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A gunslinger King Arthur story set in 19th century Pacific Northwest. Barr author and Brian Bolland artist. Adventures of magically reincarnated King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table as they re-emerge into an overpopulated future world of A. Arthur's half-sister and nemesis, Morgan Le Fay is leading an armada of evil extraterrestrials intent on conquering Earth. Neither Arthur nor Mordred died at the Battle of Camlann. Arthur continues to rule Camelot yet struggles to maintain cohesion and control of the kingdom.

Mordred is Merlin's prisoner and plans revenge. His mission is to protect and uphold the laws of Britain. Arthur's younger years as he takes on the various challenges and adventures that shape him into the stuff of legend. Features return of King Arthur to a post-apocalyptic future plagued by zombies. Arthur must again quest and save humanity. Vlad Dracul makes a deal with the Devil and is transported back in time to face off with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

See sequel series "New Excalibur". Arthur Pendragon does not remain in the obscurity of his childhood. The magician Merlin orchestrates reality to fulfill fate and launches Arthur upon his destined path. A complete collection of the "King Arthur" comic strip collection drawn by Bellamy for Swift in Hellboy is a demon descendant of King Arthur by a daughter and his son Mordred, the last living heir to Arthur Pendragon and the rightful King of England…so revealed the spirit of Morgana le Fay.

Hellboy is reluctant to wield Excalibur, command the army of undead British nobility and battle enemy Nimue's army. Hall author and C. Richards artist. In a world of wizards, giants, and dragons, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are Camelot's only defense against the threatening forces of evil.

Fighting battles and saving those in need, the Knights of the Round Table can defeat every enemy but one-themselves. Guided by Merlin, a young Arthur succeeds a sword, claims a throne, dons a crown and garners knight loyalty. But can he win freedom and peace for all of Britain? Published by Marvel Comics. The Green Knight is in eternal conflict with the Red Knight. Power is bestowed to various groups throughout British history by the Green Knight in an effort to protect nature.

Includes three short Arthurian stories of horror and dread, featuring knights, zombies, dragons and more. Includes "Sword of Darkness" and "Knight of Darkness". Chronicle of Arthur's life, from his mysterious birth through battles and adventures to his establishment as king. Conscience-riddled Arthur refuses to take complete control after defeating the Saxons. Retelling of Arthur's life from his fosterage through his death; from servant boy to warrior-statesman-king and willing lover to Morgan la Fay. Guinevere is a political convenience, Merlin a philosopher and manipulative pedophile, Lancelot a neurotic and Mordred a religious masquerading militarist.

Reimagining of Malory and White's takes on the legend. The glory and idealism of Arthur's court at Camelot are emphasized. Familiar characters and stories are twisted up a bit. Arthur's stronghold in West Britannia is threatened with a final push in the Battle of Badon. Gritty and dark. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Dominic Chronicles" series.

To entertain Arthur's court, he recounts ancient Celtic folk tales and stories of the adventures of Arthur's warriors. Short story collection crossover. Sir Galahad; son of Lancelot, undefeated in battle, survivor of the Siege Perilous, miracle worker and successful Holy Grail questor. Third-person telling of Galahad's life which helps us understand his later life opinions, beliefs and prejudices.

Multi-perspective view of Arthur's career via focus on the fortunes of one of his warriors, on his half-Jute wife Winifrit, on Guenevere and on Cai. Loyalty and betrayal are explored. Unique Arthurian tale which chronicles the Pendragon line from apex to annihilation and those that attach themselves to it. Includes the story of Arthur's lesser-known son, Amr Pendragon. A cowboy version of Arthurian legend set in Texas Jimmy Goodnight aka Crying Coyote is a cowboy instead of a king, but he lives with many of the moral rules and plot conflicts of King Arthur.

Lots of cowboy-talkin'. Epic story of the complex world and life of Merlin, from infancy to adulthood. Set in 6th century Dark Ages Britain. Closely based on the Welsh Mabinogion. Set in 5th century post-Roman Britain. Merlin's early life as he travels his destiny to King Arthur's court. Merlin is shrewd but not magical. In the early 5th century, the coming of Arthur is foreseen by the chief at a strategic Roman military fortress in northern Wales. Mention of Arthur is minimal and very late in the book. Merlin is evil, Guinevere is beautiful and haughty and Arthur is a Romanized emperor.

Pelleas narrates this tale covering most of the Arthurian saga. Set in post-Roman 6th century Britain. Chronicle of Arthur's life-from conception to death and his Knights of the Round Table. Years after Arthur's supposed death, he returns to Camelot with no memory of his demise and still believing he is king.

He finds Lancelot on the throne and married to Guinevere. Dissenting Knights have been dispatched to the dungeon. Story of what might have happened had Arthur not been killed during battle. Life after Arthur is a big squabble between the British kings who want marry Guenevere and take Arthur's place. The Fourth Guenevere fourth wife to Arthur-all of whom must carry the same name Guenevere who could help with harmony has been abducted.

Narrated in first-person by Morvran, King of Gwent. Life of Galahad Grail Knight and Lancelot's son from before his conception to his death. Story of honor and chivalry in King Arthur's court. Epic story chronicles a year of inhabitants' lives in the small English town of Glastonbury and the relationship between Glastonbury and the modern world. Glastonbury is the hub of numerous Grail legends and the site of the Isle of Avalon.

Before his death, King Arthur swore the young knight Galahad to undertake a quest: a search for the scattered treasures of an ancient king. The future of Britain hinges upon the recovery of these powerful relics a grail, a spear and a sword. Coming-of-age story of Lancelot's son, Galahad. Gritty story about the struggle of ancient Celtic Britain's survival after the departure of the Romans. Featured is the warrior life of Artos the Bear as told by Mordred.

