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A Quick Full Point!! Atto Iumani Ippon Jya!! Yawara works extra her in her "final" practice with Jigoro, throwing him several times, with the guilty knowledge that she will lose the match and also quit judo afterwards. Yawara tells Matsuda that her mother has been looking for her father after he disappeared, and only returns home a few times a year. Despite the losing scheme, Matsuda is still having dreams of fans cheering for Yawara.

Jigoro and Yuki Tohdoh, who talks, eats, and looks like sumo wrestler, have a udon eating contest as they boast by turn how few seconds it would take for the contestants to defeat each other. Yawara's friends are concerned that she will be hurt or killed in the match not knowing true abilities , and urge that she just needs to "cry to stop the match. The match begins and Yawara is quickly thrown for a yuko 5 points on her way to intentionally lose the match. The 90s is Yawara's Era!!

Meanwhile, the ignorant reporters present at the match vacillate between thinking that Yawara is faking a loss or covering up her own weakness, despite "expert" opinions from Hanazono, Shinnosuke, and Gohzoh Yuutenji, the Saikai College judo coach, that Yawara for some reason is not showing her true strength. As Yawara continues to fake her way through the match, Jigoro becomes suspicious and finally realizes that Yawara is trying to lose; Matsuda for his part is unable to continue watching the fake defeat and decides to leave, meeting an unknown woman on the outside asking about the match.

As Yawara is about to "lose" the match, she spots her mother the unknown woman peeking through the windows and reflexively throws Yuki Tohdoh in a split second for an ippon win. After the match, Shinnosuke cannot stop his womanizing ways and invite Yawara's three friends for more discussion about judo over coffee. Yawara and mother flee from the reporters after the victory, which was not known to Matsuda until the reporters confront him about helping them flee Matsuda up until then had been intending to resign and go back to work for his family hostel at Yamagata.

Yawara and her mother, Tamao, return home for dinner, and Tamao tells Yawara that it does not matter whether she does judo or not, and that there are other ways to be strong. Jigoro joins them, and Tamao bribes him with his favorite foods whenever he argues with Yawara about judo or food Jigoro derisively calls beef stroganoff "strong combo" ; Tamao also shares alleged pictures of her husband, who might have been spotted in the northern country near Hida Takayama. The pathetic judo team members are shown playing video judo games rather than practicing, and they panic when they see an overflow of students wishing to join the judo club.

Sudoh, a red-haired freshman, comes to challenge the judo club and look for Yawara. After school Yawara's three friends reveal that Shinnosuke had sweet-talked each one of them in turn when they had coffee, and they are interrupted by Sudoh, who grabs Yawara's butt and moons the girls before running away. The next day Sudoh attacks Hanazono, who had injured his leg after "honorably" rescuing a cat, by kicking his injured leg.

The judo club members run off to Yawara, seeking her help; she flat rejects them. Sakai College's judo coach Yuutenji tries to recruit Sayaka for his judo club, but she refuses after hearing that the college is also interested in recruiting Yawara. She asks Shinnosuke to accompany her to Paris.

Sudoh continues to harass Yawara by peeking into her bathroom and crank calling, as well as making fun of her on the bus. Yawara becomes angry and decides to help train the judo club. Sakai College tries to recruit Yawara, but she needs a track record of official matches to be admitted. To that end, Jigoro demands that Coach Yuutenji set up a big televised tournament match for Yawara.

Sayaka trains in Paris, while Shinnosuke habitually romances the women there. Yawara sends a letter of challenge to Sudoh, who mistakes it for a love letter; Hanazono for his part believes the duel challenge was done for him. Sudoh demands that if he beats the judo club, he gets to have a date with Yawara; however, the formerly weak judo clubbers serially defeat Sudoh, having absorbed her lessons.

Sudoh is also thrown by Yawara after telling her she is just a girl; he gains respect for her and organizes the members to ask Yawara to join and coach the club. Jigoro reveals his plans for Yawara, who does not agree and tricks him by switching herself with an old woman. Sayaka appears at a French judo tournament and throws the French champion. She disarms and throws a would-be hijacker with a gun, which impresses even Shinnosuke.

Sayaka also uses the ensuing media attention to publicly challenge Yawara again. In an attempt to motivate Yawara, Matsuda takes her shopping for feminine clothes and then to Hayami, where they see Sayaka training hard with Shinnosuke including running with steel sandals while carrying a tire on a rope , and Shinnosuke helping Sayaka after she fell. Seeing this depresses Yawara and she returns on her own on bus. Matsuda realizes he is jealous over Yawara's feelings for Shinnosuke and becomes distracted, crashing his bike into the ocean.

Afterwards, Matsuda asks Shinnosuke to persuade Yawara to enter the tournament, which is overheard by Sayaka despite Shinnosuke's attempt to keep it a secret from Sayaka. Shinnosuke approaches Yawara one day, not knowing they are being observed secretly by Jigoro, Sayaka, and Matsuda. Shinnosuke casually badmouths Sayaka to flatter Yawara, which Sayaka overheard. The three take over a bus to chase after Shinnosuke and Yawara, who end up talking near the ocean. Shinnosuke tells Yawara that "You shine most brilliantly when you do judo," and tries to kiss her, but Yawara pushes him away and runs off before their 3 pursuers attack him serially over his attempted love-making.

