half meters high and three meters wide.

Also to the Spanish Jilguero. I am no longer in the country house: I have returned to the Madrid flat. Saludos de Margarita. Do you like being in Madrid, or would you rather be in the country home?

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Thanks for reading, Margarita! I prefer to be in the country house, which is also in Spain but as it is said in the USA in another different state. Some are very large and are divided into Provinces always under the direction of their Autonomous Community. Well the country house is in a province called Soria which is very mountainous, with many trees, lots of water, rain, snow and cold or it has always been in the past. The mountains and the trees continue but the rest has left.

I prefer to be in the country house, surrounded by mountains and animals and pure air. But when duty calls we have to go to Madrid: traffic, pollution, noise, people everywhere. The chaos. I have to go to the big parks of Madrid and sit under a tree with seeds to feed the sparrows and pigeons and whoever wants to join, even if it is forbidden.

And so recover peace and laugh with the birds. Greetings from Margarita. I guess I assumed that your country home was not too far from Madrid. It was interesting to learn of a late generation Monarch hatch up north. I live in MA and saw one this morning. I do wonder how it will fare with the temps dipping below freezing this weekend, but as the temps rise and fall erratically Oct. Maybe this one is headed to FL, where some go to overwinter. The plants are being fooled out of dormancy with the crazy weather, bulbs breaking ground and I even saw a crabapple in full bloom.

Climate change worries the heck out of me! You and me, both, Eliza! Anderson Heroes Grease Holding Out Home Dynamic Duets Teenage Dream Reprise A Girl's Best Friend Regionals An Actual Break Up A Wedding The First Dance: Bella Notte Headache New York Picture from Emmys Lessons from the Lopez-Anderson family. As you'd expect, shenanigans ensue. And we kissed, as though nothing could fall nothing could fall And the shame, was on the other side Oh we can beat them, forever and ever Then we could be heroes, just for one day.

No matter how much Kurt or 'Tana tell Blaine that it wasn't his fault, Blaine struggles to believe them. He willingly accepted that drink while waiting for David. He can't remember much about what happened after that as he'd blacked out, but he knows he ended up sleeping with him. He woke up in an unfamiliar bed with that familiar ache down his spine and knew that he'd cheated on Kurt. He doesn't answer, instead choosing to stare at the ticking clock on the uppermost shelf. Why would he tell Kurt everything that happened? That would hurt so much.

It would destroy the faith that Kurt has in him, reinforce how weak of a person he is to fall for such a stupid trick. He sits down with him and tells him. They're sitting on his bed, the door closed for privacy his mom had let them close it, understanding that sometimes the rules were allowed to broken. Blaine's careful not to be touching Kurt while he recounts what happens, what he did to Kurt. He stares at the blanket between their legs, wishing he could be anywhere but here, telling his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend about how he cheated on him.

When he's done he expects to hear Kurt dumping him and then storming out of the room but instead he finds himself wrapped in Kurt's arms, pulled into a warm hug. At first he asks "Gaga, Blaine, how could you think that was your fault? Blaine's eyes go wide. If that doesn't signal unable to consent then I don't know what does. And you said no- giving you more drinks impaired your ability to say no.

You did everything right, Blaine, and you had something horrible happen to you. Kurt knows. He knows and he doesn't blame Blaine- in fact, he's made Blaine able to see that it wasn't his fault. He has to go to a clinic and get tested.

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For now they're not having sex, though. That's not even in the cards, even though kissing and making out still is. Blaine's not ready for sex and Kurt understands. He spends the entire day getting the cold shoulder from everyone in his classes and outright glares from some. He has no idea what he's done to deserve this and considering the trauma he went through last Friday this is putting him on edge.

No one knows except Kurt and his family Unless 'Tana told Brittany, but he trusts Brittany not to tell about something like this and he'd planned on keeping it that way. He didn't want anyone to know if he could help it- he didn't want anyone to know how weak he'd been, how he'd been raped. Somehow Kitty found them and-" Tina continues talking but Blaine can't hear her.

Someone took photos of him being raped and hadn't tried to help him. Someone had witnessed him being taken advantage of and had snapped photos for the rest of the world to see. He collapses onto the piano bench. How someone would just stand there and take pictures and do nothing to help me? I was drunk, I didn't know what was going on, I still don't remember what happened but I came out of there bruised and reeking of sex and now there are pictures? By this point Tina has sat down on the bench next to him, mouth open and a nauseous look on her face.

He knows it makes him weak, makes him disgusting in a way he never was before, but now He didn't cheat on Kurt, but he's not sure which is a worse label- cheater or rape victim. Is it worse to be perceived as weak enough to be taken advantage of or disloyal? Both prospects horrify him personally, but now he's one of them and he had no choice.

Would he rather have had the rest of the students belive he was a cheater or a rape victim? Tina looks nauseous. Before Blaine can respond Sam and Artie come in the door. One glance at the cold look on Artie's face and Blaine's stomach revolts. Santana's there when he gets home, just like she has everyday since the event. She goes to her morning classes and has gotten a reprieve from her one afternoon class for a few weeks. He walks into the kitchen where she's going over the Google doc of notes her roommate is currently typing in their lecture.

Santana looks up to find her little brother with tears in his eyes. Santana's eyes narrow and she closes her laptop. When she speaks, it's in a growl. Santana stands up and comes over to him. Conflicting emotions flash across her face, sympathy and anger warring across her features, but sympathy apparently wins out as she leans in and wraps him in a hug. He sags against her, crying into her shoulder. She just holds him until he stops crying, trying to give comfort for something she can't fix. Blaine takes awhile to calm down but eventually he stops sobbing.

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Then, after another moment of him clinging to her, he goes stiff. How can they live knowing they've violated someone else, stolen something that can never be given back? Their victim's privacy, their sense of security, their very bodies. Blaine is normally a bubbly, energetic person, always dancing on the furniture and smiling. Ever since that night two weeks ago he's been quiet, not speaking much and only really talking to Kurt or Santana.

Tina and Sam, neither of which told anyone about what happened. It's been three days but they haven't told a soul, and Blaine appreciates it like nothing else. First up we have Kitty Wilde.