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By chatting, you understand and agree to the Happy Family Privacy Policy. Infant feeding. Love My Veggies. Super Morning. Super Smart. I am an experienced baker but have not really worked with yeast so I was a little intimidated. I followed the recipe exactly and to my delight it came together beautifully! My family is oohhing and ahhhing in the kitchen, as I type this. Oh, I did make one small addition, I added a drop of orange oil to the icing.

I made these on a Saturday afternoon up thru forming them into rolls and placing them in a pan. I then refrigerated them until Sunday morning. I took them out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before I baked them. They turned out fantastic! The dough was beautiful and was easy to work with. I will definitely be making them again. I am so glad you enjoyed the cinnamon rolls. I just updated the recipe so it is printer friendly. My daughter woke up this morning and reminded me I pinky promised her we would make cinnimon rolls this weekend.

The only problem everytime I make them they turn out horrible! So I found this, and I am in the process of making them with the help of my 6 and 4 year old. We are so excited. If my bad luck carries through at least we made a few memories. Thank you. I am planning to make these for Christmas morning. I want to make sure I plan well enough to have these ready. I am not sure how long it takes for the rolls to double in size before baking. I commented last year about these rolls and have made them numerous times, all to rave reviews!!

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I also usually use half whole wheat, half unbleached white flour. I am wondering, have you ever replaced the shortening with coconut oil? We are no longer eating shortening and i didn tkniw if anyone had thouht son the coconut oil…we really want to keep these as a family Christmas tradition!

Holley or Two Peas, Have you tried using coconut oil instead of shortening? I have been making cinnamon rolls for 30 years and this is now my favorite recipe. Sooooo, so nice your Dad shared his recipe…the pictures of him making them make it that much more awesome! My Dad luved making home made breads and pies. Oh, how I wish I had some photos of him in the kitchen.. After seeing these pic. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! I made these for Christmas breakfast and was amazed that they turned out even better than I had expected! I switched the shortening with 7 Tablespoons of butter, but other than that, I followed it to a T.

I just had one question, can I refrigerate these for longer than one day? If anyone has tried to store them either cooked or uncooked for longer than overnight, I would love to hear your results! I made these on Christmas Eve and then put in the fridge for Christmas morning They were fabulous. Next time I will cut the batch in half though. They were the best cinnamon rolls that I ever made. I had another recipe that I had made off and on over the years. I threw it in the trash! The only thing that I did differently, I substituted a cup of water for a cup of sourdough starter.

To die for!!! Thanks for sharing. I used this recipe to make a New Orleans king cake one recipe makes two large king cakes. It came out great! What a great dough, ofcourse I used a different icing and topped it with purple, green, and gold sugar. Thanks for sharing! Hi, there something stumbled into your World, not A blogger myself. I Would love try making these. Pia from Denmark. I just made theses, they came out awesome, my family loved them. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Oh my Lord! These are the best!

My family loves them. I made them for Christmas morning. Thank you so much for sharing your recipie with us. I happened to be on Pinterest and in a good mood so searched for cinnamon rolls and found this recipe. I made them up last night, let them rise over night in the fridge and baked them this morning. Absolutely fabulous recipe! Thank you so much for sharing. Just to die for!! I tried these and they were wonderful.

I am making another batch for my daughter to take to her work. But your story brought back memories of my dad making the best ever fudge. He is no cook, burns everything he made, but his fudge he would handle with kid gloves, each and every time it would come out perfect. He always saved a little in the cast iron pan for his three little girls to scrap and sample….. Better still are the memories of those happy times. LOVE cinnamon rolls and have been on a mission to find the perfect recipe. Cannot wait to try it. Was just curious as to how much sugar and cinnamon you all are using for the filling…just a general idea.

Thank you again!! My only question is what size do you roll the dough out to??? This would help. Thank you for the recipe — I am making these today since it is cold and dreary. These will be JUST the thing. I added some crushed nuts when I was adding the raisins.

Dad, breakfast is ready!

I have made this type of roll many times but never with raisins. However, I recommend typing in the beginning recipe portion that the filling is required to be a generous amount. I just put some extra cinnamon in my icing. I should have seen the amount in the picture and taken note of that- They still are amazing. Thank you for not keeping your family recipe a secret. I love these cinnamon rolls. Ever since I found the recipe my husband has me make them all the time!! Thanks for such an awesome recipe!! Can you please tell me what kind of yeast you use?

I would like to make these for brunch. Thank you! These look Ahhhhhhhhmazzzzzing! My dad uses Active Dry Yeast. I am so excited to bake these BUT how much butter do you use? The recipe is vague.. How much butter should I use? My dad never measures the butter. Just spread soft butter over the entire dough, like you are buttering bread. My dad is pretty generous. I hope that helps. Next time I make them I will measure that part:.