Shinnosuke defends himself by claiming he is only doing Matsuda's bidding by trying to persuade Yawara to enter the tournament, though he is also taking advantage by trying to kiss Yawara. At her house, Yawara encounters the entire judo club which now includes Sudoh , with Hanazono hiding behind a light pole, begging her on their knees to continue coaching them. Sudoh implores that he wants a chance to "shine brilliantly.

Yawara tries to ask her mother for advice, but is interrupted by Tamao's news that her father might have been spotted in Shikoku; she also tells Yawara that judo did not split up their family, but that she and her husband got together because of judo, and that Kojiro Inokuma "shone most brilliantly when he did judo," echoing what the others have said.

Later, during the rain that began hours ago, Yawara discovers that the judo clubbers are still kneeling outside her house in the rain. Moved, Yawara tells them she will start coach them again. Jigoro returns home to find Yawara practicing judo on her own. Sayaka visits Musashiyama High School to tell Yawara to keep her hands off of "her" Shinnosuke, and is offended by how shabby and dirty it is.

Sayaka accuses Yawara of delaying her decision over the tournament to "entice Shinnosuke," but Yawara replies that she has decided to enter the tournament "just this once to find out if she shines brilliantly in judo. Yawara and the judo club discover that their respective tournaments occur on the same Sunday, and Yawara promises to finish her own tournament quickly so she could coach the judo club next. Shinnosuke reflects his experience so far coaching Sayaka, which includes being given a Ferrari not yet sold in Japan and an offer of a permanent position in the Honami Group with an implied offer of eventual marriage to Sayaka.

Matsuda likewise reflects on his mixed feelings for Yawara, who he loves but also believes that she will soon be "unreachable" for him as she becomes a judo superstar. Yawara is almost late because she is giving last-minute coaching tips to the judo club members, and Sudoh ferries her by bicycle to the tournament hall; he also promises Yawara that he would not use judo in fights anymore. On his way back, Sudoh is waylaid by some hoodlum acquaintances, who beat him up on accusations that he had hit on their girlfriends he was handicapped by his promise to Yawara.

As Sudoh is unable to participate in the tournament, the team risks losing by default and Hanazono recklessly chainsaws the cast off from his half-healed leg to enter in Sudoh's place. Matsuda acts as a messenger carrying Yawara's taped coaching tips to the team members. Yawara, Yuki, and Sayaka all win easily in their two preliminary matches. Each wants to fight Yawara in the finals, Yuki having gained 10kg for the match, and the match drags on, much to Yawara's impatience as she wants to go help her judo club and is imagining the worst.

Sayaka is pinned by Yuki, but drags the two of them out of bounds to escape. Motivated by her jealousy over Shinnosuke and a perceived insult from Yawara, Sayaka flips the giant Yuki and is able to pin her for the required 30 seconds as Yuki unsuccessfully tries to maneuver out of bounds. Meanwhile, Matsuda is stuck in traffic and receives a traffic ticket from speeding and reckless driving, and is at risk of missing out on Yawara's finals match.

At the same time, the Musashiyama judo team is also struggling mightily, losing the first match quickly but eking out a victory by the smallest judoka, Kohno, who keeps to Yawara's training advice. Hatakeyama, another team member, lost after a long match and the score is now 2—1 in favor of the rival high school Todoroki-dai, with the next member Yasui shaking in fear. Matsuda arrives just in time to witness Yawara's 1-second ippon takedown of Sayaka, a complete anticlimax that stuns the whole arena to silence.

ISIS demands $200M for Japanese hostages

Before leaving hurriedly to the high school tournament and abandoning the award ceremony in the process, Yawara returns Sayaka's fallen false tooth to the fallen Sayaka. Sayaka consoles herself by claiming that Yawara took her down before the "begin" signal, which was disproved by the timer and video playback.

Sayaka abandons the award ceremony in disgust. Meanwhile Yasui defeats his opponent, and Hanazono is faring badly due to his injured right leg, which his opponent has also discovered. Matsuda drives Yawara at breakneck speed to the high school arena in his moped which has no brakes. Hanazono is about to give up in his match before seeing Yawara running to his aid; following Yawara's precise instructions, he is able to reverse pin his opponent in a Jigoku Zeme "hell attack" on his back, winning the match in the prelim tournament for Musashiyama High.

Jigoro gladly accepts the first prize in Yawara's place, but claims that Yawara is still a diamond in the rough and needs much more sharpening. Sayaka and company discover that the enigmatic mystery man is Kojiro Inokuma, and Sayaka orders an all-out effort to track down Kojiro and learn all of the Inokuma judo secrets. In , Jigoro arrives from the countryside, having beaten kumas bears in matches; after befriending an aspiring novelist, he arrives at the Kyuudou-kan Dojo, only to find the resident Ushio-sensei deceased and the dojo being run badly by the sensei's daughter Kaneko, with whom Jigoro falls instantly in love, because of unpaid debts from usury.

