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All these are small degradations and discomforts to bear when planets are at stake, surely, and even more so when the survival of humanity could be bought by a few hundred rough nights, a space messianism enshrined in the TITH report itself. The research currently carried out under the guise of a new frontierism—bold men boldly going—reproduces classic colonialist pioneer attitudes: all of the 3D sketch-ups of TITH produced by SpaceWorks that include human passengers represent them as visibly white, occasionally with, provocatively, a gender balance of two women for every one man.

Torpor-enabled spaceflight is part of an exploration imaginary in which educated, upper class white folks get launched to a new frontier, where they survive by dint of their hardy—and voluntary—resourcefulness. Team We already know that the disastrous effects of climate change will weigh most heavily on populations least equipped to deal with them, populations that are already precarious and variously exploited by the global actions of white supremacist capitalism.

Even more dire will be the situation of the million expected to be climate refugees by This, of course, involves the rosy assumption that the richer, higher-elevation space-faring nations will take any actionable interest at all in the fate of populations their energy policies leave dead in the water.

Torpor is the technology that makes these mass relocations possible. We will ultimately need to be able to transport larger numbers of people and there is currently no practical means to achieve this without torpor. Sleep poses the idea of a human need and interval of time that cannot be colonized and harnessed to a massive engine of profitability and thus remains an incongruous anomaly and site of crisis in the global present. In spite of all the scientific research in this area, it frustrates and confounds any strategies to exploit or reshape it.

The stunning, inconceivable reality is that nothing of value can be extracted from it. Crary overlooks this perhaps because of an unstated pessimism that the labor-power-restorative function of sleep will be made obsolete, replaced by the kinds of intensive amphetamine regimes regularly used already by US soldiers on combat missions to which he alludes early in his argument. Or does the two-way preposition indicate that the dreams that find us in that gap should be valued for their sheer, worthless counterfactuality? Nor will we sleep, nor will we dream en route to the next terminal world.

The actual capitalism of the future what else to call private aerospace engineering firms? What about those dreams, and not only the ones lost to the lack of REM in torpor? Crary makes a somewhat convincing argument that psychoanalysis, as the handmaiden of bourgeois individualism, formalized the reduction of dreaming from a multivalent activity, often with social or political import, to the distorted expression of a disavowed, private wish.

But who would not be rid of visions of his or her frustrated desires? In the US, lower income and non-white populations on average suffer from lack of sleep at much higher rates than the rich and white and a fortiori the rich and white , as the kinds of shorter-duration and broken sleep typical of inflexible schedules and shift-work fall more heavily on them. Torpor, the future chicory ersatz of real, luxury sleep, is an aggravated form of this homeostatic subroutine of a larger and ongoing system of exploitation, one that utilizes rhythms of sleep and sleeplessness to reproduce its power.

If sleep is subject to the pressures of the market, if we can think of it as a strange sort of good, however indirectly transferrable, how do we think about its dreams? I have a pot of dirt I am made to sell you; after you buy it from me, a flower grows in it. We ignore if the seed was already there at the time of the transaction.

I sell you my beloved labrador, whose food I can no longer afford. Both of these are wrong, but I will not say it is because dreams are not transferrable. For some these dreams of sleep will be the only property left, exchanged for the price of passage. Only the rich will have the luxury of sleep and its dreams, and will consume them conspicuously.

While we watch, speed-wired unto death, our sleep- deprived eyelids flapping like the hanging chads in a defective ballot. We will watch them pass, glinting between us and the light of a farther sun. Most of the technical details of TITHs are drawn from this report or publicly available descriptions of the underlying technologies RhinoChill, total parenteral nutrition, etc.

Any new capitalist feeding frenzy will bring with it not only immiseration and slavery but new techniques of discipline, unimaginable today but perhaps not unlike those claws that will drag mineral- rich asteroids into the waiting maws of the machines. The World Bank has also issued reports that deal with the subject. We need to keep them in the ground. There are three really simple numbers which explain this [.

And I think: In other words, the world as we know it is the world as we knew it. The Guardian, as well as the rest of corporate media, is in part responsible for this. And that they would do anything to us us in the widest sense—us includes every single exploitable resource, human and non-human as long as it preserves their power and privilege water is being privatized denialists are investing in geoengineering projects officials in China breathe their own private air.

It was late in the day, early evening, and the thick autumn light had turned the hills ocher red. The ocher red color no doubt called up her Dream. How do we live? Rusbridger calls on governments to act. Which they might—in some alternate universe. In this one we have watched them gather to not act, time and time again. This is no surprise; we know what governments are—in this reality—for. Which is why I make my art, by the way. To tell my grandchildren I did not want this for them. I did what I could—which amounted to nothing, beyond slapping solar panels on my roof, driving high-mileage vehicles, signing petitions, tithing myself so that I can donate to a few environmental groups, etc.

I try to imagine their world. And the world that will come after them. Luckily, there are many who are better than I at plausible imagining. The Windup Girl is set in 23rd-century Thailand. Frequent catastrophes, such as deadly and widespread plagues and illness, caused by genetically modified crops and mutant pests, ravage entire populations.

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Wikipedia What will those rising oceans be like? Not hundreds of years from now, not in some faraway place, but now and tomorrow, in five years or ten, where you are and where I am. Where our kids will only read about because the coral reefs and the Antarctic penguins and the Sushi Train and pristine beaches will only be shadows of their former selves. In many places ecosystems are now functioning as just a shadow of their former selves. And instead of getting the message of these damaged ecosystems, we are pushing full steam ahead creating more.

The ocean is to many a place of celebration, and to others a place of solace. These are the very conditions we are creating at an alarming and increasing rate. And jellyfish are enjoying a renaissance like never before in history. And there are others: the pisspoor Patagonians, and Osiris, a city created in the far South Atlantic, mid-ocean. No one that anyone in the trilogy knows about, at least lives anywhere else. All the major cities are ruins, whole continents are desertified, and, amidst the delicate geopolitical balance between the major civilizations, which threatens to topple into all-out war at any moment, a plague for which there is no cure rages unchecked.

Sorry that last bit sounds like a blurb. Anyway, I read those futures and say, yes. Mad Max is too gasoline-intensive. Of all the liberation movements of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, one succeeded without limit. It did not liberate a nation, or a class, or a colony, or a gender, or a sexuality. What it freed was not the animals, and still less the cyborgs, although it was far from human. What it freed was chemical, an element: carbon. A central theme of the Anthropocene was and remains the story of the Carbon Liberation Front.

The Carbon Liberation Front seeks out all of past life that took the form of fossilized carbon, unearths it and burns it to release its energy. The Anthropocene runs on carbon. It is a redistribution, not of wealth, or power, or recognition, but of molecules. Released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, these molecules trap heat, they change climates. The end of prehistory appears on the horizon as carbon bound within the earth becomes scarce, and liberated carbon pushes the climate into the red zone. Those authorities attentive to the evidence of this metabolic rift usually imagine four ways of mitigating its effects.

One is that the market will take care of everything. Another proposes that all we need is new technology. None of these four solutions seems quite the thing. The first task of critique is to point out the poverty of these options. A second task might be to create the space within which very different kinds of knowledge and practice might meet. Economic, technical, political, and cultural transformations are all advisable, but at least part of the problem is their relation to each other.

The liberation of carbon transforms the totality within which each of these specific modes of thinking and being could be practiced. That calls for new ways of organizing knowledge. Yes, it does. Jack Hall: What can we do? Terry Rapson: Save as many as you can. Am I too pessimistic? Probably outcomes emerge from those less likely. But outcomes emerging from less likely futures is not what keeps the lights on in Las Vegas. And yet. Obviously, Wark hopes not. So do I. There is neither heaven nor horizon, but the practical question of how various ideologies overcome the friction of collaborative labor.

The problem here is the invention of forms of organization and belief for a post-bourgeois world. The trilogy is full of attempts to invent that grammar. None of them succeed. Still, even an unsuccessful struggle can create powerful structures of feeling, which may have future uses. Again he felt that difference in the air, the sense they were all in a new space together, everyone facing the same problems, everyone equal, everyone seeing a heating coil glowing under a coffee pot incandescent with the electricity of freedom.

You have just witnessed my pessimism. But: today three of my grandsons turn four yes, triplets. However improbable that better future, what other choice do I have but to say yes? And put my shoulder to the wheel as best I can, etc etc? Call it an act of love.

The Consumer Environmental Committee CEC will meet very soon to discuss ways to bring our business in line with the latest business world thinking about Climate Change. So, in your own time — clients take priority! We know all of you are our biggest asset and your creative ingenuity is going to be the key when it comes to helping the executive committees confront this very significant challenge. Squeeze your minds, people! Send your ideas to Nancy by Tuesday and I will personally read each of them. The best will become major topics of conversation in our inaugural CEC meeting.