I keep coming back to this recipe!! I have to make these because they look the best! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe we would love to drop in when your dad is cooking we will bring our coffee only kidding I will make some of these vey soon and thank you again for sharing. I used half the recipe, since when I started making them, I figured 30 rolls would be way too much. Oh well. I will let you know how they turn out.

I have tried many recipes and they all were tough, heavy, too bready, or soggy in the middle. I can stop looking now! These turned out light and heavenly! I did bake at I was afraid they would burn like one person commented. They turned out perfect. Thank you for the recipe! These were unbelievable. They were gone in no time, even though the recipe made 41 rolls for us we must have cut them too narrowly. Also, we did end up pulling them from the oven a bit before the times in the recipe as they were getting done quite quickly.

Also, any hints for how to roll that dough out so thin? Also, does it just make one big log, or will there be more than one? Thanks so much for sharing!!!! I did end up adding 8 cups plus of flour because my dough was soooo sticky and wet — it ended making such a beautiful clean dough to roll out — smooth! So awesome, thank you!! And thanks to your Dad for letting us have his recipe!! I know they will love them as much as we do! This is my second year making these for Christmas! I made them again because my mom requested them. She said they were so good 4 days after. Then my grandmother froze some and they tasted like the day I made them 4 months later.

Found this recipe through Pinterest. My sons and I just had an evening of baking an these were a huge hit! They were delicious. So how much does 2 packages equal to measured out? Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! I have been searching for a beloved family recipe to try!

Can you tell me how fat you cut them, guessing 1 inch? Hello Okay, these are the best cinnamon buns and I have made these several times. My only problem is every time I make them the dough is way too soft to the point I have trouble rolling them up and placing them. Tell your father thanks so much for sharing and I would like to tell you thanks for sharing his picture. What a handsome young man your Dad is!

I love cinnamon rolls and am always on the look out for new recipes. These look totally awesome but sorry, I have to omit the raisins, dont like them at all. I like cinnamon rolls with cinnamon and brown sugar and with nothing else coming between me and those wonderful flavors. Back when you got your baking tips from magazines lol.

The first time I tried it I used sewing thread. It worked great!!!! Congrats to your dad for a wonderful recipe!!!! I have tried baking cinnamon rolls previously and have had no luck with finding a great recipe…. I decided to give this recipe a go.. Loved the pictures and this recipe sounded fairly straight forward. I decided to halve the mixture to make 15 and they turned out perfectly!!! Thank you very much for sharing your family recipe.!!! I read through all of the comments before asking this question, just in case it was a repeat.

His rolled up dough was alot skinnier than the tree trunk I was rolling up! I followed the recipe exactly as written. Should I have used more flour when kneading? The dough is absolutely fantastic!! So glad your dad shared his secret recipe with us. Hi there ….. Please help this is my third try thank you. I love this recipe! Just made my second batch of cinnamon rolls tonight and put half in the fridge to bake in the morning and half in the freezer. One batch just makes too much for my little family to bake all at once. Thanks for a great recipe These rolls are amazing!

My family loves them and I feel very happy making them. She said the rolls were the bomb. I chuckled at that comment even after we had finished the phone call. Thanks again! Can I cut the recipe in half? I know it can be tricky with baking. I am planning to make these in the morning with my 4 year old daughter.

I grew up baking with my Grandma and I would love for her to have great kitchen memories too. Hi how did it come out with you cutting the recipe in half …I want to make these but I want to cut the recipe in half. How far ahead of time can I make them before cooking. Thinking Easter brunch, would like to them the morning before? If I were to make these the day before, should I let them rise before putting them in the refrigerator?

Thank you!! I just made these this morning. THIS recipe is a keeper. The only thing I will do different from now on is to roll them smaller. The size of the roll I made was huge still delicious — but huge. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe! The dough was made in a bread machine but did not have to be. This recipe sounds good to but the other was fabulous!

Hi I am from NZ and would like to try this recipe. How much yeast does this recipe need? If you could give a measurement in spoons or grams… which ever is easiest. These look so delicious!! These looks scrumptious. Just one question, what measurements do you roll out the rectangle?

This is a great recipe. Whenever I see cinnamon rolls in a bakery, the first I thing I ask is do they have raisins? I did not know that so many people do not like raisins. My brothers suggested that I carry a small box of raisins with me at all times. For the yeast I bought one that says rapidrise highly active yeast. Is that the same thing… its my first time making cinnamon rolls.. Hi just wanna ask if how many oz the 2 packages of yeast? Wanna really try this one. One think I did was soke my raisins in warm water, drain and add.