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Simonji, the rich creditor, has proposed marriage to Kaneko but is repeatedly rejected. Jigoro tries to run the dojo but runs off the remaining 2 students due to tough training methods. Jigoro is beaten up by hired goons from a rival dojo because he promised Kaneko he would not use judo to fight them, and Kaneko is forced to marry Simonji after he makes further implied threats.

As the wedding ceremony is under way, Jigoro rushes to interrupt the ceremony a la The Graduate, using judo to defeat various opponents; however, Kaneko punishes him for breaking his promise by knocking him unconscious with a judo flip. Saimonji is frightened by Kaneko's display of power and falls into a fountain, ruining the paper debt contract.

According to Jigoro, the novelist was Yoshinokawa Eiichi, who later published the classic Miyamoto Mushashi. Yawara objects to the story as a lie, as a different version had been told by Jigoro on the previous occasion, with a different cast of characters and literary references. On being shown multiple colleges' interest in Yawara, Hanazono confesses a desire to join Yawara at Sakai College, assuming she will go there. However, Yawara's first choice is a women's college, Mitsuba, which lacks a judo program, the implication being that Yawara is giving up on judo for the time being as she concentrates on passing the college exam.

Accompanied by Sayaka is being trained in Europe by Pornalef, a judo expert who also happens to idolize Jigoro. Pornalef reveals that there are 4 strong judokas who are waiting to make short work of Yawara: Kim fierce Korean , Teleshikova robotic Russian , Belkins Belgium model , and Jody Rockwell Giant of Canada.

Matsuda sees Jody at an airport while on another celebrity scandal assignment; she apparently has cancelled all her scheduled matches and come to Japan to challenge Yawara.

The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Later, Jody heroically saves a mother and child in the streets from falling steel beams without waiting for any thanks. Jody goes to a noodle shop and shocks the five Musashiyama judo members eating there when she asks for five portions straight off. Jigoro visits Sakai College and pronounces it up to muster for Yawara. At the end of the episode, Jody arrives at the high school's dojo demanding a fight with Yawara.

At home, Yawara is upset at the news that Jigoro has "decided" to enroll her in Sakai College, and she vows never to go there. Jody arrives at the Inokuma home, and Jigoro is to serve as her first opponent. His powerful fighting aura scares Jody into submission, causing her to cry "Mairimashita! Jigoro decides to keep Jody on as a student and workout partner for Yawara. Jody, a fiend for training, pushes Yawara hard, which makes her fearful that she might not pass her entrance exam for Mitsuba College from lack of studying time. In Belgium, Sayaka fails to find Belkins, but defeats her "alternate" Stelkes at a ballroom dance.

Possibly on Jigoro's advice, Jody "raids" the high school and defeats four ruffians when they pick a fight with her over their smoking. Yawara hurts Jody's feelings by telling her to go back to Canada, and Jigoro reveals Jody has been staying up at night to study Japanese in addition to waking up early to train. Realizing how hard Jody has been working, Yawara apologizes to her and they become friends, as well as finally settling on a match.

Matsuda and Yamoda sneak into the Inokuma compound and are conscripted by Jigoro to be referees; Yawara extracts a promise from Matsuda that he would not print a word about the match. Yawara promises to fight Jody again, and both admit their match was the first time they had "fun" doing judo. At the post-match dinner, Jody mistakenly refers to Matsuda Meanwhile, Sayaka challenges the South Korean judoka Kim Yonsky, and they fight to an exhausting draw both physically and with mutual verbal insults. Sayaka leaves the match "hating" Kim, in contrast to Jody and Yawara's warm friendship.

Yawara and Matsuda meet Sayaka and Shinnosuke at the airport as "couples," and Matsuda boasts about Yawara's match with Jody, while Sayaka boasts about her global training and matches. After eavesdropping on the conversation, Jigoro tells Sayaka she can challenge Yawara at any of 10 tournaments in the next 4 months in preparation for establishing a track record for fighting Jody in a World Tournament.

Yawara decides to try to study for her college exam AND train for the tournament so that she can fulfill her promise to Jody, though this will mean pulling exhausting all-nighters. As the tournaments go on, Yawara begins to sleepwalk through them, which concerns Matsuda, who has been keeping a vigil by the Inokuma resident without Yawara's knowledge. Yawara still keeps Shinnosuke's picture in her drawer, and Shinnosuke still watches Yawara's matches even as he fools around with other women.

Yawara meets Shinnosuke at a bookstore and she confesses that her poor performance was due to not sleeping from studying all night; Shinnosuke offers to tutor her at his condo. Matsuda spies on them out of jealousy, and they have a blowup over Yawara; Matsuda threatens to tattle to Sayaka. Matsuda then tries to follow suit by "tutoring" Yawara, but to his humiliation it turns out he knows less about school subjects than Yawara.

