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Therefore he is a debbie. Trtl 1: Omg, I can't believe you liked him. Trtl 2: Yeah, he never treated you right.. Trtl 3: I know, but he really was such a good friend and he was fun to hang out with Trtl 1: shut up. Trtl 1: who wants to chug a four loko? All Trtl's : to all the debbie douchers who walk this earth and break our hearts..

Probably the most narcissistic person you will ever meet! She loves herself the most more than everyone else.

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She is going to marry herself In the end , she can be okay sometimes Dixon tell his parents that his girlfriend is pregnant leaving them devastated Debbie decides to support him but start growing suspicious when Sasha is getting demanding on Dixon, Debbie gets Sasha to have girl to girl talk and discover that Sasha is lying about the pregnancy and turn to Harry for help and decide to make Sasha fake a carriage, when Dixon becomes depressed over Sasha Harry decides to tell him about what happen and becomes angry at Debbie who start fighting with Harry over that , Annie is having a mood change in the good way and start talking to her parents and confess about dating Jasper and wants to have a dinner with them.

Debbie is excited because things are getting back to normal the day of the dinner furious Dixon leaves the house revealing that Jasper is a drug dealer. Debbie and Harry have to face an awkward dinner with him but Jasper comes clean and tells that is only a rumor because he has no friends but she notices how bad he is affecting Annie, both of them forbid Annie to keep seeing Jasper but she fools them and dates him secretly, meanwhile Debbie tries to get back her son and takes him on day off to play mini golf. After the Winter Wonderland dance Dixon comes back home and confess Debbie that he wants to see his birth mother but she doesn't take news very well.

Harry and Debbie run into Kelly at a school event, forcing the jealous Debbie to confront her about her crush on her husband. This leads to Debbie trying to set Kelly up with her yoga instructor, Kai, who seems more interested in Debbie, After a lot of tension between her and Kelly through they make amends. Debbie is feeling insecure about losing her son to Dana but with things Harry getting worse she end up kissing her Yoga instructor without knowing that Dana sees her cheating on Harry.

Dana confronts Debbie about the kiss and makes Debbie not to tell Harry because she doesn't want Dixon have an another broken family.

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Harry and she support Annie when Jasper almost commit suicide, in " Multiple Choices " Debbie confess to Harry that she kiss an another man which forces the two to finally discuss their recent problems. Harry start keeping secrets from Harry to not have more drama at home but they keep fighting and choose to go to a marriage counselor for help. Harry reveals to Debbie everything he keeps from Dixon which makes her mad. In " Confessions " Harry is fired from the school after students blackmails him for covering up Dixon. Debbie start arguing with Harry and asks him if they still in love but none of them tell anything leaving an awkward silence between them.

They decide to get a divorce later that night Annie comes back home and reveals everything about the hit and run on prom night. Which doesn't leave them very happy!! In Senior Year, Baby it is revealed that Harry move from the house leaving Debbie and the kids alone she takes Dixon and Annie to their first day at school on their senior year where she almost has a break down still feeling sad about the divorce. She decides to come to school dinner for the kids. After the earthquake the kids come back to home where Debbie almost cries but Annie and Dixon support her and start eating, later when Silver prepares a cancer charity event for her late mother,Debbie sends a check with Annie but it is not taken by the bank this makes Annie finds out that Debbie has money problems.

Later Debbie calls Harry to his new work and report herself as his wife but hangs up feeling sad that he has move on so fast. Annie and Dixon are worried about their mother and ask her is she is interested in dating someone else and set her in a online site for adults the next day Debbie finds a lots os message for her and goes on a date with one of the man but the date turns out to be bad when she sees Ryan in the same place she runs to him and have sex in the cleaning room.

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Later she comes back to the date and decides not to keep on seeing each other,. Debbie gets the news that Emily, Annie's cousin is going to live with them while her mother is at rehab and tells Annie to be nice to her during this hard times for her. Debbie keeps seeing Ryan but does not tell Annie and Dixon, while living with her Emily starts trying to be like Annie.

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When she complains about it. Debbie tells her to feel proud that she looks at her as a role model. On an audition, Emily tells Annie about Debbie dating Mr. Mathews and makes her lose the part on the play. Annie comes back home asking her mother about Ryan and tells her that it is nothing serious.

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