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There could be as many understandings of the Bible as there were readers. Access could create anarchy In Renaissance Sumptuary Laws, in etiquette books, in dress codes, in fashion magazines, in gossip, vulgar is a term used by the guardians of taste. And the vulgar becomes fashionable when the guardians of taste are in disarray. Vulgarity is then taste out of order.

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The vulgar and the fashionable have to keep an eye on each other. It is committed to enjoyment It always reminds us of what is missing; it draws attention to what it lacks.

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It has no other worldly desires. It is a self-cure for the fear of impoverishment. It acts out the scandal of entitlement, the pleasures it represents and the envy it creates. It is the theatre of ambition and kitsch is its celebration. It both fears and courts ridicule. Puritanism is its foil and its target.

The vulgar is a form of longing. It is local and indigenous, like national or traditional dress. So, why would we be suspicious of, or amused by, a language that everyone could speak, and what would we be suspicious of? Vulgarity amuses us because it makes us uneasy The vulgar are mean, gross, brash, gauche, tasteless, kitsch, coarse, pretentious, camp, rough, rude, common and so on — and that is how they speak. It is only ever other people who are vulgar Everyone has a tongue but not everyone has, or has to have, a vulgar tongue.

The vulgar as access. Nothing is naturally, or essentially, or in itself, vulgar. Vulgarity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder The vulgar always make us wonder whether they are having more pleasure than we are.

Are English women vulgar? What do you think?

The vulgar are enjoying when they should be admiring. The vulgar are showing off when they should be showing some respect. Perhaps we think of pleasure as vulgar. There are no vulgar fears. Bodies are transformed into the vulgar through description and adornment: clothing, jewellery and cosmetics. And because it is an art of over-emphasis—playing with scale and proportion and ostentation—the vulgar requires a different kind of attention to detail Vulgarization is a radical art because it distracts as much as it coerces attention. Vulgarity is the sign of an impossible ambition.

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And because they aspire to something that they feel excluded from, they represent for us the impostor, the con man, the spy, the actor The arrivistes, the nouveau riche, the immigrants, the upwardly mobile: all those who aspire to participate, to succeed, to adapt could be accused of vulgarity Vulgarity is the ambition that makes a mockery of ambition. It is the aspiration that overexposes what it aspires to.

Tubridy said: "The show actually went down very well, it got a 46pc share which is enormous, and it's a very, very, very good result. A 46pc share of the available TV audience on a Friday night, in case you didn't know, is , viewers. That means, by the way, that the total number of people watching TV on a Friday night in Ireland at this time of year isn't much more than a million.

Tubridy said some episodes of 'The Late Late Show' target the over age bracket, and this one targeted the under bracket. Is he really saying that shows targeting the under bracket have to be this terrible? They did the same a few weeks ago when Ryan chuckled along with a guest who described the Eucharist as "haunted bread", and compared receiving it with cannibalism.

Edgy stuff that. In Britain, they save the low-rent stuff for the likes of Channel 4 late at night. No, it served it up to Middle Ireland in a prime time slot on its main channel. David Quinn Media bias is the functional equivalent of fake news. Fake news is intended to deceive and mislead the public. Media bias may not seek to deceive but it has the same effect of misleading the public by There are strong echoes here of former US president Ronald Sign Up. Photo: Andres Poveda. David Quinn February 17 AM.

Prominient figures tell The Sunday Telegraph what they think of today's broadcasting standards

Medical science should be ignored. Children need to cast their eyes as far as possible, as often as possible for healthy vision development. Racism is OK. No affluent white parent would tolerate their young children spending seven hours each day in a prison cell pretending to be a classroom. There is no role for beauty in education.

There is no place for celebrating the creativity, ingenuity, and personal expression of children. Knowledge is not socially constructed. What if you assumed that everyone kid and teacher alike want to be in the classroom together?