Understanding what the environment can mean for our clients — there may be important new ways to help our largest revenue centers align with recent popular thinking about climate change 2. Generally speaking, there is still much work to do. I was disappointed to see how few people submitted ideas for lowering our carbon footprint while increasing sales.

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The whole committee agreed with me, that this was certainly a less-than-ideal response. This is the type of challenge every person needs to individually confront. Every person must be held accountable for contributing to the thought leadership of our organization. It will takes some time to fully vette and implement your best proposals.

First, I wanted to update you on some key staffing changes. Secondly, the topic I dread, but also deeply embrace. We want to be growing not shrinking. Right now, the market demands fresh, explosively creative thinking. So, we must evolve and adapt to meet this exciting and demanding scenario. The future of sustainability is smart growth. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with me. We have to help them any way we can.

But I panic at the thought of writing another thing to do. I know. Your care for this endears you to me. But this is not and cannot be a call for affect, for a feeling that this —more than anything—matters. That we must direct our energy to thinking this, to seeing this, to finally realising this. Because I notice who is speaking here—or at least I would like to ask you to notice who is speaking here, in this place.

Who has time to speak, to call it urgent. But there is still blindness here. Those who are most vulnerable, who have least opportunity to speak, are already living this crisis, they live crisis. This catastrophe is a continuence, not a divergence. It is, finally, the datafication of all the violences that structure so many lives. What a luxury to call this crisis—in calling this, this crisis.

It is a luxury that those who answer this call call this crisis. Who can we ask to call this crisis? Only we have time to think that writing will change this, to think that poetry will effect an affect powerful enough to charge a new conscience and consciousness. This is not the time for poetry, or for writing, or for liking or for feeding.

What does this reality feel like? It feels like everything already felt, for anyone who has not thought the world was there to take or who thought the world was there for their taking and found it unrelinquished. Everyone who knows this knows this already. I promise you, there is no surprise here: it is how we are going on, already, living when we know everything already there is to know about what funds our lives.

There is no new affect. There is no new knowing. I am afraid I am afraid we fetishise this as the change to change everything, the bad to come. It is. All of us who think we should call this crisis. Another feed. Another line. This saturation is necessary —let it trend. But where is I in all this?

How to make the imminent now: anyone who can, has to panic. But returning from this point is not yet a revolution, at least not this way. This is about sustaining, preservation. Do not write poetry about this. If you panic, divest yourself. This is writing writing against itself, filling the page with blackness, agent of its own unreadability. Spill, further, spread, wider, ceaseless, brimming: claustrophobia unconfined.

Living this slow, subtle asphyxiation, painless in parts but not without violence, I sit, I watch, I wonder: Is this what consciousness took million years evolving for? To define suicide? Suppose somehow this tragedy is beautifully written. Die Geister, die wir riefen. There would be a corpse-strewn stage if there were any eyes to see it.

No tragedy for no one. No thing or no one to miss the golden glow of a low-slung winter sun caressing the jagged slant of a bare branch. No one or no thing to miss the sound of ocean meeting earth, the sussuration of the shore. No heart to mourn the pain or bliss of consciousness, to feel the wakening pinch of regret, the heat of shame, the poignancy of survival. This is the futurology which has no place here and now, a view too long and wide, too invisible, too tricksy in its speed and slowness, too too far away.

Or too close. So cut to joy: I feel that too, and more keenly. Boisterous, mischievous, spirited play. Pleasure in irresponsibility. Lose yourself in the rowdy flare of jokes, the warmth of shared food, dance of smiles and kindness, wild noise. Touch love. And meanwhile, thinkingly or no, push aside the knowledge that none of this will save us. Omit your glaring quiet creases. Because it will always be easier to laugh at something small and pointless than to be dwarfed endlessly by this scape that must spell the end or the beginning of our so-called humanity. Crying in the widening gyre, I have to fight the vertiginous fall of myself into dolly-zoom perception breakdown.

How else to live with the consciousness of climate change? Because climate change has changed what here and now mean. These words no longer name a place or time of individual experience, but instead explode, saturating the atmosphere, becoming irrevocably planetary. My or your very secret individual smallness atomically exploded to subsume the abyssal mushroom biosphere, or the other way around, vice versus us, or the other way around.

Now is the time left to us. Both remainder and inheritance. As if we were separate from the ground beneath our feet. As if we were separate from each other. Welcome to peak capital, ghost-writer of every contradiction we are living now. For now, precisely. The future is preventable and its weight is incalculable. Yet it must be borne. In two weeks, the one in the far corner— where the most sunlight hits the room—starts to wilt.

Its stalks brown until eventually it collapses in a heap. Gnats gather and bob in the air over its dying body, circling the palm in the concerted manner of a ritual. I wave them away and switch it with the other palm in the room, which was doing fine, though not exactly thriving, and trim all the dead branches of the dying one until it is a third of its original size.

I move them both into the kitchen, which is filled with direct sunlight all day, and water them with Miracle-Gro purchased from the same woman who sold me the palms. After a few days the move seems to kill them both. I drag them separately to the curbside of my apartment building, where within a week they both rise up and sprout new, deeply green fronds, rotating toward the sunlight with new life.

Cops define the era. There is a gym close to here. Dating app. Get together. Go alone. The problem begins with you, he says. The problem, and the conditions that allow it to be identified as such, suggest that your role in it is essential and that all of this could be avoided were you to leave. I leave. I tell him that the book is called A Fire in the Belly. He asks why I said Emily. I never said Emily, I tell him as the subway comes to a full stop in the tunnel.

Generationally speaking nothing has changed except the coordinates by which we locate the landscape of our politics—or the politics of landscape. Explicate from the use of those resources a future. Upstate the protest begins. Every surplus results from in an illusory economy seeking to absorb you within it. He has a bag of hammers with him. The finger episode, by which I mean the party where you stuck your finger in my ass and made someone else smell it, a gesture that reduced me almost to tears, still keeps me up some nights.

The fake human skull is wrapped in saran wrap and sits on a pile of other skulls like it. I think to buy the skull but decide against it. Cancel that. Enchantment becomes an affect through which such optimistic fancy can emerge. Contemporary theorizations of vibrant materiality embody this hopeful whimsy, an engagement which figures prominently within the work of Jane Bennett. In Vibrant Matter, Bennett defines enchantment as a catalyst that materializes politics. For Bennett, enchantment animates politics as an enlivening potency embedded within social ecologies of people and things.

Attentiveness to the vital enchantments of the nonhuman holds great political potential, proposing attention as a micropolitical practice that can harmonize human and planet. Bennett designates enchantment as a force which strengthens agency, and I wish here to imagine how such empowered agencies might operate to diminish the agency of others. In fact, the political vivacity of inhuman enchantment colludes with machinations of power, and the animacy of matter participates in the construction of hierarchies of race and ability implicated in contingencies that threaten the ecologies of the anthropocene.

Durham: Duke UP, The erotic intensities of the inorganic world symphonize with the apparatuses of dominance that structure racial economies. Even minerals and metals possess vital capacities to participate in the materialization of politics. Interactive and mobile, abiotic substances radiate political potency. The sensory affections of the crystalline possess dangerously enchanting world-making possibility.

The crystal, a mineral form excavated from the geological world of the non-human, operates as a medium, as a technology for the production of political sensation. In partial response to disenchanting anxieties regarding the possible destruction of humanity by the ecological turmoil of the anthropocene, affective economies of wonderment and charm empower speculation upon the transformation of humanity. Discourse connects crystalline fantasia with a post-human futurity beyond planetary annihilation, a gesture which imbues the spiritual practices of indigenous people such as the crystal healing practice of the Cherokee and Hopi peoples with eschatological pretension to articulate beautiful visions of collapse and salvation.

The post-secular culture produced by Western Empire demands reformulated spiritual meaning to electrify its future—a reterritorialization of indigeneity to sustain the caesuras which enable its illusory absence from politics. The crystal becomes a material that conducts temporalities, an operant form in the production of the present—a present defined by environmental collapse, medicalized governance, racial exclusion, colonial domination, and global genocide.

Crystal Enchantment: On Materiality and Economy Crystals fascinate, they lure and they mesmerize; these qualities embed within the material ecologies of capital and industrialized production that structure the anthropocene. A substance composed of unique arrangements of atoms, molecules or ions, crystals contain a highly organized architecture—a result of the tendency of matter to arrange in symmetric patterns.

Crystals possess certain electrical, optical, and mechanical properties that amorphous solids cannot, and it is these unique material qualities of crystals that oblige fascination. In the passage of light through crystalline substances, the chemical properties of matter enchant in an animated dance with sensation—acting upon bodies in ways that eschew the inertness which abiotic matter presumably epitomizes.