This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Celtic" tetralogy. Set 6th century very dark Britain. The fall of Rome, wars, new religion, plague, starvation and death are sweeping the land. The "curse" is blamed on Lord Artgur, the Bear-Man. Novelization of the movie by the same name. Arthur and six of his remaining knights defeat the Saxons at Badon Hill the same day the Roman legions leave Hadrian's Wall. In this version, Guinevere is Merlin's daughter.

Jaap Ter Haar. Retelling of the story of King Arthur and his attempt to create a kingdom based on justice and mercy for all. Adventures of Arthur's knights, sisters, followers and close companions as they might have happened in pagan 6th century Dark Ages. Kentigern son of Owen and grandson of Urien are involved in the doomed attempt to drive away invading Germanic warriors and unite the Britons. Four drunken Knights of Camelot kill the sister of a young, poor tenant boy. He vows revenge and becomes enmeshed in the trials, tribulations and tragedies of Camelot.

Dark and grim. Dark and dismal account of the Battle of Mount Badon. Narrated by Bedwyr. Intermingling of Arthurian legend and the "Song of Roland". The warrior Roland a descendant of Merlin takes up the quest for the Grail. Story of the Grail Quests of sheltered Perceval and world-weary Gawain.

Arthurian saga set in post-Roman Britain. Lancelot, alone and aging, recalls his youth, his service to Ambrosius Aurlianus and meeting the whore Gwenhever. Artorius appears as a semi-barbaric, mysterious figure. First-person account by Bors of Lancelot's life at Camelot, his Grail quest, his affair with Guinevere and the downfall of the Round Table. Percevale seeks Mordred to avenge Arthur's death. Novel begins in and continues through the decline of Rome and the battle of Mount Badon. Uther Romulus, the Emperor of Rome is only fourteen years old at the end of the novel.

Prologue and epilogue are Merlin's first-person explanation. Military conflicts are emphasized. Rebellion, hardships and trials confront Arthur II, but he is supported by the people of his realm who continue to fight for the last Pendragon. Set eleven years after Bedwyr disobeys the wish of dying King Arthur by secreting the magic sword Caliburn into the trunk of a tree rather than throwing it back into the Lake from whence it came. Bedwyr returns from Rome and becomes involved with the dead king Arthur's grandson evil Medraut's son.

Disgraced Bedwyr sets about to find Caliburn and save Camelot from a Saxon warlord threatening conquer. Third-person narrative focusing on one of Pellinore's sons and the feud between his and Gawaine's family. A darker side of Arthurian lore. Mordred narrates this version in which he and Guinevere join forces to protect Britain as Arthur plans to conquer Europe. Set in the time of Charles I and Cromwell's rebellion.

The Myth of Morgan La Fey

Interwoven with Shakespearean elements and characters. Fantasy crossover. John of Carlisle is hired by Mordred to be his scribe and make a record of Mordred's story. Mordred blames Merlin for Arthur's rejection of him Mordred as a son and heir. Mordred claims that Merlin and Arthur are megalomaniacs set on taking over the world. Mordred views himself as heroic and noble. Mordred narrates this somewhat crude story that recalls Arthur's refusal to name him as heir or acknowledge him as a son. Cursed bastard, bitter and blameful is Mordred.

Mordred is a well-intended, honorable guy in this version of the Arthurian saga. Mordred is not the only flawed soul Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot's darker sides are also exposed. Grim, graphic, racy and humorous. International intrigue as spies try to discover the geographical truths behind the Arthurian legends. Set in 20th century England. Interesting personalities to the usual characters and an atypical ending. Narrated by Arthur. Intelligent retelling of Parsifal's quest for the Holy Grail.

Story weaves together many of the familiar stories of Arthurian legend. Golden days of Camelot as recalled by an aged Bedivere Arthur's foster brother. Arthur is a Romanized Celt and Camelot is glorious. Set in the 5th century. Previously published as "The Sword and the Flame".

Gwendaello Guenevere does not stand in the background. She is a ruler in her own right and the successor to the Pendragon title instead of Artorius Arthur. Nennius's account of the twelve great battles Artorius Arthor fought. Myrddin plays an influential role throughout and Arthur is still alive at the end.

Roman, military focus. Young Percival's dual quest for Arthur and the Grail and of the strange loss that follows. Arthur is a middle-aged, slow-witted oaf brought to the throne by Merlin and Mordred to be a puppet king. Arthur uses his Yankee-like ingenuity, peasant's good sense and dream of peace to earn the kingdom's respect. After Arthur's defeat at Camlin, attempts are made to safeguard the Roman culture. This results in the Arthurian legendary heroics being preserved among the Saxons in the developing kingdom of Bernicia.

Arthur becomes king and faces evil forces that are defeated through his belief in his Savior. His life is forfeit through Mordred's forgiven treachery. About the dark days prior to Camelot and the rise and reign of King Arthur. Explores the tribes of England when the Romans were withdrawing from Britain. Story of the neglected hero of the Round Table-Gawain. Gawain narrates his story. Both are led to their destinies by visions. Set A. Arthur is of the Old Ways and a warrior-king defending 5th century England against the invading Saxons. Tale is told by Arthur's bard, Taliesin.

Fictionalized autobiography of the bard Taliesin Merlin as a Christian monk at the end of his life in Glastonbury. Set in 6th century Britain. Tale of Arthur as he might have been; a Celtic warlord and clan military leader. Covers the history of Britain from its final abandonment by the Roman army to the death of Arthur. Introduces Arthur's second child-a daughter. A "quasi-history" as-if-it-were-true conception of dark ages Britain and battle leader Arthur.