Saved your recipe for future use. Got up at this morning and got the dough started. By a. The Man was standing over them asking if he could dig in. They were a hit! Definitely a keeper! Thanks for posting!!!! In step 3 you say remove mixture attachment. Also how long should the long roll be and how thick do I slice each roll? I updated the recipe a little bit. I hope that helps! Thank you very much for sharing this recipe! What yeast do you use? Thank you for your help! Made these yesterday to kick off college football season. Made the dough the night before and started rolling it out.

Rolls came out perfect. Fluffy and light. Each was the size of small saucer. Everyone in the family raved at how good they were. I did cut back the initial temp to and the lower temp to as I was using a dark non-stick pan for one batch. Made these today and they are so good. Thank you for the wonderful recipe, will be the only one I use. These sounds wonderful. I have a bread machine recipe that I like but I think I will try these in the bread machine sometime. It looks like a special lid for any type of ball or mason canning jar…is that correct?

Where could I find one like it? Can i use butter all the way instead of shortening. And i never liked it, very hard and solid. Not sure how it looks in states. Omg this looks awesome! I wanna try it but I have no shortening. Can I omit it? Made these for my family today during a rainy day off from work. I had my doubts halfway through, right after I finished mixing the dough. It seemed too sticky. But I added more flour, like you suggested, and generously doused the counter with flour as well.

So glad I followed through till the end, they were soft but not doughy. They sprang up a LOT, they were really giant when they finished, next time I will add more cinnamon and brown sugar to accomodate all the dough! This recipe is a keeper in my house! I made these tonight with my daughter, came out great… Though next time i will put more sugar and cinnamon and probably leave the icing out.

Made 32 and 6 went straight away. I wonder if i can freeze some for another day? I wasnt sure on the icing but the end result came out just great. I was impressed. Took a good 3 hours from start to finish. Can you make ahead and freeze these rolls? If so, do you bake, freeze, and then reheat them in the oven; or just freeze, thaw, then bake? Thanks for the recipe!! You can freeze the finished rolls. I would freeze the unfrosted and then frost them after they defrost. If so, would I make them and let them double in size and then put them in the fridge? Or let them double after they come out of the fridge and then bake?

How long does the second rise generally take and if you want to bake the next morning you would do both rises, refrigerate then remove and bake with no additional rising correct? Making these right now!! They sound and look absolutely delish in the pictures so I hope they turn out the same!! Thank you for sharing the recipe!! This is hands down the best cinnamon roll recipe out there. They are phenomenal and I have zero desire to ever try another recipe. Tell your dad a big thank you from Tampa, Florida.

HAD to leave feedback on this awesome recipe. As I live in UK I had fun trying to ensure I got the correct measurements for the ingredients but it seemed fine…. There I was in my kitchen giggling my head off because the dough was soooooo sticky. It clung to my hands and I ended up with bits of dough stuck to everything in the kitchen.

Things were NOT looking good. Then suddenly I had added enough flour and the dough came together nicely. Next problem…convert farenheight temps to celcius I settled on C and then C. Popped the rolls in the oven and kept my fingers crossed that they would cook through as 10mins and mins hardly seemed long enough. After 10 mins I turned the temp down and decided to cook for 7 mins to be sure they were cooked. I really only needed another 5 mins as they JUST started to singe around the edges. Oh ye of little faith…. Thank you and your dad for such a brilliant recipe….

The dough just melts in the mouth! Thank you two peas and thanks to papa Parry, pls tell him that his recipe reached the Middle East and particularly Lebanon. I had to use over 10 cups of flour to reach the right dough consistency. I guess the secret for this amazing recipe and beautiful dough texture is the fact that you dissolve sugar and shortening in hot water before you knead in the flour. Simply Perfect! Have you ever cut the recipe in half? I spent 3 hours making these yesterday, the recipe looks delicious. First I did not know how big to roll my rectangle….

I believe the pan should be bigger, so I just made 24 rolls out of this same recipe. THEN I also believe as others have stated that your cooking times may be incorrect. At in a brand new oven, the tops of the rolls burned, then moving to for just 7 minutes, the insides of all my rolls were raw. I was disappointed that all that work went into the trash can. I will try again because the taste of the dough that was cooked on the very outsides of the rolls was delicious.

I will also try to make 30 rolls and use a bigger cooking sheet. Even at 12 rolls in a 10 x 14 inch pan, the rolls were touching each other even before they rose, not sitting side by side as in your pictures. All of this undoubtedly accounted for the centers being raw….. Those buns looked delicious! I am going to make them for Christmas morning. I pinned this recipe to my Breakfast Board, but tell your dad I did not use his photo as the cover!