The visual qualities of diamonds and other crystals stimulate sensory processes. Through its rarity, its uniqueness and its tendency to charm, the crystal produces desire—making crystalline substances ripe for commodification. Used in the manufacture of jewelry, industrial equipment, and computer hardware, crystalline substances form important components of production. Deeply entangled with the development of capitalism, the desire for diamonds and their luxurious sensorial enchantment fuels the global marketplace.

In the interest of resource extraction, large-scale mining projects intervene upon the ecological vitality of the biosphere during the anthropocene. The interface between the crystal and the sensorial inspires conquest, colonization and slavery and the contingent, dehumanizing racial hierarchies upon which such regimes rely —defining a moment within which some minerals embody more social agency than some humans. Crystal enchantment forcefully energized the rise of Empire during the anthropocene, colluding with some of the most devastating social and environmental violences enacted by human activity.

Africa in World History. Smillie, Ian. Malden: Polity, Polity Resource Ser. Knapp, Arthur Bernard. Pigott, and Eugenia W. London: Routledge, Albanese, Catherine L. New York: Vintage, Indigeneity becomes a resource to be extracted, an object useful only for the vitalization of the Western psyche. Notable proponents of crystal healing within the U. Tiller and Marcel Vogel, who argue that the psychoenergetic properties of crystalline matter can channel healing energies within the body. Emptying the crystal healing practices of indigenous meaning by grafting them within the body of the Crystal child—a discursive chimera appropriated from psychiatric discourse, indigenous practices, 19th century vitalism, notions of republican motherhood, white femininities, popular science, crystalline affections, astrological thinking, Vedic practices, commodity fetishes, eugenics discourse, and anti-vaccination conspiracy theory.

Perhaps it will be noted in time that Crystals are 7 For some U. Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science. New York: Putnam, Pringsheim, Peter, and Marcel Vogel. New York: Interscience, Tiller, William A. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, Dibble, and J. Gregory Fandel. Some Science Adventures with Real Magic. Post-secular spiritualist discourse cites the radiant optical qualities of the crystal to encode the vibrantly luxurious difference that the Crystal child embodies. By comparing autistic children with the enchanting properties of crystalline minerals, American motherhood posits the rarity and radiant whiteness of autistic children.

It is speculated that the parents engage in mind-to-mind communication with their Crystal Children. Crystals use a combination of telepathy, self-fashioned sign language, and sounds including song to get their point across, often causing them to get labeled as autistic. Mothers cite the mesmerizing erotics of crystalline matter in order to construct autistic childhood as sacral—as entrenched within a psychic cosmology beyond the human: 9 Jackson, Sharyl. Children of the New Earth Magazine, These children are worthy of awe, not labels of dysfunction.

If we shame the children with labels, or medicate them into submission, we will have undermined a heaven-sent gift. We will crush a civilization before its [sic] had time to take roots. Diagnosis desingularizes, explaining difference as a pathogenic pattern of development shared among the sick and the disabled.

By invoking the crystalline properties of matter, new spiritual movements resingularize the variance of autistic embodiment through objectification, through its discursive connection to the luxurious magic of crystalline minerals. Such a formulation leaves little room for children to articulate experiences of disability by foreclosing the very possibility for identification with an autistic subjectivity. New age fetishism of neurodivergence transforms the embodiment of disability from a social to a cosmological phenomenon— explaining bodily difference as representative of a crystalline futurity.

Autism transmutes from a minoritized neurological embodiment to a glamorous signifier of crystal magic. Crystal Soteriology: On Autistic Eschatology at the End of the Anthropocene The neural embodiment of the autistic child comes to signify cosmological futures yet to come—the ultimate salvation of humankind from the anthropocene.

In the future we will find that even environmental factors such as vaccines, pollutants and pesticides can trigger autism. In the first two years of life, myelin which protects and isolates brain neurons has not finished growing. This allows bacterial toxins, metal toxins, chemical toxins and other environmental toxins to reach and destroy the budding dendrites 12 Starchild, and Stop.

YouTube, 30 Mar. The vulnerability of the neuron to myelinic damage entangles with a crystalline vision of ecological futurity. The toxicity of the anthropocene produces neural debility in the body of the autistic, freeing it from physical relations so that it may engage spiritual planes outside of physical reality. Autism becomes both an artifact of and an answer to environmental collapse. The ecological instability of the present deterritorializes the body from the material world in a transformative process that immanentizes imaginations of a new spiritual age.

The brain becomes an instrument of transformation— and the presumed production of disability by environmental toxicity both pollutes and enchants embodiment in the dramatic unfolding of a radiant spiritual future. By positioning the Crystal children as a glamorous figure of salvation, new age spirituality politicizes autism for its redemptive and enlightening effects on non-autistic people. The autistic becomes a signifier for the deterritorialization of the species into trans-dimensional spiritual consciousness, an emblem of a luxurious crystalline post-humanistic unity to come.

The post-humanity of the autistic Crystal child arrives with the promise of environmental stabilization and the ultimate demise of the Anthropocene. The Crystal autist harbors a connection to planetary energy that promises to save the earth from collapse. The Crystal Children have strong connections to the energy of the earth, nature and the moon and stars. However, I wondered how the Crystals would be labeled, so I began to observe.

New Age discourse narrates the rise in autism diagnoses to a mass re-enchantment with the planet—a vision wherein the earth narrowly evades the end of times because of the transformative radiance of the Crystal child. Such spiritual beliefs foreclose the subjectification of autistics by treating them as an enchanting object, as a signifier for the intoxicating crystalline fetishism of non-autistic white Americans. Autistic experience becomes valid only by reifying neurotypical imaginations of toxicity, collapse, charm and redemption. New age spirituality triangulates the autistic with both cosmic unity and apocalypse—rendering the disabled child as an angel of the end of the anthropocene.

Therefore, the emergence of autistic bodies signals the ultimate evolution of the species toward a higher cosmic awareness. Autistics belong not to the anthropocene, but to a glamorous post-human futurity glowing with crystalline radiance. In the metaphoric eroticism of the crystal, subjects envisage radiant visions of destruction and salvation—negotiating the transformations and insecurities at the imagined end of the anthropocene.

Crystal enchantment defines the ecological conditions of the present and the dangerous volatility of the future. In crystalline affection, affluent white Americans envision both cosmic unity and planetary destruction—further animating mineral 16 Jackson, Sharyl. Crystal children sparkle angelically for those they meet, inspiring the world as glittery treasures from the not-yet-here. Frozen Futures: On Crystalline Ecology beyond Planetary Finitude Though peripheral to American culture, the tropes belonging to New Age spirituality circulate within the mainstream—affecting popular consciousness with rapturous imaginations of ecological redemption.

A massive commercial success, Frozen ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time, winning two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Song. The film tells the story of Elsa, princess of Arendelle, who possesses enchanting cryokinetic powers, with which she is able to produce frost, snow, and ice crystals at will.

Fearful that the perilous curse of her magic abilities might injure those she loves, Elsa confines herself to her room—fissuring her once fond relationship with her younger sister. The possibility of physical injury damages Elsa, effectively limiting her mobility and her capacity to relate to others.

Nevertheless it is clear that the circumstance leads to a social disability. Autism 17 Frozen. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. Walt Disney Animation Studios, Autism Support Network News, n. Wordpress, 21 Dec. The resonances between the body of the cryokinetic and that of the autistic more deeply connect Elsa to the figure of the Crystal child. The architecture of her social environment vexes Elsa with a loneliness not unlike the worlds of isolation experienced by autistics. Disaster leads to grief for the princesses of Arendelle.

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The threatening possibility of catastrophe further isolates Elsa, whose magic abilities powerfully exceed her capacity to maintain security. Elsa soon comes of age, and her kingdom prepares for her coronation as Queen of Arendelle. Preparing to assume her proper post as royal monarch, Elsa nervously awaits her coronation ceremony. During the reception, Anna accepts a marriage proposal from Prince Hans of the Southern Isles—infuriating Elsa who forbids such a sudden arrangement.

In a worried panic, Elsa escapes the castle—abandoning her kingdom without a ruler. The aleatory emergence of difference in the body breaks the ceremonious passage of sovereignty from monarch to heir—chaotically intervening upon the political organization of the human world. Away from politics, Elsa designs to make a life for herself in the frozen wilderness.

In this asocial milieu, Elsa finally gains the capacity to articulate a singular selfhood freed from the disciplinary constraints upon her powers of enchantment. Immersed in nature, Elsa can exercise cryokenesis without fear—releasing a transformative sensation of freedom through political desubjectification. No longer a political subject to Arendelle, Elsa becomes a singularized intensity within an enchanting crystalline ecology apart from the human world. Elsa abandons the social conditions which produce her body as a threat to society.