Expansive in time and locales. Rival journalists report on the affairs of Arthur's realm during the later years of his reign. Original and witty. New version of the story of Arthur's parents Uther and Igraine. Uther is portrayed as compassionate, gentle, kind and pious. His longing for Igraine drives him to be a great leader in battle. Traditional search for the Holy Grail is relocated to the contemporary setting of an obscure country parish.

Much philosophical and spiritual musings regarding magic and religion. Series includes "The Crystal Cave" sets up the background for the Arthurian legend , "The Hollow Hills" encompasses most of Arthur's lifespan, including his childhood with Merlin as his tutor , "The Last Enchantment" Merlin's later life against the continued background of Arthur's rule , "The Wicked Day" latter period of Arthur's rule and "The Prince and the Pilgrim" love story of two seekers. The first three are narrated by Merlin and the last by Mordred. Books are included as the omnibus "Merlin's Trilogy" and books in the omnibus "Legacy: Arthurian Saga".

Bedivere is narrator, protagonist and old. He was also King Arthur's best friend, his right-hand man, horse lord, the first and last man to know him. It is post-Camelot and Bedivere decides to recall and write his memories. Legend of King Arthur, the wizard Merlin and sword Caliburn. Arthur faces challenges from the Saxons, ambitious brother, jealous women, barbaric Celtic clans and mentor-Merlin.

Historical, military adventure, multi-generational saga set in late and post-Roman Britain. Re-creates a Roman world, the rebuilding of Britain and the founding of Camelot by Arthur's ancestors. Arthurian material is introduced slowly throughout the series. Set in the th centuries. Warrior Arturo struggles in a Romano-British world where he is an outcast driven by what he believes to be the wishes of the Gods.

Set in Roman Britain. Gwalchmai Gawain must choose between supporting his evil mother Queen Morgawse or his maternal uncle King Arthur. She retaliates by placing a curse on Guenevere, rendering the queen childless and "A Prince in Camelot" Mordred's story of his discovery of his true identity and struggles therein. Romano-Celtic series portrays Arthur's life in 5th century post-Roman, war-torn, Saxon-invaded Britain. Artorius begins as a poor childhood servant and develops into a military war leader who successfully bands rival Celtic clans to conquer the Saxons.

Trio includes "Firelord" Artorius narrates the story of his reign from his deathbed , "Beloved Exile" Guenevere narrates the story of what occurs after Arthur's death and series prequel "The Last Rainbow" Story of Morgana's ancestors. One of the characters is a young Arthur who campaigns in Scotland.

Arthur re-imagined as a heroic Roman admiral named Carausius who stole the Channel fleet, freed Britain from Roman rule, declared himself ruler of Britain and led the country through war and peace in the 3rd century. Caraausius' lover Guinevia and druid Myrddin are characters. Series begins with "Arthur Britannicus".

Rewriting in contemporary style familiar stories from 11th and 15th centuries Arthurian manuscripts. Arthurian legend in the first-person voice of King Arthur's wife Guinevere. Reimagining of the great King Artor, his life and legacy. Told from the perspective of distinct tribal cultures that are fighting for dominion of Britain during the chaotic 6th century.

Retelling of Arthur's life; how Arthur rose to power, his battle with the Saxons, failed marriage and ultimately his death. Series is sequel to Hume's "The Merlin Prophecy" trilogy. Retelling of the grim realities of King Arthur's Dark Ages. Features the military exploits of Artorius on his path of destiny. First book in the series is a retelling of the classic King Arthur legend. Young Arthur with his step-brother Sir Kay and their trusty squire Gawain go on a journey to save Lord Ector and take the kingdom for Arthur, the true heir of the late King Uther Pendragon. Series begins with "The Rise of King Arthur".

Set in the period leading to Arthur's rise to power in 5th century Britain.

Series planned to cover the entire story of Arthur and Merlin. Exploration of the early life and emotions of bullied orphan Merlin. Series includes "Merlin of Carmarthen" and "Merlin of Calidon". Chronicles Merlin's life and legacy. First book "Battle of the Kings" tells of his early years, becoming healer, scientist and master strategist. Trio also includes "Death of an Empire" and "Hunting with Gods". Series is prequel to Hume's "King Arthur" trilogy. Retelling of the love story legend of Yseult and Tristan. Much historical content as Britain struggles to determine a High King while Ireland deals with the disturbance of Christianity to their Druid Old Ways.

Set in the post-Roman 5th century Britain. Story begins in A. Hollick's Arthur is a vicious opportunist, devious and manipulative, a lusty master of expedient decision and action. Adventures of Arthur's parents a British slave and the son of the gladiator Spartacus , a young Arturus and his half-sister Morgan. Military-focused adventures as Arthur unites Britain. Realistic, gritty version of the Arthurian story that downplays the magic and romance, placing an emphasis on battles and politics.

Updating of the legend of Excalibur in the land of Attila, looted by the Nazis and seized by the Soviets. Spanning some of the great events of the 20th century, book follows the fortunes of a Welsh-Russian family as they become bound up with the ancient sword Excalibur. Set in 5th century post-Roman Britain when Britannia is a decaying, dangerous place. Camelot does not exist. Chivalry does not exist. Genevieve is a fallen nun. Warrior Arthur is a pragmatic seeking power. Merlin is blamed for a murder. Arthur calls on "Mad Malgwyn" to help save his reputation and glorious future.