In his tutoring, Shinnosuke tries to woo Yawara with English love poetry, while trying to cover up evidence that he is seeing other women. As Shinnosuke tries to juggle different women calling and visiting him while tutoring Yawara in his condo, Sayaka finally walks in on them. Sayaka discloses that Shinnosuke has been offered and accepted an executive position with the Honami Group and will take it over in the future, and that Shinnosuke is her "fiance" which he does not dispute.

Matsuda, who has been staking out Shinnosuke's condo, sees Yawara run out crying, and interprets that Shinnosuke has having done "something heinous" to her. Sayaka shows up at a post-victory press conference for Yawara and tells her that she will enter Yawara's next tournament to defeat her. Jigoro calls Shinnosuke a "kazammidori" weathervane for dating so many women. Jigoro and Yawara find out in the news that Jody will be fighting the Russians in a televised tournament, but Yawara almost does not make it back to watch the match after being whisked away by Shinnosuke, who lies to her about his relationship with Sayaka.

During the match, the robotic Russian Anna Teleshikova uses "dirty tactics" to disable Jody's knee and defeat her; Jody leaves with a serious injury tearing her left knee ligament. Matsuda shows Teleshikova's post-match press conference interview to Yawara, in which Teleshikova says she would not consider herself the best until she defeats Yawara. In response, Yawara seems to withdraw further until Tamao unexpectedly returns home to tell her that she had heard that Kojiro might have come to see her previous match against Sayaka.

Shinnosuke sends Yawara flowers to ingratiate himself, and Sayaka for some reason also invites Yawara to her 18th birthday party but telling her it is a "casual wear" occasion. When Yawara arrives in casual clothing, Sayaka makes fun of her because all others are in formal attire except for Jigoro, who has crashed the party for the free food. At the party, Sayaka's father announce that the Kazamatsuri Brewery to which Shinnosuke is the sole heir is merging with the Honami Group and that he is engaged to Sayaka both decisions with Shinnosuke's parents' blessing.

Shinnosuke is unable to object, and Sayaka takes the occasion to issue another challenge to Yawara, who runs away from the party. Shinnosuke is seen hooking up with another girlfriend from his regular stable Hiromi, Mayumi, Mieko, Mariko, et al. Yawara arrives home to tell Coach Yuutenji, who has been meeting with Jigoro every month to reinforce the Sakai College connection, that she is attending Sakai. Seeing that Yawara is depressed, Matsuda tells Shinnosuke to cheer her up despite his own feelings for Yawara and that he would cover for him with Sayaka.

Shinnosuke has a date with Yawara and tells her more lies i. Sayaka pursues Shinnosuke and Yawara while Matsuda runs interference. Hanazono has trouble confessing his feelings to Yawara, whereas Sudoh has trouble keeping himself from pestering Yawara for dates. Jigoro tries to prevent Yawara from going on dates with either of them, but is foiled by his craving for food from keeping watch. Yawara goes on a double date with both Hanazono and Sudoh at an amusement park, and tells them that she is quitting judo.

While Hanazono is so disappointed by her decision to quit that he runs off, Sudoh believes that she should just do whatever she wants. Sudoh encounters former delinquent friends, who want to beat him up again, especially if he involves the judo club. Hanazono swallows the retirement letter to nullify it, and Jigoro shows up to "persuade" the delinquents to desist with a timely judo throw and some accidentally spilled porno videos.

Jody writes a cheerful letter in Japanese and Kanji, but with some mistakes to Yawara saying that she will recover and fight again, and warning that Teleshikova is a strong opponent. The lecherous newspaper editor Matsuda's boss assigns an "extra" rookie photographer to Matsuda, the excitable, coarse, bespectacled, and buxom Kaga Kuniko who dresses in revealing tights. Matsuda is upset to be saddled with her, but has no choice as Kuniko uses hysterical crying on command as a weapon to get what she wants, in addition to spreading false rumors.

Shinnosuke is too craven to cancel the engagement, which he is rehearsing mentally, as Sayako discusses how many expensive dresses to buy with her mother and a designer. Kuniko appears to have a crush on Matsuda having perceptively sensed that he has feelings for Yawara; Kuniko disrupts a meeting between Yawara and Matsuda by claiming to be his "girlfriend," which unexpectedly upsets Yawara, who did not previously realize that she might have feelings for Matsuda as well. Yawara feels inferior because she does have Kuniko's big boobs or overt sexiness.

Jigoro cuts a deal with Yawara: he would approve her taking the Mitsuba College entrance exam in exchange for her entering the upcoming Zen-ooki judo tournament. Yawara gladly agrees because her grandfather's approval is actually important to her despite her saying otherwise , and because she misunderstood the deal to mean that Jigoro would approve her attending Mitsuba, not just taking the entrance exam for it. She gets Matsuda drunk and takes him home, trying to sleep in bed with him Matsuda ends up sleeping outside.