The musical voice erotically conducts her invigorating feelings of freedom and self-transformation. These magical acts of self-transformation sever the present from the past. Crystalline thought vibrantly inspires visions of the present which rupture temporality by gesturing dangerously toward the richness of futurity—an imagination of a free life away from the constraining contingencies of the social world. Unlike limited animation, 3D modeling uses fractal vector arrays to simulate the conduction of electromagnetic wave-forms through translucent solids without simply rendering them in two dimensions.

Geometric data produces crystalline fancy in the virtual-algorithmic structures and graphical figures which produce not-yet-actual enchanting sensations in the cinematic body. The crystal-image, a vitality which contains within it the movement of rays through time, severs the present from the past—becoming a virtual temporality-machine engaged in the production of the actual.

The crystalline qualities of filmic media creates a sensation of the present, of a singular moment disaggregated from the contingencies of the past— of a time detached from causality by its capacity to intensity the present. By conducting and modulating the movement of light through cinematic machinery, the intensive temporality of motion pictures differentiate sequential moments, actively creating the sensation of reality: Through devices of contraction and dilation, the video camera modulates the flows of electromagnetic waves.

Video images are 19 Deleuze, Gilles. Cinema 2: The Time Image. London: Athlone, It is not at all a question of the impression of light on a support, but of crystallization and its modulation. By embracing the magical possibilities of her creative capacities, Elsa removes herself from the exigencies of human life to agentically exercise her ability to produce a new crystalline cosmology—by becoming-cosmological. Elsa transforms from parahuman autistic, a disabled citizen, to a posthuman enchantress, a Crystal child undifferentiated from vibrant planetary forces.

Elsa evacuates the social body to join the animated dance of the planetary body. By exiting the finite social world to merge with the limitless cosmological world, Elsa exits linear time, becoming a vital singularity within an intensified present that overpowers the contingency of linear time. Elsa becomes a line of flight. The vital charm of the crystal-image becomes a virtual form through which possibility and the rupture of finitude can be imagined, a form which creatively resingularizes through the capacity of the body to generate intensity. Coda: The Oedipalization of Possibility by Crystalline Whiteness Eternal winter destroys the economy of Arendelle, threatening human politics with collapse.

Chaosmosis: An Ethico-aesthetic Paradigm. Bloomington: Indiana UP, By re-establishing intimacy with her sister, Elsa achieves the emotional stability necessary to control the danger of her magical powers. The inclusion of difference within the social by recognizing the enchanting singularity of the post- human dodges planetary collapse at the very last instance.

The vibrant creativity of the Crystal child entreats familial Oedipal intimacy to re- incorporate crystalline desire within the fold of society, invigorating its environmental futurity. Frozen, a film which features no people of color, presents audiences with a splendid imagination of ecological futurity both threatened by difference, and tempered by loving inclusion. In the magical singularity of the disabled white child, ecological imaginations of the end of the anthropocene inhere with the technologies of social hierarchy that stabilize the normative relays of our political moment—deploying enchantment to articulate vivid cosmologies contingent upon the negation of racial and autistic subjectivity.

It is then in these crystalline affections that a political moment characterized by dehumanization, exclusion, and environmental destruction can radiate possibilities beyond the finitude of the anthropocene—a glimmer of hopeful imagination operant in the violent machinations of abled, white supremacy.

Both the Crystal child and the crystal image involve a molarization of the animated molecular-becomings of crystalline substances. The material energy of the inhuman world courses through the circuitry of social life, channeling and augmenting their political trajectories. In other words, crystal enchantments act upon and orchestrate those apparatuses operant in the differentiation of race and ability.

The affection of electromagnetic transmission through a molecular lattice conducts intensity, transmitting energy which circulates within the social machinery of race and capital. The dynamic properties of mineral radiate possibility—intoxicating subjects with dreams of futuristic infinitude, dreams that nonetheless participate in the production of the present in addition to the hierarchical contingencies of race and ability inherent to it.

The crystalline becomes a social instrument that cleaves the present from the past, the post-secular from the primal, the white from the non- white, the human from the post-human, the finite from the infinite. In its dangerous vitality, crystalline intensities carve the surface of a planet as agential participants in destructive, genocidal forces which plague the present. Works Cited Albanese, Catherine L. Autism Wiki. Bennett, Jane. Cleveland, Todd. Deleuze, Gilles. Gaiam TV. Chaosmosis: An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm.

Jackson, Sharyl. Kahn, Jack. Lazzarato, M. Mitchell, Edgar D. Also, in October , Felix Baumgartner performed the longest fall without drugs. He fell a marathon. We need a dictatorship. Falling is catchy! The fall of. Every morning the rooster cries out for the day you wake up. This is not high art, this is not really formal, or formed, this is sugar sense in the scene, in the soda aisle, of a big box store at some insane and imagined stop in a stupid and childish exodus of stupidity, from one aisle to another isle, from one body to another body, in the exoskeleton exchange of pixie sticks and rhinestone clothing design, which is this mired thing marketing departments call desirability in the erotics of children, and everything is underwritten within the childish erotics of housing securities.

This is art. To escape while not escaping, children grow abstract expressionism in a 3D printer like dull dollops that are derivative of dull dollops on the dull canvas of these dire doldrums and it is all basically man snot and I am, and I am bored as snot aging in the airways of a dying elephant in an elephant graveyard composed of misprinted plastic bodies and misprinted plastic letters and misprinted plastic guns.

Give me a gun shaped like ooze so I can fail to murder myself, or the child in me, who is not me, but is me, me there in the scene of failed murder that always leads to death or something like death before death, into something like something in all of these sweet shapes that remain misshapen, child.

Jaw for the giving, a chewed over supper of delicacies soon sodden. Days checked off in flush weight, teeth tapping on the bone spoon. The salt water has found the first step—bobbing in the brim float, the heavy metal petitioning, just petitioning, petitioning. Shale fated, eyeing up the stones, heaping in the gathering water. When we said it was forever who cooly knew. The horizon on the island grows into another expanse. Days pass with nothing worth noting. You are long over just staring.

The eyes have become salt-burnt a translucent blue. Not for this earth. The head is fixed for fear of the swelling corners. Just one contraption to regulate your breathing. Just one to distinguish the seasons. Homely disaster becomes a gradient erosion. Interruptions that plane away to nothing. What remains of the star is a superdense white dwarf star at the center. This could be the fate of Earth.

Can a group with a historic mission envisage the end of that mission—can the State envisage the withering away of the state? Can revolutionary parties envisage the end of their so-called mission to lead the masses? After all, I am a regimental sergeant major! The continuation in time of the institution at the level of phantasy is thus a kind of implicit support for the denial of the reality of death at the individual level.

Stars swim in the darkness of the cities. I have seen the sadness of the Creator on his very last day; he has explained to me the silence of the flower, the speech of the lemur, the music of the spheres. A: What is the sea? B: An imprisoned galaxy. A: But for the reeds to grow, you must let the blood of the livings flow. A: The first one to die will be the first one to rise again. A: My parents forced me to swim between their knees. B: As the sun rises, I can see the crevasses where my body soon will grow the softer limbs that it needs.

C: I have been old for as long as I can remember. B: I have never smiled to another man in public. A: I remember the long walks in the souks, the stray dogs scrawny and famished, the rose loukhooms swollen with cane sugar and lime juices, the little dark foot of the children, the hands groping for the citruses and the flowers and the mints, the cries of the water merchants, the plaintive whinings of the thief whose hands, filled with oranges, had been seized. A: See how the fog speaks to us all, friends or enemies. B: Rarely do I feel the need to see my friends; I have them in me. C: It was the first day of school.

I was six. We were led through a sunless alley to the classroom where we would dwell for the rest of the year. Because our mistress was my aunt, she treated me harsher then she did the others. Whenever someone did something wrong, I was always the one being punished. She made me walk to the chalkboard, took the pink ribbon out of my hair, and rectified my ponytail.

The others watched in silence. C: I would always accompany my grandmother, when she went to that butchery. She would go there at least three, four times a week. The meat lumps gleamed like well-lubricated phalluses, like aloe leaves ripped apart by dogtooth slits, like the iced-crown formed by a herd of hogs running through wind. A: The chase; the hunt for the one remaining soul that does not wish to be made to pray. C: But what I cherished the most was the sight of the numbered tickets being impaled on the long shiny stick, after the customer allotted such number or such number had been served.

Sometimes we would be there too early; only a handful of paper bits like sick moths fluttered around the metal stick, down at the bottom where its feet stood deeply rooted in a wooden stub; but when the shop had been crowded all day, the dark pink tickets heaped up till the point of the stick could no longer be seen, and there I would behold true grace at work, overflowing. One day the butcher in chief, seeing the yearning in my eyes as he was about to discard the tickets into a nearby trashbin, interrupted his gesture and congenially exclaimed, Would you like to have them to play with, kid?