Malgwyn ap Cuneglas becomes Arthur's companion, counsel and sleuth to solve various mysteries. Bit gritty. A Celtic scholar is murdered when she discovers a priceless 13th century manuscript that could prove the identity of King Arthur. Victim's sister takes up the quest to find the manuscript and killer. An author impulsively decides to retreat from hectic London to a small British village to work on writing her fifth book. She is distracted by the discovery that twelve people disappeared from the village two decades ago.

She begins her own investigation that soon blurs her reality from another as she becomes part of the story. Avalon is calling. Owners of an old manor in Cornwall try to create an Arthurian archaeological site by salting it with 5th century objects. Suspenseful exploration of the myth or not of King Arthur. First book in the series "The Quest for Camelot" is set in contemporary time and features Guinevere Arthur, a researcher for the Daughters of the Roundtable organization. She is obsessed with all things Arthur.

She has the perfect career authenticating Arthurian artifacts and studying ancient texts. She is contacted by a woman claiming to be a descendant of a child by Guinevere and Lancelot du Lac. Shortly thereafter, this woman is kidnapped and her aunt is murdered. Gwen must prove the existence of Excalibur to insure a safe return. An archeologist makes a surprising discovery at Stonehenge which seems to scientifically prove King Arthur's existence. Romance develops with the Linguist he partners with in his search for Camlann. In , the ancient relics the Holy Grail and Excalibur have been stolen.

Sir Roger Shallot, a Falstaffian rascal, thief, liar and coward seeks to recover the hallowed artifacts. Decapitated heads, mysterious fires and an eerie Templar Chapel play parts. Humor throughout. Set in the late 12th century. Mysterious fire at Glastonbury Abbey reveals two skeletons rumored to be the remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Part of the "Mistress of the Art of Death" series. Tale of the Green Knight's apprentice as he serves the Green Knight while trying to keep the Old Ways of the ancient druids. Queen Guenevere is hosting a dinner party.

Before the end of the evening, a young knight has fallen dead of poison. Arthur's beloved, unfaithful queen stands branded as a murderess and condemned to death. A quest for the real killer and proof of Guenevere's innocence ensues. Collection of five novellas set between and Stories about a set of bones discovered in Wales and rumored to be those of King Arthur. The bones are unburied and reburied throughout time with each "new" discovery bringing murders and mayhem.

Series begins with "The Excalibur Murders" legendary Excalibur and an ancient artifact are stolen, a squire is murdered and Merlin with his apprentice conjures to catch all. Series also includes "The Lancelot Murders" Lancelot is accused of murdering Queen Guenevere's father, she begs Merlin to prove his innocence and "The Pendragon Murders" King Arthur's potential heirs are mysteriously dying and Merlin proves some culprit more sinister than the plague. Contemporary take on the classic Grail Quest.

The Paper Grail is a 19th century Japanese sketch that had once been shaped into a cup and used to gather blood. A Northern California museum curator discovers the Paper Grail's mystery. A 20th century professor "non-believer" is sent back to Arthurian time by Merlin. She meets Galahad the Chaste and is to help him in his Grail quest. Both discover passion and love. Set in late 6th century Scotland. Series is a Christian historical romance that interweaves Arthurian lore throughout. Trio includes "Healer", "Thief" and "Rebel". Sequel is "Search for Camelot".

Set in Philadelphia, London, Glastonbury and Edinburgh. Arthur receives a clue to Excalibur's location. He and Chelsea quest to find fabled Excalibur and fall in love during their adventure. Mystery crossover. A middle-aged, marginally successful and marginally functional Hollywood actress is thrust back into the time of legendary King Arthur.

In the first book "Enchanted Warrior" the great Knight Gawain awakens centuries after the collapse of Camelot. In the search for his companions, he meets a magical witch at a medieval theme park who he must trust to help him save humanity from a faery onslaught. Follows the lives of children of Avalon descendants of Merlin. Includes a power-hungry villainous Nimue and the goodly Morgan le Fay ruler of Avalon who are foretold to return magic to the world. Medieval setting. Sensual adventures of Maia, Averil and Junia-the daughters of King Arthur's descendant Lord Pendragon as they search for love and passion in a land rife with political intrigue, danger and magic.

These are their stories. Simpler reworking of the legend of lovers Tristan and Yseult. Examination of the conflict of love versus duty in the tragic romance between Tristan and Isoud. Merlin has escaped the Crystal Cave and come to the 20th century to rescue Excalibur. A journalist falls in love with him. Story alternates time periods. King Arthur names Lancelot his First Knight. Lancelot's loyalty to Arthur is mightily tested by his love for Queen Guinevere. Chronicle of the life and loves of the Queen of Camelot.

Trilogy is contained within the omnibus "Guinevere: A Medieval Romance". John aka Norma Johnston. Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot love triangle set in the 20th century as a Gothic romance. Modern day young woman wounded in action in the Middle East is now trying her hand at running a bookstore. She pricks her finger on a curious book, letting blood spill on the pages, thus making for the appearance of legendary King Arthur who walks into the bookstore naked. Chaos and romance ensue. Paranormal, time-travel romance. Explores the relationship between Lancelot and Arthur. Goodly Morgan is a featured character.

First book is "Lancelot and the Wolf". The mysterious aura of the Round Table Knights is well represented. Trio includes "Lancelot", "Geraint" and "Gawain". Paranormal romance. Different twist on the Arthurian story: Arthur and his sisters are powerful, Morganna is not entirely evil, Queen Gwen is silly and over-religious.

Time-travel and other stuff of fantasy included monsters, giants, elves. Set in 7th century Wales. Adventures of Arthur's heir Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon and his love Rhiann. This paranormal romance begins with "The Last Pendragon". About Arthur's secretly wed wife, uncrowned queen and mother of his daughter.