During the final match, Yawara is again distracted but earns a victory by spraining her right wrist in the process, possibly disabling her from taking the entrance exam the next day apparently she cannot write left-handed. Meanwhile, Shinnosuke wakes up after bedding a new woman and delightedly reminds himself that he can sleep with both Sayaka and Yawara once they enter college. Hanazono, Sudoh, and Jigoro all show up to see Yawara's test results but to the wrong site, the one for junior high test results , and Shinnosuke casually appropriates Yawara who had been hoping to see Matsuda when he sees her, after finding out that she has passed the test he openly lusts after her upcoming sexual availability as a college girl.

Yawara and Mastuda are forced to have dinner and drinks with Shinnosuke and Yuniko, the latter trying their best to ruin Yawara's perception of Matsuda with lies and false innuendos. Yawara compensates by over-drinking. The only good news is Matsuda's revelation that Jody is getting out of the hospital. Later, Matsuda gets to be alone with Yawara, but is unable to explain the truth about himself, being genuinely conflicted between being happy for Yawara for passing the Mitsuba exam and his dream of being able to follow her career as a judo superstar.

When Matsuda cannot suppress his enthusiasm for a possible cover story about Barcelona championship match between Yawara and Jody, Yawara becomes upset and throws the clueless Matsuda. Yawara leaves thinking that Matsuda does not care about her as a person and only sees as a walking sports news scoop. After hearing Jigoro's opposition, Hanazono and Sudoh offer to help Yawara change Jigoro's mind by first plying with food at a restaurant. When that fails, Jigoro makes a judo bet with them such that if they even throws him even once in any way possible, he will allow Yawara to attend Mitsuba.

Despite various unorthodox attacks, the two inevitably fail. Yawara's friends buy a red dress as a college present for her, and by chance they find Sayaka buying the identical dress at the store as well; Sayaka is upset on hearing that Yawara will not attend Saikai but Mitsuba instead, calling her a "win-and-run" girl. Sayaka challenges Yawara to enter the All-Japan Tournament so she can finally have a chance to beat her.

若宮, 啓文 1948-2016

After a long talk with Tamao in which Tamao gives him money intended for Mitsuba College, Jigoro finally changes his mind. He will pay for Yawara to attend Mitsuba setting aside Tamao's money for Yawara's future wedding , but Yawara has to enter and win the prestigious upcoming All-Japan Tournament an open weight tournament matching judokas of all weight classes against each other and forgo going out with men for the time being. Yawara happily accepts the deal but also realizes that she will still have to do things grandpa's way. Matsuda is excited about the tournament as well, and reveals that Saikai College's veteran judo captain, Kousaka Megumi, is also aching to challenge Yawara because Yawara has disrespected Saikai by turning down its scholarship offer.

Yawara is more concerned about Hanazono passing his Saikai exam than the tournament, and as it turns out, he did not pass. Kousaka Megumi appears confident against Yawara as she has studied her moves extensively and believes she has counter for Yawara's trademark one-arm Ippon Zeoi throw. However, when the match begins, Yawara reflexively counters Kousaka's countermove and beats her anyway; Kousaka is not embittered about the loss and instead has greater respect for Yawara and vows to work harder.

Jigoro likewise gives her encouragement as well as his autographed book. Sayaka tries a couple of quick moves on Yuki but each time the latter counters and is able to move out of bounds. Even on the third encounter, when Yuki slips, Sayaka cannot score, and she becomes increasingly anxious. On the fourth encounter, Sayaka injures her leg in the fall, allowing Yuki to score the first points in the ensuing encounter. Yuki then focuses her attack on Sayaka's injured right leg and pins her with her massive upper body kami-shihoh gatame. Refusing to give up, Sayaka is able to reverse flip and escape from Yuki at the last second.

Yawara then offers specific tips to Sayaka to execute a pin on Yuki, forcing her to give up. However, afterwards to save face Sayaka denies that she would followed Yawara's advice or that she has suffered an injury. On the next semifinal match, Yawara defeats her opponent with a usual quick ippon. In the examination room, the doctor tells Sayaka she has broken her leg and that she risks greater injury and perhaps permanent inability to practice judo if she continues; however, Sayaka decides to press on because she cannot bear the shame of losing to Yawara, even on an injury forfeit.

To stop Sayaka, Shinnosuke kisses her, causing her to faint and she is carried to the hospital.

Sayaka thus loses by forfeit. The final scenes show Jody and Teleshikova training hard in hot anticipation for a match in Jody's case, rematch against Yawara. Shinnosuke is plotting to offer himself as a "gift" to Yawara as graduation gift, even as he finds himself being more of a fiance play toy to Sayaka, who is recovering from her leg injury, as they head for Hawaii to one of her "extra" mansions. The judo team reflects on their progress under Yawara's coaching and their future with both Yawara and Hanazono graduating.

Hanazono made a wish of fighting Yawara just once before he graduates, which Yawara grants, with the inevitable result of Hanazono being thrown for an ippon. Shortly after he took over Kaneko's Kyudodan dojo, he saves a man who is about to hang himself due to a bad romance. One day Kaneko's uncle father's older brother Toranosuke, a tea ceremony master rather than a judoka, comes to visit with an offer for Kaneko to marry his best student and carry on as his successor; this is supposed to the will of Kaneko's father, Ushio Umanosuke. However, Jigoro is also thinking of proposing in the future to Kaneko.