B: The stronger we desire, the clumsier we feel. A: A boy once put his whole hand in my anus and said he had lost his condom there. I did not like them. There were gather around a table, on which a champagne bottle in an ice-bucket throned, and when he tried to put his arm around me I snapped it away. We ended up in one of the apartment that his father, a real-estate agent, had not yet rented. He pulled my hair and tried to hit my face with too-soft a hand. I told him I was a lesbian. C: But I had once heard my mother explain to a friend how she had been raised to always refuse thrice, before she might accept a gift.

This was considered a sign of good education by her parents, my grandparents. We had no money at all, and we lived in a single room in the basement of a building, my two older sisters, me, and my parents. One day our Uncle Vincent was in town, he had sailed all the way here from Italy, to see us, for we were his only remaining relatives; and he had brought along with him a beautiful doll, a life-sized doll with pearly teeth, red nails, and a long hair the color of ripe pomegranates.

I think our uncle had planned this gift from the very beginning, but he waited till the time of his departure had come to offer it to me, so as to offer a certain intensity to the gift, or so I have now come to believe. I think this doll would have a tremendous time with you! A: I was only once in Corsica. From the boat trip I remember my little cousin, afflicted with a strong form of sea-sickness, vomiting from the top of our bunk bed. I remember a small crystal blue starfish floating atop the moist sand piled in the bucket of a boy who did not care for it; the whole day I longued for the starfish to belong to him and waited for him to discard it from the bucket, but he never did.

That was the last time I ever saw a starfish for real. B: As the ocean comes and a tamed dog rolls his shoulders under our caresses, so we coalesce despite of ourselves with the melancholy of the seals, the seagulls, the waves. B: The toddler do not feel the need to name the waves to play in them; and so remains the painter, unaware of the necessary deceptiveness of language to portray a port, a forehead, a landscape. A: I seam a seamless song and grow our hands into the sunset. A: Love is the nearness of our past brought into the future.

C: The butcher asked me only once. I lost faith in my feelings that day. A: The world as we know it is a felony committed by a godless hyenanarchy. A: The mistake is to believe that we must reign only over ourselves: we must learn how to let our selves be govern by others, and how to be in return besieged by them. Worship you cows! We arrived in Lyon in the evening and met with Matthias, who offered to havesushis, before we all went together to the festival.

There I drank the of whole plum-liquor bottle. A: The shape of your body in the morning, the desolate feeling of devotion in my chest when I watch a curl of your hair droop down onto your eyelashes while you sleep. B: When I awoke the girl in the bed besides me was tearing her catheter away from her forearm. Blood gushed everywhere on the sheet, it made pretty patterns of thorny rose bushes all around the whiteness. I yelled all the way from the hospital to the train station. When I put my head next to the latrines, I heard it sing.

It played small notes, electro music. B: Inside of me my genes, my parents entwined into an everlasting combat. C: I am still trying to figure out why it was that I laughed at that cat. A: I have a dagger in me for each of the animals my ancestors have killed. A: We must remain obsess; obsession is the fabulous rot adopting all the colors of the universe as its illimited feet run across the trees. Change is the illness in which rot creeps across grace. B: When I think about what it is to live I just want to bring you back to bed. A: The natural state of our race is drugged, drinking, and at rest.

C: When my mom fell off that bike I thought she was stupid for having tried to ride it. A: We had gone to Disneyland : me and my father, my mom, and my grandmother Svetlana. Because I never felt closed to her I called her by her first name. She insisted I called her Babooshka, which I never did. In the last boutique we visited, Svetlana said I could pick anything I wanted, but just one thing, so chose well she said.

I chose a Minnie Mouse outfit, complete with ears. C: I wish I could bring all my friends together before they got older. B: It is that same motion inside the earth that makes the clocks in our body gyrate. A: So I punched her in the face. B: When my cousin fell asleep I took her hands and masturbated with them.

C: It is only when we awake that we realize we cannot remember our dreams. B: She must have felt it. A: He was way older than me. I insisted we should not tell each other our ages, or names, till the next day. I knew this show had taken place over fifteen years ago. We had met in the store where I was working as a sampling lady.

When I left the store I went straight to his apartment. I was sober. Half of the money would go into traveling the other half would go into getting some design work done for the new site since that is my weakness in launching a site. I would use the money to learn a new skill that interests me. Let it be welding, glass blowing, wilderness survival, play the guitar. I recently was divorced and have been working hard to pay down student loans and my car. I would put half into my savings and use the other half for traveling expenses for breast cancer treatment at a state-of-the-art center with a multi-disciplinary team.

I would use it to help send my wife to the academic conference in Greece she wants to attend, but that I cannot afford right now. It would definitely help her career. If not that, then I would put it toward taking her to London when I go to an academic conference later this year. You sent this at a great time. This would help with the fees. I got selected to speak at a tech conference in Europe this summer.

Pay for the court cost to file for divorce, divesting me of my biggest expense — a spouse whose was unemployed for several years. Awful but true. Next December I will be turning My goal is to pay off my mortgage by the time I reach Once accomplished, I will have paid it off in 3 years. The money will go to the mortgage. I am a single mom and trying to teach my kids about managing debt!!! I have a 5 year goal of buying my childhood house. Year 1 is to get debt free, years are to make and save a ton. Working hard to get down completely to zero. Only have a few thousand left to go, and I can start using credit cards to my advantage.

I would buy a 7d Canon camera, tripod, and mic to produced videos to make more money on the side. And then I would send you a nice gift:. I just received an offer to put my self-made but un-published comic into a collection with three other local artists. Bill, the gentleman putting the event together, plans on holding a comic convention, showcasing this collection, in October. I live in MN. Chinese people love the number 8 because it sounds like the chinese word for fortune!

Start something to make more money … a little business venture into making clothing that I have always wanted to do. Since my boyfriend and I just bought a house, my answer is easy…our first mortgage payment. I have two teeth waiting for crowns. The sooner the better. Being that I took your Earn 1K course-I already make money on the side and close to maximizing my investment ladder.

Being that I took your Dream Job Course-I am lining up my next role in the field I want at a negotiated salary that fits for me. Invest it in building a prototype for a web service. It would go directly to pay down my 25k second mortgage, which I plan to have paid off completely by this time next year! Some of the cash would be dedicated to putting together professional materials packages to provide free-of-charge to potential clients.

I would use a portion to take out referees to lunch or coffee, and do the same with some people in my city from whom I am seeking informational interviews. There are a couple of targeted workshops coming up from our provincial small business body regarding pitching services to our provincial government, and I would register for those workshops. Lastly, I would get myself a compact data projector many of my workshops involve presentations with visual displays. Individually, these are all small items that I can budget for, but as I am also saving up for the arrival of my first baby, every penny counts.

Thanks, and good luck, everyone. I would take some of it to move back home and then put my kids in daycare. I would stick the rest into a savings account and go back to work. Just know it would go towards me starting my new life with my kids. He graduated from college 2 years ago and since then we have put any extra money tax returns, bonuses, gifts of money etc. And I opened a savings account to hide a few bucks away for rainy days or for future investments to come. Maybe I have the one icecream for the month as a treat. And I know I will keep it up, because I am stubborn as a donkey. Taking a real vacation would be such an amazing break for both of us!

I am all for Roths and patent searches, and shoes and stuff, but really, I would do these few things.

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I am trying to get together a down payment to buy my first home. I would use this to continue adding to that pile. Every extra bit will help to keep my interest rate and monthly payment low!

Books by Catherine Holden

Upon receipt of payment I will deposit this into my online brokerage for trading in the intermediate term to take advantage of recent volatility. Everyone loves midgets and I believe the networking benefits of hosting a great party will be worth my dollar investment. I would use it to invest in my art business buying materials, vendor payments, shipping art pieces, etc. I make and just started selling abstract art and need to get it noticed, so I need money to be a vendor at fairs, to showcase art at galleries, and for travel. It will add as a nice backdrop in your web chats.

I would use the money to help fund a startup. The money would speed up what I am already working towards. I would give the money to my mom to help pay off her mortgage. My dad was sick for most of his life and recently passed away. Nonetheless, she was able to send all of us to college, and I am now proud to say we are all college graduates and better people because of her and her sacrifices.

If I won 1, I would also by myself a watch for work and a pair of prescription sunglasses for the summer. I would save for that! Thanks for all you do! I am looking to buy a house within the year and want to improve my credit score :. Very simple: Deposit the check to my ING direct savings account. Then when Earn 1K opens up for the next time I will use this check to pay for the course. I have the next steps laid out to be completed over the next 3 months and this would allow me to speed up the process. Looking forward to reading more comments as well! I would use the money to finally try and invest in the stock market!