Title character is mother of Arthur's blind son. Story is based on a brief passage in Mallory which tells of Arthur's affair with Earl Sanam's daughter. Features the various love affairs within Camelot in the 12th century. Gwinevere is the "wench". Retelling of the story of Trystan and Yseult set against the backdrop of Arthur's Britain. Conveyed from Gareth's point of view. Mash-up of Arthurian legend and vampires. Series begins with "Seduction's Gift" found within the anthology "Hot Blooded" followed by full length novel "Master of the Knight".

Erotic fantasy. Most of this novel takes place in the distant future after an apocalyptic nuclear war. Brieana, whom Merlin has placed in suspended animation, awakens to discover Excalibur and her destiny as the Woman of Legend. Explicit sex scenes. Story of Merlin's three daughters who are fierce, magical, wise and sexy.

Brings a story to life that had only been hinted at in classic Arthurian legend…the romance between King Arthur and his nephew Prince Mordred. Arthur's elder half-sister Morgan, an accomplished witch who defends against dark, shape-shifting Merlin, seeks to destroy Arthur and vanquish her enemies.

She trusts only her magic and the sword Excalibur. Revenge, jealousy, intrigue, trickery, romance. Morgen and Arthur are not the typical adversaries. Morgen is Faerie Goddess and Queen of Avalon. She is dedicated healing and teaching peace. As a changeling, she assumes mortal form and becomes Arthur's healer, true love and partner in creating a peaceable Britannia. Also featured in the series is Eliana daughter of Merlin and Morgen.

First series book "Timeless Night" set in 21st century LA. King Arthur and all endeavor to best the Fae. All the while, Arthur and his knights face Uther and foe. Time-travel to Camelot where true love is found. Retelling of the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers Tristan and Isolde in 6th century post-Arthur Britain.

Retelling of Lancelot's life and love for Lady Guinevere. Lancelot is not the usual cowed adulterer of legend. Novella starting the series "Betrothal" is told from the point of view of young Guinevere as she is caught between the responsibility of her crown and the desires of her heart. Arthur and half-aunt Morgan share a secret love. Once he is king, Arthur weds the Celtic princess Gwenhwyfar, yet he and Morgan remain lovers.

With Arthur's blessing, Gwenhwyfar finds love with close friend and ally Bedwyr. Arthur goes on to unify the British tribes, repel the Saxon threat and establish peace. The story is sympathetic to Morgan, Gwenhwyfar and Morgause. Three-novel collection of medieval love stories set near three different possible locations of Camelot. Featured are Lancelot's plight and Mordred's treachery. Set in contemporary times. Freak accident changes an ordinary guy Arthur Merlin into an extraordinary guy with superpowers including telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis.

He begins an affair with a female PHD from the Institute and together they investigate sightings of the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur. Racy sexual content. Features Arthurian characters gay and bisexual. Series begins with "Pendragon Legacy". Set 6th century Britain. Novella reimagining the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde. Story of Isolde, a beautiful Irish princess and the two men who love her — the King of Cornwall and his nephew Tristin, a knight torn between loyalty and passion.

Dee Carey. An enchanted lover. Lancelot has kidnapped Guinevere. Druids determining who rules Ireland. Merlin is in the mix somewhere. And Arthur may find his Round Table count is down by one who follows the woman of his dreams. Retelling of the tale of Drustan and Esseilte Tristan and Iseult. Story of the forbidden love a young princess from Ireland feels for a knight in the court of her elderly husband King Mark of Cornwall. Told from the point-of-view of Esseilte's cousin and personal servant, Branwen. Rich in Celtic lore and romance.

Arthurian story re-imagined from the faery perspective. Gwenhwyfar is half human and half faery and suffers betrayal, revenge and forbidden love. Spicy romance with Celtic fantasy. Central to this story is the love interest between a human wolf maiden and her intended white lycan alpha werewolf. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Wolf Maiden Chronicles" series. A university drop-out is whisked through time to fight alongside Arthur and another English folk hero.

Arthur has been sent through time by Merlin's magic to pursue a time-hoping Mordred, the stolen Excalibur and Merlin's Book of Prophesy. King Arthur returns in modern times as English ambassador to the UN. He is asked to intervene and find a solution to the Russian-Mongolian conflict. Novel is a post script to Lawhead's "Pendragon" cycle. In the not-too-distant future, the drunken King Edward IX kills himself to leave the British throne vacant.

Scheming Prime Minister has ambitions to become the realm's first president. After years, King Arthur awakens after years into the s. Britain is ruled by his nephew Mildred Mordred had a sex change. Arthur's weapon is a bit different with Excalibur now an electric guitar and Round Table Knights now a punk rock band. Let the battle of the bands? Comic fantasy. Arthur, Warlord of the Britons, finds the Berserker and seeks to exploit his invisibility, savage and skill to protect the land from invaders.

Brutal, gritty. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Berserker" trilogy. However, orphan Marianna raised by Merlin believes Mordred can be reclaimed and saved. Mordred accepts this challenge of a goodly salvation. Old Celtic myth and early Arthurian legend inspired this tale of Excalibur's true heir. Mordred is a secondary character and portrayed as a "sadistic monster" being hunted by the novel's protagonist.

A long-lived reincarnated Uther Pendragon Prince of the Fairie and immortal brother of Merlin trains a blind, albino youth to be his heir and husband to his daughter. This new Pendragon claims his inheritance, uses Excalibur to locate Arthur's tomb in Glastonbury, then returns the sword to the Lady of the Lake. Set in in 6th century post-Arthurian British Isles.