The uncle and Jigoro do not get along, as they argue over whether a teacup or judo tatami is more important. Toranosuke tricks Jigoro into saying that he values judo over any woman or marriage, which is inadvertently confirmed by Jigoro who has to attend his first All Japan Championship.

Kaneko tells him that she will accompany her uncle to be engaged to his student. In the final match, Jigoro is pinned helplessly by his opponent until the formerly suicidal young man encourages him with the prospect of proposing to Kaneko at the Ueno train station as the Japan champion.

若宮, 啓文 1948-2016

Inspired, Jigoro wins the match and rushes to the station. On board the train, he at first proposes to the wrong woman, only to find that Kaneko never boarded the train and is running aside it to catch his attention. According to Jigoro, Kaneko runs so fast that she catches up to the train at the next station, where they exchange their marriage vow. In addition, the suicidal young man was Sato Daisaku, who became an important prime minister during the modernization of Japan, all entirely thanks to Jigoro.

Yawara does not believe in the story, and the reporters also long left the "interview. Jigoro accompanies Yawara as a chaperon and also to ask the college president to keep an eye on her. On the bus there, Yawara encounters a super-tall, gloomy female student named Itou Fujiko. Yawara is tempted to join various student clubs which are recruiting new members.

Jigoro mistakes Mitsuba cheerleaders for can-can dancers and attempts to teach them "Yawara cheers" for the Barcelona Olympics, and afterwards enjoy a boisterous drinking party and late-night disco dancing outing with them. Yawara and Itou and other girls go to a boring Keihou university coed mixer where they wait for a long time only to see a bunch of geeks and otakus show up as their "hot dates," disappointing Itou whose goal it is to enjoy her "once-in-a-lifetime youth" and "find a wonderful man" at college.

Worried that she would miss her night practice, Yawara instead is surprised to encounter Jigoro across the street covered in lipstick kisses from the cheerleaders. Itou Fujiko mistakenly believes that Yawara is a "1st degree" in flower arrangement or tea ceremony, which an embarrassed Yawara does not correct. Komiya encourages both to join the golf club, where she says it is easiest to hook a rich guy, which is her goal in life. They do so and Shinnosuke shows up bearing flowers for Yawara. However, he is soon swallowed by fawning women who want him to teach them golf, with Komiya being typically the most forward.

At a bar, a man tries to get Yawara drunk but instead it is Itou who downs the drink and feels sick. Later, when Shinnosuke finally gets to be alone with Yawara, they are spotted by Sayaka on board her super yacht Queen Sayaka , and she literally crashes the pier where Shinnosuke is sweet-talking Yawara, yelling the typical "cat-thief! Yawara shows herself to be a golf natural, whereas Itou Fujiko has no knack, on top of which the men make fun of her height. Yawara has a chance encounter with Hanazono, who is training with the Ebitendou judo club nearby. Hanazono and the other judo members crash the coed mixer party that Yawara is attending, asking her whether she has quit judo to take up golf.

Yawara spends time with Itou Fujiko, who tells her about her history as a junior ballet dancer thwarted by her inherited height.

"journalist" translation into Japanese

At training, Jigoro tells Yawara he has entered her in the upcoming World Judo Cup, where world class judokas will be competing against her. However, the only jobs that Komiya appear to be for call-girls which pay 20, yen per hour. Later, they are hired at a fast food restaurant. Things are going well until Matsuda, and then Shinnosuke show up.

Sayaka spots them and then challenges Yawara to a fight right there at the restaurant, but a bunch of ruffians intervene, and Sayaka fights them instead, creating complete chaos. Jigoro ends the farce by showing up to buy hamburgers, discovering that Yawara has a secret part-time job.

He forbids her from working because she needs to train more for the Judo World Cup. Jigoro is also upset that the World Cup has no open-weight division, which he believes is counter to the spirit of judo in which skill can overcome strength. ALthough Itou is afraid that her ballet training might be useless there, her dancing to the music of Swan Lake turns out to be a hit.

However, the "Cheek Time" close embrace dancing discomfits Yawara, and when her patron tries to cup a feel, she instinctively throws him for an ippon. Itou begins to suspect that she has seen Yawara before, perhaps as a judoka. Yawara realizes that she really is not "normal," or at least does not react like a normal girl. Itou Fujiko finds out that Yawara is the famous judoka genius, and urges her to compete in the World Cup, telling her that it inspires her. However, Yawara is unmoved. When this scheme fails, Jigor fakes an illness and has the Saikai judokas look for Yawara, who throws a Saikai judoka in front of Tamaranch, convincing him of her strength and perhaps opening his mind about creating an open-weight division at the Judo World Cup.

However, Yawara announces that she will not participate. Instead she wants to concentrate on her home economics classes such as cooking and being a normal girl. Itou shows Yawara her blood-soaked ballerina shoes, which she had used to dance even when injured and bleeding; she tells Yawara that she has been "chosen" to succeed, and that it would help fulfill her dreams also if Yawara competes.