I would use it to go on a trip to Fiji to assist with some of the disaster relief from their recent floods and look for social entrepreneurship opportunities on how I could continue to assist the relief. Buy two plane tickets to attend a business and networking event in San Diego, CA. I would pay down debt so that I can have more options in the future like say taking a Ramit class.

So I would use the money to help my sister and her 3 kids with a summer of fun. You see, my sister wants to join a local beach club. The kids would have something to do all day and my sister would finally be able to relax! I would also be on the membership and get to bring my wife along. This money would help a lot of people in my family have a fun summer and without paying for going out of town airfare, hotels, food, etc.

Would this be an investment? The money is for a summer of memories for my niece and nephews. Less stress for my sister and drinks in the sand and sun with my wife. But to be one of chosen person you would have to gave value to this money by buying plant and put it all into garden where everyone can learn and see where really money grooves.

In effort of mans hand. I would put half towards my credit card and the other half, I would split between my savings and vacation fund. Savings would be nice too! But I think it would make the most sense to use the money to increase my earnings capacity…i. Boring, but true. Fortunately, I am not sick but a close friend of mine is sick. The extra 1K1 will help me pay off a portion of the medical bills.

Our health should be our number one priority. Sometimes we take this important topic for granted. Hello, My answer is different. I am getting married this weekend and going on our honeymoon in 2 weeks to Ireland my dream and Italy. We have budgeted very well for the wedding and I negotiated pretty well to not go into debt. I would love the money for our honeymoon for nice wine, tours, hotels, romantic dinners, etc to enjoy a nice trip together as husband and wife! I would use it to start paying my parents back after all the help they gave me throughout college.

They deserve it more than I do. Too bad this is more like a lotto random drawing. Good luck to the rest of you. I recently checked my credit report for the first time and discovered that my parents never paid for my tonsillitis years ago AND I was unaware that the bills were in my name. I would add it to my emergency fund matching the 1, I have managed to save since I started it in February. Well after reading I will teach you to be rich! I would definitely get my brokerage account started and run that Lifecycle Fund. I would Automatically contribute to my new fund by rerouting some of my savings.

I was actually saving for the lifecycle fund minimum so that money could be allocated for the fund and my money could start growing. I would then use the rest for backlink building to my products that are ranking on the first page of Google, but to push them even higher to position 1! When that particular account reaches a certain point, I am using the money to begin my real estate investing.

I would spend it on your Earn1K course — planting a money seed that would grow into a mighty money tree. In process of buying a house, since I have all bills covered plus paying extra, no cc debt, and auto payments to all my retirement and investments and long term contracts and revenue streams going, most likely I would literally just use it toward some of the appliance costs for the new house.

I would use it pay off my credit card debt and any leftover money would put towards my student loan payments. Why would I expect such a high return? To weed out the dweebs. His teeth are in pretty bad condition, and we have been meaning to get a start on fixing them for several years.

He has been working very hard in school, and I think it would be great for his self confidence and health! And it would be a good incentive to get with the program and start fixing them! It would be dumb to waste it paying for some expense. It will be important to identify the point of greatest leverage in your business or personal life. I believe that whatever wealth I can attract right now is limited to whatever state I allow myself to be in. The other big asset to invest in would be in people. I would convert it to UK pounds using xe. An overpayment in British terminology is paid against purely the capital of the mortgage, meaning the interest as calculated daily will decrease a little!

I will use it to buy the productivity suite you recently had on sale. If I can get that on the same sale price, then use the remaining money on the preliminary earn1k course. I would pay off the last of my student loan. Honestly, I would spend it to go visit friends across the country. I would buy a plane ticket or train depending to visit friends in California, North Dakota, Oklahoma and other places depending. If I had any money left I would save it up so after college is done I will have a little money to try and live on my own.

Win-win all around. This would take another significant chunk out from them, taking me significantly closer to being debt-free. Not to sound like a sycophant, but I would put it into the Vanguard Roth Ira I just opened thanks to reading your book. Spend on paying off bills. Invest in necessary materials for my business. I would use this to pay down debt! I have a plan to be debt-free by Spring of and this would help advance me towards that goal much faster than I can currently manage.

Thanks for the contest opportunity! I would send it right to the credit card I am working on paying off by the end of the year. I hate being in debt, but we had some medical expenses that we are now paying off. I would pay off that student loan and not be broke every month. Thanks to all for the new learning! Guess what I plan to do! It would temporarily join my emergency fund and later this month or next, be used to help pay to have my house painted.

Why breakfast at your office? As a year old cleantech entrepreneur, I aim to pick your brain and eat your discarded muffin bottoms. So, do you take your coffee with cream or sugar? I would use all of it to pay down my credit card debt, which is the highest-interest loan I have. Training can be hit or miss I know but I already have some personal projects that I am working on and a list of questions to ask during the hands-on part of the training so I think with this preparation I will get more out of it than normally.

I will talk to you on available courses from you or your friends, on how to start own business with my background. It would go into my Brazil trip fund. I would pay off my existing student loan, which in already in the process of doing, before going back to school this fall. I would use it to complete market and product testing for my startup, which is already gaining traction.

They are always happy to help me out and play for food or much less than what they should but their generosity only makes it more difficult for me to ask for their kindness. Anything left over would be set aside for the next time a similar project came along in which the budget was not sufficient to pay all those involved what they are worth. We are both extremely motivated and willing to do what it takes to get this going. Wether we receive this dowery or not it will go and we will work other jobs around this to accomplish our mission.

The objective of this project is to provide a way to meet the needs of the community as well as serve one another. Goals Using a web based tool similar to Craigslist or message boards, people in need can post their needs or have needs posted on their behalf by staff in a safe, secure and private way so that others can find ways to meet them. Our intent is to help others to meet the needs of the body through service, goods, and contribution to specific needs. Solution Working with fellow everyday angels, we build a web tool whereby those in need can post their needs and we help facilitate the meeting of those needs both in body and through the technology of web based tools and e-commerce.

A person posts the need to the board. Once accepted, that need is shared with any member of the community board without personal Information attached. If in the form of tangible goods, they can bring it to an EveryDay Angel Outpost school, home, church, community center. Upon receipt, we will notify the person in need that the need is met and they can come to pick it up.

They can then choose to send a message or thank you to the individual who helped meet that need if they wished to do so. For services, a person will choose to meet the need and given contact information so that they can help the person in need. Financial contributions can be given to a general fund to help facilitate large needs and also as micro funds that can build towards needs of specific need requests.

We want it to be as close to a one to one transaction as possible. We believe that new goods except automobiles instead of used goods will alleviate problems with broken things neither passed on to one another nor having to deal with repairs and delivery of items. I would legally change my name to Ramit Sethi, pat myself on the back and walk around town knowing I am in good company, then suddenly regret the decision, and pay to have it changed back.

Unfortunately, the NCAA does not allow a school to cover any of these expenses for prospective athletes. Helping to provide the kickstart to an education for one of these young females would not merely change her life, but, more importantly, likely save it. Without an education, the majority of these young ladies will die by the age of 45 or Why females? The answer is due to simple exponential math. I like your style. Great offer! I just need a bit more money first. So this money would be quite welcome!

We paid mine off this month, hers will be paid in full in less than 12 months, and we will have our house paid off in about 41 months…. I would take a cabinet making course or two to and learn how to build furniture for fun and profit. Hello Ramit — having paid attention to your wisdom — I am already debt free! I spent it already towards a vacation to glacier national park!

Half of it would pay down our auto loan. The other half would be put into finishing our basement. I would use around for filling out the paperwork to start my own company, another for setting up a web page for that same company and use the rest for testing of business ideas paying for lunch with interesting people and stuff like that.

The purpose of the company would be to enable me to study for an extended period and also take a few weekends abroad with my girlfriend. I will first of all pay the registration fee for this online working from home job. I will invest half of it in business,part of it help the needy. Later the balance will clear my debts.

Pay bar dues and buy a new Adobe design suite to help start my advertising mini-agency on the side. I would put it to my schooling. I would either give it to my dad because of how much he has helped me financially, or I would put it directly to my student loans. Would not you wonder to whom will you gonna give that money?

I would come to San Francisco from Turkey to meet with you! So as a new graduate I could take your personal advices and discover San Francisco! That could possibly be made easier if the have work unions or some kind of organization, so I could hit up the owners directly and convince them to invest in their employees. This could also in the future be videotaped and sold in DVD, once the market starts to get depleted.

So visiting the Grand Canyon.. Yeah the Grand Canyon. We just sent the state registration in for the business name and will start contracting with vendors as soon as we receive the registration papers back. Extra capital would be fantastic and really speed up the process. Frankly, I would use it to help pay off my student loans. I have known quite a few entrepreneurs over the years and the ones who have succeeded are typically the ones who are doing what they love and loving life while they do it. Their debts are manageable and meticulously well planned, with few exceptions.