After ages of bloody war, the Saxons and Britons have an uneasy peace. An elderly couple troubled by misty mysterious memories of a son, set off to find him. Along the way, they encounter a Saxon warrior, a Saxon child, Sir Gawain elderly knight and nephew to King Arthur and other fantastical entities pixies, gnomes, dragons. The couple eventually discover the story of the clouded memories they suffer and then face a moral dilemma.

Later, desperate to regain a physical form, Niven cracks the seal allowing magic to bleed out. With a body, Niven can rediscover Avalon-the source of all magic. The last High Priestess of Avalon and her half-sister share responsibilities as Lady of a Manor which is the last bastion of ancient Celtic pagan and magic after the death of Lady Ygurna. Set 11th century England. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Unicorn and Dragon" series.

Sigrud, a born dragonslayer, combines forces with the wizard Merlin to try to slay the last living dragon. Two ancient, ruthless beings Merlin and Morgan La Fay lock in a struggle for the ultimate magic weapon and bring their blood feud to contemporary New York City. Vampire Vlad Tepes races to hide the coveted weapon while Merlin finds himself in Chicago trying to fend off Nimue's plan for world control. After their final battle, Arthur and his Knights retreat under the sea to Lyonesse.

Now Lyonesse is threatened by a resurgence of the Dark Powers. A 20th century mathematician who can become a dragon at will the Dragon Knight and he is called upon to assist Arthur to stop the Darkness. Warlord King Arthur wants to further destroy the Saxons and protect his kingdom using a dragon. Merlin informs him a skull from a lake monster is required.

Two of Arthur's mercenaries take on the quest. Skull is found. Dragon is made. Battle is on. King Arthur is The Dragon, an immortal warrior force reincarnated again and again throughout time. This time he is reborn in a distant future when he leads his space fleet to victory. Romantic space opera. Depiction of an eternal King Arthur. He is reincarnated as an Irish soldier of fortune in to help defend Vienna against the Turkish siege.

Follows the lives of a group of people reincarnated in different eras, but who always retain link with their initial North Wales location. They represent Merlin, Vivien, a goodly Morgan, Kay, Guinevere and Gawain who risk dangers of betrayal and selfishness. Arthurian magic in a modern setting. Incorporates sword and grail symbiology with tarot magic.

Strange things begin to happen and characters from Arthurian legend appear in reincarnations to keep past events from repeating themselves. A third-person narrator describes the history of Sir George Wincaster. Wincaster is an English feudal baron who becomes a self-styled Arthur working to free "protected" races from being enslaved by an intergalactic federation of "superior" races. Covers time to B. Pendragons have brought peace to Caledonia. Current ruler Arthur is thought to be last of the Pendragon line.

He and his Knights battle the magical Witches of Avalon for complete dominion over the ancient land.

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Caught in the waring is Mordred who seeks vengeance at any cost. Previously published as two books "Mordred Parts 1 and 2", and "Chalice". Tale of Arthur's exiled liege Sir Kay and his struggle to save Camelot from evil sorcery, war and doom. A time-travel lab is breached and subsequently the consciousness of Arthurian notables from A.

Set in alternative 21st century. Charles is Britain's King and the country is in crisis; suffering from "The Troubles" with inflation, unemployment and crumbling infrastructure. Furthermore, the power-hungry Prime Minister is taking advantage of the crisis to become Dictator. The Royal Family is kidnapped and an asteroid smashes into the Cornwall Coast. Wizard Merlyn is freed from cave imprisonment and sets out to awaken Arthur when England needs him most. The Grail Knights live on forever and ever and ever and ever and deliver pizza.

Prince Corwin of Amber revisits the fabled land of Avalon in preparation for the ultimate war of revenge to claim the throne in the true world. Bits of Arthurian legend interwoven. Merlin is a half-breed: human and space alien. The war between Light and Darkness is recast into a war between two space-going races.

Three strangers meet in London and find themselves fleeing aboard a Dragonship to Archipelago of Dreams. They are to be the caretakers of Imaginarium Geographica, an atlas of imaginary lands. Once there, they battle over Arthur Pendragon's throne to avoid placing the evil Winter King Mordred in charge. This is a single with Arthurian features within the 7-book series "The Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica". Reinterpretation of the legendary romance of Tristan and Isolde Iseult. Novel tends more to magic and sorcery than romance.

A roguish time-traveler adventures through a supernatural dreamscape. His exploits include romances with Guenevere and the Lady of the Lake. Bawdy humor. Richard d'Orleans Lancelot becomes a vampire before taking on the assignment of protecting King Arthur. After that, he is working as a security consultant in Toronto, battling against another assassin vampire. Lancelot and Arthur seek and find the Holy Grail as a secondary plot. Black and white wood cutting illustrations by Barry Moser. Dark fantasy involving Arthurian archetypes. Group of small town teenagers band together to stop the menacing Winter King from destroying the world.

This same task was taken on by local kids 70 years prior. Set in Lyonesse-the magical island and once retreat of King Arthur. Features adventures to save the life of young Prince Aneurin, the reincarnation of fabled King Arthur. Time-travel sci-fi. This is Book 2 in the "Disinherited" trilogy and features Arthuriana. A mighty alien race finds a near-dead human Galactopol agent Lancelot in a shipwreck. They piece him back together using his own remains, heal him and send him back to Earth. Lancelot returns to Earth a hero, but is he human? Set in the 14th century ruins of Camelot. A young magician retreats into the Grinmere Forest where he finds King Arthur's sword Excalibur, removes it and discovers it has magical powers.