Matsuda echoes similar sentiments. Yawara finally decides to enter the Cup and start training camp. Matsuda and Yuniko infiltrate the Russian training camp and Teleshikova tells them that she will win the world cup. Matsuda for some reason takes Kuniko to see his parents, who mistake her for his girlfriend; when he vehemently denies that she is his girlfriend, they press him for a meeting for an arranged marriage prospect because he is already 26 and still single. He refuses again, telling them that he is interested in someone who will be in the Judo World Cup.

Jody shows up to proclaim that she and Yawara are "shummai" dumpling rivals, rather than "shukumei" destined rivals, amongst other mistakes in Japanese. She also again refers to Tamao tells Yawara that her father might have been spotted in Seoul, the site of the World Cup, giving some 1-ippon lessons to Korean judokas.

Belkins the Belgium Judo Queen gives a press conference, and Matsuda tries to fan flames of competition between her and Teleshikova and Yawara. Yawara arrives at the Saikai College training site and everyone is impressed by her ability except for Jigoro, who calls her ippon "half-assed". Shinnosuke makes a date with Yawara and then has to cancel because of Sayaka.

Yawara and Tohdoh go shopping, but Tohdoh dumps her. When it rains, Yawara and Matsuda find themselves seeking shelter in the same phone booth, and Yawara tells him that her dad Kojiro might be in Seoul, where perhaps they can find him. When it comes to his turn, however, Matsuda is unable to tell her his feelings and instead talk about an interview after the world cup. World Cup" Transcription: " Kaimaku! Jigoro supposedly is doing pre-tournament meditation, but it turns out he was just thinking about which restaurants to hit in Seoul.

Itou Fujiko has spent several weeks organizing other women at the college to sew a giant Yawara cheer banner, with which she wants to surprise Yawara; she stays up all night putting the finishing touches though still unable to fix all mistakes but arrives too late to see Yawara off. Sayaka meets her mortal enemy and opponent in her weight class , Kim Yonsky, and they exchange insults based on what kind of food they are make each other out of at the match. Yawara is separated from the other judokas and goes on her own to search for her father, where she encounters Belkins, the Belgian champion, who is modeling traditional Korean dresses.

She also ends up in a dojo, where Teleshikova is hard at work training; when Yawara tries to show her Kojiro's picture, she slaps it away, but they do not fight. Yamashita, the former Olympic gold medalist, tells Yawara that he met Kojiro recently but gives no further details other than that Kojiro must be watching the event in Seoul as well.

The Japanese team enters the arena, with Sayaka carrying the flag Matsuda comments that the honor must have been bought by the Honami money. Japanese Women Judo!! Jody Rockwell shows up with her equally huge fiance, a weightlifter who likes to lift people as well. The media focuses its attention on the sidelines as Teleshikova, Jody, and Belkins surround Yawara to trash talk, and this distracts Sayaka in her finals match with Kim. Kim builds a big lead against Sayaka, but Yawara gives tips to Sayaka, which she uses but does not appreciate or acknowledge publicly.

The last second move that could have led to a victory by Sayaka, however, comes too late, and Kim is declared the victor. Jigoro gives Sayaka encouragement afterwards as well as his autobiography, and tells her that she will become stronger. Shinbun kisha : gendaishi o kiroku suru by Yoshibumi Wakamiya Book 1 edition published in in Japanese and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. He jie yu min zu zhu yi by Yoshibumi Wakamiya Book 1 edition published in in Chinese and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Ben shu zuo zhe cong zheng zhi si chao bian qian, Zheng zhi li liang dui bi de jiao du dui ri ben zheng tan zhu liu pai de ya zhou zheng ce zuo le xin de quan shi.

Gendai no hisabetsu buraku : Rupo Book 1 edition published in in Japanese and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Audience Level. Related Identities. Associated Subjects. For him nuclear energy is not an option, as this energy source cannot be mastered and makes no sense in a land of volcanic islands subject to tsunami. The primary task at hand, he says nonethe- less, is to overcome the most urgent problems ibid. In Fukushima, as well as throughout the rest of Japan, the citizenry must face the fact that life is not always predictable and free themselves from compulsive planning.

Fukushima will continue to serve as an objective lesson in contingency. The Japanese way of life should no longer be exemplified by small houses stuffed full of material things mono but rather by rational limits based on prioritised values and sustainability, in harmony with the environment. We should abandon all desire to see it as an energy source and should shut down old nuclear reactors as quickly as possible and, of course, build no new ones. Radioactive debris will in any case remain a burden for decades, indeed, for millennia.

Ikezawa demonstrates his familiarity with the history of nuclear matters: He is as vividly conscious of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as he is of the hydrogen bomb test of March 1, , on the Bikini Atoll, an event that resulted in the severe contami- nation of a Japanese tuna fishing vessel, the Lucky Dragon V, whose radio operator later died of radiation sickness. The seeming promise of atomic energy led to the repression of these experiences. Weightier words must accompany improvement in concrete living conditions.