My belief is that acts of generosity can start a chain of people helping one another out. Ramit, I would out all of it towards my credit card debt. Either that or towards my future engagement ring payment that will be made on a credit card. Either way, its going towards new or old debt!

Goal is debt-free! From what other folks have said about its effectivenes, it would be the best investment I could make with it. And whatever money I had left over from doing that I would use to get any tools I could identify to get more or better use my time. Time is far more valuable than money, so any free money I get will be invested in getting more time! I am always looking for new ways to diversify my portfolio. The extra money erik help in doing this. With the thoughts of having my money work for me, you could say I am already thinking rich! Exploring all options. Will soon get my PhD degree.

Planning to be a day-trader after that. I know :. Technically a swing trader but never mind the minutiae. No paper trading- went live from day one and am net-positive after 5 years. Learnt the tricks of the trade by investing my own money for the last few years. I have been there and have survived the game and made some money. Most of all loved every bit of it. Only recently I found a steady rhythm in the way I trade which made me take the leap.

You know it when you see it. I will do a small time job initially to pay part of my bills. The rest has to come from trading. Any money I get will go into my trading account. Thank you. I would take my 10 year old son to Washington, DC for a 4 day weekend train there and fly back. Maybe go out to a nice dinner and save the rest for my next real estate purchase. Boring I know haha. Then pay for a dental x-ray to make sure my tooth is okay and that I am healthy to start a new job. Then I will be set to start my dream job. I would spend a portion to purchase books re finance — to learn about business statements etc.

Pay off credit card debt. That attitude may be why I have credit card debt in the first place. I would use the money to pay down Back Taxes. The Interest and Penalty are more than what I owe. This is killing me. Following your wisdom, I am finishing paying off my credit card debt. I have been doing a ton of research on the right type non-toxic, combination of different sizes, cheapest method of purchase of memory foam mattresses. I would build my own platform bed, order the mattresses…and actually wake up feeling rested and ready to go in the morning. I am building the initial technical skills to begin freelancing in client based film work using techniques you outlined on Chase Jarvis Live.

I will used the money to hire an experienced DSLR shooter on craigslist for a multi-week learning project to get me up to speed on the skills side of the business. I would use it to: 1 Pay for a couple of extension courses at a community college 2 Pay for membership at a freelancer site to supplement my current income 3 Buy some work clothes 4 Save the rest! I would use half to pay off existing debt, and the other half for something cool like… a new shed for my back yard..

I recently found her after 52 years of wondering if she was still alive and if she would want to know me even if I found her. One thing I want to do is hire a professional photographer so I will have pictures of the moment we finally get to see each other in person. And by the way, all of this happened after both of my adoptive parents passed away on the same day last August and I found my adoption papers while cleaning out their house.

As part of the new garden program, the 5th grades will sell herbs as part of their regular fundraiser. I would invest the money in a pattent, for a medical testing device, that I believe would do extremely well. In an effort to earn more money for the family and teach my two young sons about money I would buy a pair of dogs that would be good family dogs and whose puppies would be easy to sell.

I would be able to teach my sons about biology and responsibility by having them help take care of the dogs. I would also teach them about money and marketing by having them help sell the puppies and count the money. I would also teach them about saving money and tithing by setting up a bank account for them and having them give some to church or a good charity.

I hate doing vacations on a small budget. Hi Ramit! Ramit, First of all, thank you for putting this opportunity out there. Here is a rough idea of what I would like to do with the winnings. I would use it to take my children to Washington DC. My youngest son wants to see the white house and the capital and he is only 7.

Then use the money to buy in. Sound Good? I stumbled upon a book by one of my favorite role models in the writing and health field, Dr. Roni DeLuz. After following her program from 21 Pounds in 21 Days, I reprogrammed my tastebuds and my belief systems subsequently. My life goals changed so much. I felt like I was turning into Gandhi. I would spend the money on company software for the insurance company that I currently sell for.

The money I am saving up to buy a sailboat with with to sail around the world and raise awareness of individual power and provide real help to people who need it wherever they may need it. I would buy hardwood floors for my house. I would take myself and my boyfriend to Alinea in Chicago, and use the extra funds to get two three day passes to Lollapalooza for myself and my brother.

I would invest the money in the new business that I am currently help create and need the extra cash to get it off the ground. Knowing my daughter, she would save half of it. I tried to teach her well. I would use the money for boosting my business. It has always been my dream to start a film company and I have been doing commercials for businesses for a while now.

But I need some capital to form my LLC get business cards and really boost my business. But if I did win that is what I would use it for. And I would try to save some of it and buy stock with Apple or HP or Dell, depending on which one is the best choice. I would invest in people. The return on investment in people is big on the front end and grows exponentially as they in turn invest in others. So I would donate the money to a local organization that provides food and housing to those at the bottom of the barrel of life.

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I would spend half on re-doing our apartment to make it more organized and functional. The other half would go to the laptop fund. I would buy presents for my wife for her birthday and invest in myself more a Udemy course, etc. The rest of the money would go towards my planned trip to Nicaragua to help feed the many starving children. This is the charity website I support. I would buy a couple bicycles for me and my family, and then buy some food, a whole stock pile of it. I would do the boring thing and put it in my Roth IRA.

I had a long job drought so I have not gotten to contribute very much to it lately. I have a job, now though I am using the techniques in Dream Job to improve my standing and prepare for the next one in a year or two. Pay of my student loan and keep some to have a night out with the girl for once instead of studying.. I would buy call options on Apple stock. I would use the money to pay for 3 months supply of a drug I use. My insurance is in the donut hole, meaning I pay double for the cost of the medication. The balance would go in my checking account. I would re-direct a third of that money towards my Roth IRA, the other third towards savings, and the last third towards printing promo cards to send to advertising agencies to promote my photography work.

Use a thousand to fly out to San Francisco or New York for a couple of days and say thank you in person to the brilliant man who wrote the check and changed my life over the last year or so. Woop Woop! That way I would be a month ahead. Give or take taxes on items! I would invest it with kickstarter. I started a small business about a year ago selling gourmet crackers that also happen to be healthful.

I am plugging along getting the business going while my husband generously puts bread on our table and provides me with some cash infusions for the business. I realize that I need to take the business to the next level and outsource some things. I would put it toward a new synthesizer keyboard that sounds so much better than the 13 year old piano keyboard I currently use.

It would add depth and expression to performances because it sounds so incredible. I would definitely use the money to pay off my education loan! And that debt off will spur me to do a career switch into social enterprise work. I would use it to buy more video equipment. I am growing the business and more capital would be helpful.

I have had to take some money out of it for some unexpected expenses, and my balance is not as high as it once was. The Blendtec is the sportscar of blenders. Or like the convertible car lovers dream of. If you ever wondered what cooks dream of, I tell you Ramit, they dream of Blendtec. Invest it in myself by hiring a personal running coach to help me reach my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon as part of my larger goal to run a marathon in every state! I have 6 kids, 3 of us live in a room I am renting..

I know I can get an apartment for a few more bucks per month.. I would use the money to help us get a bigger place.. I currently just got hired for a temporary position so I would use the money to help pay for transportation to and from work, daycare fees, and Bills rent, utilities, student loan , add to my IRA account and restart my emergency savings account.

I would be torn in between putting it on my car or getting everything else ready for my new baby. I would also take my wife out for a romantic dinner at her favorite Spanish restaurant. And the penny for my thoughts! I would take my little brother on a trip to San Francisco to reconnect with his childhood friend and introduce him to the tech community! I spent the money on having my product designed. It helps parents break free of the so they can start living their lives now and, most importantly, spend time with their kids while they are young.

I would invest in myself by enrolling in local college to acquire up to date skills to be of more interest to hiring managers! Long term it provides woohoo with marketing budget and more profitability. Even longer term it gets me closer to the bigger purpose faster of making fitness accessible to everyone and creating awesomeness. I would pay down my PLUS graduate loan.

Put it into a new account and redirect my student auto-loan withdrawal there so that I can keep it off of my radar for a few months. I currently use my work computer or the free computers at the library for all of my personal computer needs. It seemed silly to spend money on something that was a going to be outdated in a few years and b has been available for free. I have a game in development. I want to pour all this money into hiring an artist to create some game art so it can get to market faster. A low priced stock more speculative than I usually buy.

Hopefully it will do well. I will pay for 12 weeks of private pilates lessons. Becoming healthy and fit are more important than anything else to me right now. I would use it to pay off some of my student loans! Put some of the money in my savings 4.