He meets Merlin. He ends up saving an orphanage, a Lady and stops the spread of the Black Plague by false monks. An American Forestry Consultant discovers a magical shield which transports him back in time. He meets a disheveled Merlin who claims the bewildered time-traveler is the prophesized reincarnation of King Arthur.

Can either man fulfill conditions of a prophecy to save the world? Adventures ensue. A dark and twisted account of the life of mage Merlin spawn of an incubus and virgin. Full of corruption, infidelity, betrayal and humor. The spells, enchantments, inventions and magic continue much in demand of a retired Merlin. About Merlin before Arthur, set a millennium in the past. Merlin is from the incredibly technological world of Atlantis. He rebels and spends years seeking to destroy the lasts of Atlantis' terrible creations-the dragons.

Merlin, the ghost of Uther and Knight Griswold des Arbes time-travels to , and to save mankind from the evil Nemestis. Humorous fantasy. Contemporary archeologist Merlin Lakin discovers the secret to time-travel. He is sequestered back to King Arthur's era, becomes the Merlin of legend and affects the course of Arthur's reign.

Weaving together of the fairy realm and Camelot with our distant future. The Fisher King, Morgan le Fay and Mordred all want control of a hypostator machine, a device capable of altering fundamental reality. Bones from newly deceased Merlin protect a fortress. Shortly after the death of King Arthur, a troupe of strolling players come upon a strangely unfinished castle, where they find the secret hiding place of Merlin's bones.

Arthur is indeed the once and future king, sealed by the "half star-born" Merlin in a chamber until future space travelers are able to heal him. Meanwhile, Merlin is the product of cross-breeding with aliens. Merlin's mission is to produce a leader Arthur who can champion humankind back to enlightened reason and the stars.

He must battle the evil half-breed Nimue, Lady of the Lake. Story of the feuding undead spirits of Merlin and enchantress Vivien.

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Merlin gone corrupt. Taliesin is the hero. Mordred narrates the story of his young life growing up in Brittany under the tutelage of magical Merlin. They must defeat Morgana before she can ascend from out of the earth and make everyone in Britain into slaves. The kids agree to the mission and despite the bullies occasionally causing trouble, eventually they band together to fight Morgana and her minions.

The film makes use of Arthurian locations by having the children travel to Stonehenge, Tintagel, and Glastonbury Tor. Unfortunately, none of these locations are used well in the film—we get no really good cinematography of them that makes them feel magical or inspiring.

The most powerful moment in the film comes when Alex learns his father was just a drunk and not at all a descendant of Arthur. Merlin, who usually appears as a goofy young wizard, now appears as an adult. The kids now get to Glastonbury Tor where they discover a secret passage into the cave where Morgana dwells.

This was the worst part of the film in my opinion—Morgana is twisted up in a bunch of tree roots in the cave and she has power over trees, causing roots to come up from the ground and grab the children at times. These rootlike connections also flow over into her serpent depictions—she flies about like a flying snake or gargoyle and later as a dragon. Overall, her depiction is insulting to the character and also misogynistic. There is a long history of women being associated with serpents as a symbol of them being evil which goes back to the Eve and the Serpent and depictions of Lilith and the medieval fairy Melusine.

I hate when Morgana is simply depicted as a villain—her character is more complicated in the legends, yet the film makes no effort to develop her and she barely even gets any lines. It was anticlimactic and I was ready to go home and forget the movie, but then Merlin shows up once the kids return home to say Morgana was only wounded and will attack during the eclipse. The kids even end up wearing armor which looks ridiculous since they have shoulder pads but their chests and stomachs are exposed.

Of course, good triumphs over evil, and ho hum, after a big battle scene that fails to be inspiring or creative, life goes back to normal. The film does end with a positive message. He then gives Alex a copy of the book his father gave him, only now the cover has changed to show Alex and his friends depicted on it. Patrick Stewart as Merlin — this tender moment at the end of the film felt unwarranted — I guess Alex sees Merlin as a replacement for his lost father.

As I said, the film is well-intentioned, but it lacks true creativity or inspiration. How many films with skeleton armies do we need? If Morgana wanted to conquer the world, why would she go after a boy with a sword and attack a school? Any villain with half a brain would have headed for Parliament instead. None of the Arthurian landmarks are used to any real purpose. Even the soundtrack is dull—music is essential for a film to make us feel emotion, but I was left not feeling anything. The most magical moment in the whole film might be when Alex explains to his mom that the Arthurian legend is real and to prove it, he fills the bathtub with water, then asks the Lady of the Lake to bring him the sword and her hand pops up with it.

This was a bit different, and manages not to be cheesy. I do give the film points for its sincerity—it never tries to make a mockery of the legend but tries to repurpose it for a new generation. Overall, I would give the film a C-. There are a few worse Arthurian films like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Merlin and the War of the Dragons , but there are also many that are better, Knights of the Round Table , Camelot , and Excalibur lead the list; heck, even Quest for Camelot and Prince Valiant with Robert Wagner in a ridiculous wig are more fun to watch.

It also begins in the twenty-first century. We are introduced to sixteen-year-old Mila Roth and her ten-year-old sister, Lilly. They live in Wales in a house called Avalon Cottage, which is rumored to be haunted. So yes, we have another novel with King Arthur having daughters. What is interesting from here on is that Morgana is the mother of two girls. As the novel progresses, there is no indication that Morgana is the mother of Mordred, as is more typical in Arthurian fiction.

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Here I should point out that this novel was written after Hosie wrote her The Return to Camelot Trilogy, which I have not read, but which seems to be a prelude to this novel. In order to save Lilly, it is necessary for the Roth family why did Hosie choose that name? Here I think is the only real fault of the novel.