Words must be found to express a world turned upside down. At the same time, it cannot be denied that with it has come a radical and powerful change in the mood of the times. The threat to the nation, he claims, has set in motion an unconscious change in Japan, one that suggests the latent danger that Article 9 of the Constitution might be weakened under the aegis of a state of emergency.

The media have all meekly rushed to join in a never-ending chorus of highly simplified catchphrases. This would suggest that we are getting a fleeting glimpse of Japanese fascism in the 21st century. This scenario, he further claims, will be accompanied by a strange repetition of certain pictures — of the mushroom-shaped cloud of an atomic explosion and of a public address delivered by the Emperor to the people sixty-six years after the end of the war ibid.

Now, however, we have seen the teeth of the beast and seen it to be an enemy. That has changed everything. No one can predict what will come out of the situation. It is therefore not the time, he says, to be falling into a rush of activity; instead, there should be careful and cautious reflection. He plunges into the endeavour full of vim and vigour.

Fuck tsunami! Fuck the atom! All we need is love! All we need is pussy! All we need is prick! All we need is sex! And: All we need is onanism! The hero ponders how a porno film could be staged with a nuclear plant as its setting. What sort of audience would it be aimed at? The characteristic approach taken by Takahashi who, incidentally, comes from the Hiroshima Prefecture, is that of grotesque parody — dripping with ridicule aimed at political players, both at home and abroad, and of the norms of the Japanese media world.

So go find yourself a good psychiatric clinic! Without delay! So see ya later! He also mocks the borderline excessiveness with which donor activi- ties are being proclaimed throughout the country and the calls in the mass media for the reconstruction of the affected area and for national unity. His work thus opposes reconstruction bathos. For Takahashi the calls for a sturdy patriotism implicit in such oft-repeated formulations as Ganbare, Nippon! Hang in there, Japan! Japan is one! Absurd Games and Covert Anarchy The protagonist of Koi suru genpatsu reveals himself as a porno script- writer with political ambitions.

He has come to terms with his unseemly activity, just as he has obviously come to terms with the unalterable conditions in the moribund nation of Japan. Takahashi has his protagonists say this in order that a porno film with maximal broad appeal may become the only forum for the ambi- tious hero to articulate political messages — a minimal form of resistance that, admittedly, in this form, will no longer be taken seriously.

Yet in Koi suru genpatsu it is not only Japan that is an unpleasant place full of economic and political pressures and constraints. Its inhabitants are incapable of mature, person-to-person relationships. There is a memorable scene in which the leaders of the world powers meet and reveal that they are each in possession of a life-sized sex doll. The world and Japan appear in this way to be inhospitable; hope for something positive is denied. The concluding sentence, the cited statement of an unnamed but real? Her distress is so intense that she believes she is seeing ghosts.

Only gradually does she succeed in gaining the strength to go on living. In the afterword, however, Banana points to the allegorical relationship between the misfortune she describes, one that results in the loss of an entire life perspective, and the current situation in Japan. Banana admits that she thought about working as a volunteer in the affected area, as she thought a literary commentary seemed too shallow. Immediately after the accident, the female protagonist feels alienated from life, having in the first phase presumably undergone 13 The story is said to have been borrowed from The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks b.

Details of the accident, in which the female protagonist is pierced by an iron handrail, nonetheless recall the well-known and real-life bus accident experience of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo — ; on another level the novel can be revealingly read as a story of emancipation. In dreams she meets her dead grandfather and a beloved dog from her days in kindergarten, so that the next world appears to her as a beautiful place, where there is only peace and comfort. The dissolution of the studio and the close contact with the parents serve to divert her from permanent mourning. There are also good times to be had at a bar called Shirishiri, whose proprietor is a very understanding Shingaki-san from Okinawa.

In talking to him, she begins to unravel the mystery of her affinity with the next world, and once he has revealed his own psychic inclinations, she no longer regards them as a stigma. The message is that we should be more aware and accepting of the precarious and unpredictable. Just as the world of the living is not sealed off from that of the dead, the individual ego should open itself to cosmic realities.

The younger generation should enjoy this happiness — consisting above all of good relations with others — within the freedom of the imperfect, cherishing it all the more in the knowledge of how easily it can be shattered. I would much prefer to attempt in my creative endeavours to capture the beaming, sparkling light of life — and not only for myself. What helps us in these difficult times are people whom we love, with whom we share our meals, and also, not least of all, music, films, and books.

We plunge into another world and for a time allow our hearts to fly, draw fresh energy, and then return to the rough and tough reality. The writer becomes political only to the extent that in the Ger- man magazine Der Spiegel in mid-March she reaffirms her trust in the Japanese government. Slipping as it does into artificially glowing optimism and praise for the inherent capabilities of Japanese engineers, her prose smacks of an encomium to the state.

Her support for the government at the time may be interpreted as an attempt to put a damper on panic and desperation, but the dividing line between the wish to provide comfort and a nationalistic gesture is nonetheless a thin one. One must nonetheless not go as far as to offer unreserved praise and approval of governmental crisis management. Hindsight tells us that quite a few of the hastily undertaken meas- ures were ineffective, while information allocation was restricted.