Strokes and Hungers (Transactional Analysis in Bite Sized Chunks)

Buy some shares of a municipal bond fund. Purchase some dividend paying stocks 6. Go out to dinner with some friends! As a single Mom, of three boys, I would take them on the Disneyland trip I have been promising them since the divorce happened three years ago. They have been good at listening to me say no to toys, fast food and other non essentials so we can save up. I need someone there who can navigate the intricacies of investing and hiring in that country.

I will reinvest the interest again in the same FD. My dream is to be a Group Travel Organizer. I would also be able to launch my business and start doing some marketing to have my first group travel within 3 months. Having someone to guide me always pushes my work along much faster and makes me more dedicated. So, invest in your course, get my own dream job faster, pay down ALL my student loans faster. Much better investment than just paying down one loan. I would use the funds to hire a consultant for web site creation and monetizing a digital product.

I would like to start a blog related to being a top performer in law school, how to get a big firm job and career consulting for law school graduates. For the few the succeed, however, the opportunities are endless. I am one of those who succeeded and know exactly what to do to get where I am. I just have no idea where to start on creating the project, website and platform.

Hence the need for a consultant. Sean Ogle is offering a consulting service called the Location Rebel InfoProduct Creation Application, which seems like a great opportunity. My boyfriend just got laid off so I would put as much as needed towards next months rent and the remaining would be used to pay off credit card debt. Get certified and then maintain the certification in salesforce. With this initial emergency fund established, I would funnel all my additional and unallocated income to paying off debt and funding my next savings goal. I would update my camera, put the money towards the one I have been drooling over for a year an a half.

The skills from this will allow me to have a deep understanding of how to plan and execute a succesful social media campaign for my membership that is due to launch. This should give almost instant traffic and then members to my site which I can then build on with the funds I earn. Work hard and play hard. I would buy the best wheelchair I could get. I am mostly housebound due to a number of ailments and would love to be able to get out and do things again.

I have no idea. They go into a savings account, because what I need more than money is time. Basically, invest in myself. I do not want my daughter to go into debt to pay for school! I would buy a car. Without a car, you need quite a bit of cashflow to get a cab not being posh, if I am called to work at 5.

It makes saving for a car more difficult, or at least will take more time. Two big-ticket items I have coming down the pipeline: 1 a Master of Public Health, which right now has no guaranteed funding, so I would most likely put this toward tuition. Maybe it would go toward that instead, especially if a magic funding source like a TAship… woo… appeared for the MPH.

Then put the remainder in my savings. I am taking my son to New York for his 21st birthday in July. I would take a risk on improving myself and with the additional knowledge or skill, be able to parlay that into long term income. The investment in self, might include some type of training or coaching or course. That type of money invested in SELF continues to grow. Either individually or some type of very small group.

Hi Ramit, thanks for your offer. Buy a nice bed. Why not make it the best possible sleep so that I can be more awesome during waking hours. I would boost up my plan for advertising my bagpipe instruction and performance company here in Marietta, GA. Then I would purchase some supplies and get my equipment updated so I could work on marketing instead of fiddling with my instruments.

Finally I would take several people to nice lunches so I can pick their brains! Being free from the shackles of debt is the most important thing to me. I would take the dollars, which is around in euros and take myself and my husband to Lilly Airport in Madrid and get jump with a parachute and make a video, upload it to the Internet and share with all our friends.

Pretty simple, since my system is automated thanks to you! The rest for me to enjoy!! I would probably use it to pay off my credit card, stash a little bit in my savings, and take my over worked, under staffed coworkers out for a fun activity like lazer tag or a wine tasting. Hey Remit! First of all, just got your book from the library—awesome. About Dollers would go for learning to make clothes myself, the machine books and cloth, Dollars would be gradually used to have fun, go out with friends, because expierence enriches life more then most material things.

I am a struggling, poor first-year student, trying to avoid the seemingly inevitable idea of having to take out a loan. I am trying to convince my mother that I do not need one! Applying for scholarships left and right, working Mondays and Wednesdays to pay for classes I take on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My method of madness has helped me scrape by the first year. I would first get a passport because my girlfriend has a suitcase in Australia full of cash and we need to go pick it up.

I would make sure all my bills were current and hit savings with the rest until I figure out how to invest it better. The rest goes to training in online marketing, again within 24 hrs. I would use it to get lessons on how to program. Now that I finally have a website yay! I would use the money to help support my family. It would go to my funds to my mission trip to Indonesia. I would give the money to Heidi and Rolland Baker of Iris Ministries, so that they could put it toward their new plane…as they minister in Africa! Then, a good pair of cute walking shoes 75ish?

Then, a few good research books ? Then, a few hours , after I am with a company or two, letting friends and fam know which company I am working with…promoting and such. Ice Cream and Feedback—good combo. Dude—Thanks for the impetus—I am excited—I am going to do it anyway, even with or without the free bucks. So, in a weird way—Thanks! I am trying to pay off debt so I can become debt-free and get my life back. I am so sick of being consumed by interest payments. Never again will I get in this rat race! I hope I can win this money to help me out that much faster.

I make specialised baby food freezing trays, made in New Zealand where I live — not made in China. And more.

Thanks for this opportunity! I would also donate Thanks for the money Ramit! Hello Ramit, your advice has served me well! I would use the money to register for your program so I can learn how to futher increase my net worth. That would make euros. This is just a beginning. I would use it to pay for my certification test to become a Personal trainer as well as look into classes to become a trainer focused in either Kettle Bells or Static Yoga. I would invest in my mother — to help her fulfill a dream of going to culinary school and opening her own Indian Fusion restaurant.

She put her dreams and aspirations on hold and invested every bit of her energy in our family. Along the way, she cultivated hobbies in gardening, jewelry designing, creating delectable Indian fusion cuisine, but most of all, she endlessly encouraged my brother and me to pursue our dream. She protected us from the uber-competitive mindset that Brown people tend to get into. She invested so much in me — I think maybe even too much. But I want to give to her an opportunity she might have been able to pursue had she been born in modern-day USA rather than India a generation ago.

I would use the extra money to put towards my wedding! Trying to keep it low key, but its still pricey! Need to make repairs to the house. Given the amount of money and relative priority of tasks, this would go to replacing the sump pump lines to avoid basement flooding. I would take a summer school class to keep moving forward on my degree. With the rest I would organise a contest and give away 3 prizes. The participants should answer what is the biggest obstacle between them and their wishes This way I would have their emails added to my list, and at least one of their urgent needs to fulfill.

Invest it in myself. A one off some of money can hurt rather than support. I have 1 year left before I graduate with a Bachelors of Science. I have worked hard and fought to finish my degree, even after the first 2 years of shooting myself in the foot! That only brings me to the mark. I still need that last dollars. It would be used to finish my education.

An investment that will last a lifetime! Also, the very last dollar would be used right after graduation to buy myself a candy bar to celebrate! If i got dollars i would help my girlfriend out. She is 19 years old with a kid. The kid has no father and it hurts me everyday to see her struggling so much. I love her to death and it kills me that i dont make enough money to make all her problems go away. She deserves the world and with this money im going to give it to her.

I would put the money into my already-started ING savings account that is marked off for moving away from my university town once I graduate. California is expensive, yo! Since this would be a bonus, I figure I would use it to do something fun. Specifically; a. Get a open water diving license b.

And the rest will be spent on families and close friends such as; a. Getting my siblings a good watch I think watches are classic gifts b. Sponsor my parents for a cruise c. Get a nice casual coat for a buddy. I would give the money to one of my friends who is going through a divorce, and needs it more than I do.

It would definitely give me an extra month to breathe instead of living paycheck to paycheck. I would invest part in the new business venture I am going to do when I save enough. Buy 2 dresses for 2 weddings. Use the rest to pay down debt. Maybe a random number generator. But who cares as we are all busy talking about how we would spend the money. Got married a year earlier than me. Thia would mean a lot. She will undergo operation for cancer-like. She has been very excellent with her studies.

Awarded best sponsored students last year. Got married for 2. I just want to give her this without asking what she want to spend with this money. Being there when I need him, in good and bad times. He never ask for anything. A place where I know they money would be used for the benefit of the kids. Please take less sugar, put the sweetness in your smile instead. Hand delivered if possible. And start finishing what I have started cause I just need courage to do so. Money, I have enough to cover myself, so why do I need more. Not grateful? I know it sounds very silly to say that I would leave it in my savings account to accumulate with some more savings until I find a worthy investment or spendature.

Fixing a vehicle, replacing broken and necessary items, furniture or appliances in ones home and sometimes just maintenance exspenses. I would put that money towards my savings and let it grow some more and use it towards my engagement party that is coming up in the summer. Sounds silly but I already have all my needs covered, I still put money away into my RSVP every month and those are locked away into investments.

I may rent but I rent a beautiful apartment that I take pride in living in. The only logical thing I could do is put it in savings for the time being and let it grow.