Hosie has her characters travel back in time one thousand years—this date is preposterous to me because it would suggest they go back to the year A. They arrive in the kingdom of Logres at Glastonbury and then travel to Camelot. This year is about years too late. No one in medieval Britain would have had that name. Some of the other name choices are equally odd. In any case, the family arrives back in medieval Logres.

The plot now revolves around Merlin trying to heal Lilly while the family reside at Camelot—ruled by Guinevere, who is in love with Lancelot. It turns out that Mila must do battle with Nimue in order to save Lilly—this also relates back to themes in the earlier novels—apparently Nimue had some sort of romantic crush on Arthur that caused trouble.

In the end, Mila succeeds and Lilly is healed, and then everyone returns to the twenty-first century, but Rustin is unhappy and decides to figure out how to return to Camelot. One final point of interest in terms of treatments of King Arthur and his children should be mentioned here. Mordred is dead at the time of the novel. The novel closes with Melehan traveling to the twenty-first century to meet Mila and tell her he has much to tell her about Rustin and the others back in Camelot, leaving the ending open for a sequel. I especially enjoyed the realistic depiction of Mila and her teenage friends in Wales.

The build-up of Mila learning the truth about her family and background were all well-done. Those who are diehard fans of historical fiction and a more traditional Arthurian storyline will find it less appealing. Tyler Tichelaar, Ph. Meleon had never thought it would come to this. He knew he and his brother, Prince Morgant, were far from the great knights that their grandfather, King Arthur, or even their father, Prince Mordred, had been, so if those two great men had not succeeded in defeating the usurper Constantine, how could he and Morgant?

Yet, Meleon had hoped the good Lord above would aid them in their battle. But it had been a slaughter, a hopeless slaughter. But what could they do against a tyrant who was aided by a witch? Meleon hated to turn and run, but he knew his brother was right. His father and grandfather would not have thought it cowardly if he sought to save his own life. Then perhaps he could make it safely to Lesser Britain, to their distant cousins there, to raise a new army, to seek out Merlin, the great wizard who had disappeared from Britain years before, but who might be the only one alive now who could fight against the witch.

Meleon, however, had never even met Merlin, only heard tales of him, so how could he know whether the wizard were still alive? But sightings of him had been rumored over the years, and what other hope was there? No time to think of Merlin now.

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But once his men reached the forest, the enemy failed to pursue them farther, and Meleon and Morgant led their loyal handful of followers into the woods. They were hardly worth pursuing now. Doubtless, Constantine and his men would find them if he wanted their lives, and they were bleeding so profusely from their many wounds that they could not run far. Still, they managed to make their way through the forest as the sky darkened, and after a couple of miles, as night finally fell, they emerged into a clearing where stood a small monastery, one Meleon knew well—it was where the great Sir Bedwyr had retreated after the fatal Battle of Camlann where Arthur and Mordred had been slain.

All the trouble that has come upon Britain is my fault. I am not wise, nor good, but I can hold off causing more pain and bloodshed. Never had there ever been a braver man in all the history of Britain than Sir Bedwyr, so how could he desert them now? But Bedwyr would have none of it. He need not have wondered, however, for the monks had been watching for their return, and without surprise at their greatly reduced numbers, the holy brothers quickly rushed outdoors to help them inside to treat their wounds.

Bedwyr greeted the princes, separating them from their men and telling them to come with him into the chapel. And then he turned and walked to the chapel, and the princes, too exhausted to argue, decided it was best to follow and get the praying over with so Bedwyr might find them a meal and aid them in further escape. We must find a boat and sail to Rheged so I can warn her of what has happened. He journeyed all night and was exhausted; he is resting inside the monastery, waiting to give you the news, but for now, it is enough to tell you that Princess Rachel gave birth two days ago to your son, whom she named Arthur after your grandfather, and this morning, she embarked with the child and several knights of her father, King Accolon, for Lesser Britain to find safety there, for Constantine has sent another army against Rheged.

The messenger barely escaped them as they marched toward the castle just an hour after Princess Rachel and the child made their escape. Bedwyr bid the princes follow him to the altar in the small chapel, and there the three knelt and spoke silently to God of what troubled their hearts. But their prayers were not to be finished. Not three minutes after they knelt, the chapel door was flung open and in strode Constantine with half-a-dozen of his armed men and the Witch Queen following him. One of them, having not a shred of honor, struck Meleon a blow in the back, which did not pierce his armor but sent the prince to the floor.

Stepping up to Bedwyr, she laughed in his face. To such humility I have driven the strongest man in Britain. You are just like every other man since the time of Adam himself. Weak, foolish, a coward, afraid of women, afraid of my power, afraid of your very self. Meleon could not believe the agonizing sting of the metal as it severed his flesh. He struggled for breath, his body going into panic mode.

First I must know where the rings are! He knew which rings she meant—the royal rings of Avalon, the rings his grandfather and grandmother had always worn. But one day it shall be yours, and you shall pass it to all the Kings of Britain who shall come after you. Neither his grandfather nor grandmother ever would have taken those rings from their fingers, so if…as Sir Bedwyr had told him…Morgana had…had taken…. Meleon could barely think…hated that he was dying…would never again…see Rachel or his son….

But if Morgana had taken…King Arthur to Avalon…the rings were there…and safe until his son…. You can visit Tyler at www. The series finale offered few surprises in my opinion, but that is because we have heard the tale of King Arthur so many times before, and despite the original elements of the series, which often seriously diverged from the legend, I doubt any viewer who knows the Arthurian legend would have been content with any other ending than Arthur sailing off to Avalon.

For me, this series had a serious amount of content that needed resolving in this final episode.