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How consider a Christmas dinner without Yule log? Fruity or chocolaty, rolled or ice, the Yule log is THE dessert year end. Light on this essential at a workshop where you will cover all the methods to make step by step a gourmet ice log that will impress! This year, I make the Yule log! As baguette and cheese, what more French than our iconic croissant?

Established in Vienna to celebrate the victory against the Turks, the croissant was revisited in France to become what it is today.

Learn and master the art of layering -A to Z- to make homemade pastries with a incomparable taste. Croissants, escargots, french chocolatine -or chocolate croissants for some! How to cover a cake of sugar paste? How to get beautiful angles? What toppings use? We'll bring you all answers in our workshop. Designed to introduce novice and more, our workshop takes place in a small group to accompany you to the maximum.

Learn all the secrets and the art of making beautiful and good cakes! Discover in this workshop our tasty variations of pastries. Two-colored croissant, oranais, windmills Let yourself be tempted by the complexity and balance of its composition and learn how to make this classical. You could eat it infinitely. Created in honor of a cycling race connecting the two cities, the Paris-Brest has risen to the rank of the favorites of French pastry. Make shiny and crunchy chocolates as greedy as those of your confectioner, it's not as complicated as you might think.

Origin and choice of chocolate, tempering, molding, dipping, decorations Make molded and soaked chocolate candies with various fillings and become the new Charlie and the chocolate factory! According to legend, the pastry chef Stohrer invented the baba at the request of King Stanislas. Wine and rum, there was one step! Since then, time has passed but Ali Baba is the same: a marvel of balance with a soft bun dough sprinkled with alcohol and traditional or original garnishes.

Learn how to make this classic pastry available in 4 versions, depending on seasonal fruits and the chef's inspiration. Want to make a good and beautiful cream desserts worthy of the greatest pastry chefs? Game of flavors and textures, sweetness and modernity: nothing is left to chance to make you a great chef!

If its origin is uncertain, Black Forest is a mythical and a sublime cake. A extra gourmet chocolate mousse and a modern setting for a classic but chic Black Forest! Created in by the Dalloyau house, Opera is probably one of the most refined and subtle pastries. A succession of fine layers providing a perfect marriage of textures and flavors: the coffee cream, the crisp dark chocolate icing, the soft biscuit Joconde and the velvety of the dark chocolate ganache. Forward Maestro!

Sweet pastry, everyone knows. But what about the salty side?

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Macaroon, Millefeuille, Eclair Everything is possible thanks to these perfect imitations of classic pastries with original associations! Take a salty turn and come make surprising recipes that reconcile sweet tooth and salty tooth! Originally from Algeria, the Castel became over the years a monument of french pastry. Come to learn how to make this classic entremet made of an almond biscuit, a buttercream lightened by a meringue and a house-made praline.

You love the traditional Millefeuille? You'll love our greedy version! Come tickle your taste buds and learn to make this cake made of almond biscuit and a lightweight praline mousseline cream. Swiss, French or even Italian, this great lady dressed all in white, gives air and cracked many desserts! Crusty, melting, or both at once, the meringue is crisp as Mont Blanc, Pavlova or otherwise Merveilleux cake. How consider a Christmas dinner without a yule log? Fruity or chocolaty, rolled or ice, Yule log is THE dessert of the year'send.

Light on this essential at a workshop where you will learn all the methods for performing step by step, two gourmet yule logs will amaze your guests! This year, i'll make the log! Made of meringues with almonds, a mousseline cream with homemade praline and praline grain, the Success is perfectly moist and crisp at once. Learn how to make this major that will certainely satisfy all foodies. Nougat of Montelimar, fudges, marshmallows Discover a world full of sweets! It's decided, from now it will be only good and homemade! If you want to offer a reservation to a loved one, please indicate their lastname and firstname.

The price of the reservation will be replaced by the mention "gift" on the ticket which will be sent to you after validation of your order. You want to learn the basics of pastry? You want to go further in your technical knowledge and take the time to perfect your skills? Your subscription is personal and personal but you can book up to 2 places per workshop to invite a person of your choice.

The subscription can be used on all our workshops. Place Choose city Bordeaux Toulouse Marseille. Atelier duo parent enfant. Theme : Little Chef.

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Notify me as soon as a place is free ok. Sold Out. Theme : Macaroons and meringues. Theme : The classics. Baking and pastry techniques.

La Belle et la Bête - C'est la fête I Disney

Theme : Baking and pastry techniques. Tropezienne and White Dunes. Theme : Pastries assortment. Raspberry cake. Theme : The creatives. Puits d'Amour. Theme : Choux pastries. Strawberry cake. Limited Seats. Pastries from South West France. On me raconte jamais d'histoire quand je fais un cauchemar! Le sable alla remplir les espaces entre les gros cailloux et le gravier. Beaucoup d'autres langues ont suivi le mauvais exemple anglais. Qui sommes-nous?

C'est le cas de presque tout le monde. Il va se taper deux mois de cernes, le pingouin. Denise Cailloux est sur Facebook. Livres - Bien!

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Voici donc sans plus tarder 13 de ses oeuvres en photos! Confonds-tu pingouin et manchot? On distingue le grand pingouin, actuellement disparu et le petit pingouin ou Alca Torda. Le dessous des nageoires est blanc et le bord d'attaque noir. Contrairement au manchot, le pingouin sait voler.

Et oui le Spitzberg est un tat de cailloux, pour voir la flore il faut se baisser et prendre la loupe. Donc, ce sont des cailloux pingouin? Oma et Opa Cailloux arrivent avec notre escalier! Ne me demandez pas comment ils vont le transporter des Pays Bas jusque chez nous Hop, au boulot la famille Cailloux!

J'ai par moment le sentiment de porter un masque. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the et fixation. P Claris de Florian. Le Pingouin.

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Certains les volent sur les nids voisins. A l'occasion Rac : Bonjour Petit caillou! Merci pour tout.

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