My dad will appreciate that. He is a little embarrassed by this post since it is one of our most popular recipes now:. Thank you for sharing — I love that your Dad shares such a wonderful tradition with his family — that is such love and now the world. Do you think I could substitute coconut oil in for the shortening? Also have you noticed difference in baking time due to elevation difference between Illinois and Utah?

I did half the recipe and ended up having to use 7 cups of flour for just half… The dough was just not workable. I hope these turn out…. That dough is so so so soft and delicious! I managed to make 4 pans of them — 44 rolls. I was generous with the filling ingredients, and put some of the icing on top. The icing was a little too sweet overall, so it might not be needed. First time making homemade cinnamon rolls for me! Thank you for this most delicious cinnamon roll recipe! My husband said it was the best cinnamon roll he ever ate and I agree!

You have a lovely talented dad! Merry Christmas! Can the shortening be substituted for butter? Shortening does not agree with me too well… :s. Let me just say Thank you to your Dad for sharing amazing cinnamon rolls! As a tradition every year I make cinnomon rolls for Christmas morning. This year I thought That I would try a new recipe.

They looked beautiful baked. The family dishes up their cinnamon roll and started to eat them and asked if I did something different to them. I stated that I made a new recipe this year. Why they asked? I seen this recipe on pinterest and the reviews looked good So I gave it a try why not.

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My family was not happy at all. I will stick with my favorite recipe that everyone loves. I always get requests for my recipe. Not a keeper for me. Thank u so much for this great recipe!! They loved it. I made these last night following the recipe exactly experienced prize winning baker but the dough was VERY wet and I ended up adding at least more cups of flour to be able to work the dough. It did rise and they baked up but they were not very tender and too heavy thanks to all the extra flour. I will try again! Hi there! Thank you for the recipe..

I made these Perry rolls today. Very pleased with outcome. I just made these today. Oh my gosh!!! Please thank you dad from us!! My nine year old daughter and I live in China right now and missssss baked goodies. These are so delicious they brought tears to my eyes!

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My dad also loved to bake. Thank you so much for sharing,. I made them as instruceted, but my dough is not rising help! I have never made cinnamon rolls before. Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried it out today and it was a hugh success. They were so easy to make and Tasted as good as they looked.

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Please thank your dad for sharing this recipe as i have wanted to try and make these for a long while but this is the first recipe that looked and sounded really good. I added chopped pecan nuts to one of the batches and they were really yum with the added texture. Thanks again from a kiwi living in oz. Could you please estimate the time it takes for the cinnamon rolls to rise until double? I made these this weekend and they were amazing. I had never made cinnamon rolls from scratch before so this was quite the experience for me.

For anyone reading this, please note that this makes a LOT of dough. Very fluffy, very good.

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  8. I would make these again for sure: Thank you for sharing the recipe. Your dad bakes the same way I do; no measuring. Love this recipe…. I miss mine sooo bad. My family and I are addicted to this recipe. When we want something sweet, I make lots of these yummy cinnamon rolls.

    We have also made some of your other recipes as well. Thank you very much for sharing these with us! I love that the ingredient fit what I feel a cinnamon roll should be and not some of those short cut ones I keep finding! I cannot wait to try these out!! Thanks for sharing this again in your email for me to pick up! Yesterday I was on the hunt for the best cinnamon roll recipe. I tried 4 different recipes to see which one was the best overall and guess what, ding ding ding…. I did omit the raisins this time, but will try them next time.

    I like how the recipe makes two batches of rolls and rises super fast. Thank you for sharing. These rolls are fantastic!! I used a cream cheese icing recipe just because I knew my audience and they would expect cream cheese icing, haha! The only thing is for the filling I would make sure you have at least 2 cups of brown sugar, I used way over 2 cups maybe almost 3 for my filling and they were great, not too sweet! OH and I should note, I made the dough and prepared the rolls a week ahead and just froze the uncooked rolls.

    French Fries Recipe - Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids

    Took them out of the freezer and placed in a greased pan for an hour and a half prior to baking and they turned out great! So yes that can be froze, I would highly recommend only freezing them raw so you can fresh baked buns whenever you want! I made these the other day, and they are really good. I had to use more flour, and the dough still was somewhat sticky, but I run out of flour so I had to finished them that way; but anyway they are delicious.

    I did overproof them a bit, but they are super tasty. I adjusted the over temp to degrees for 10 mins and then lowered the temp to degrees for mins. These were tasty. I did adjust the oven temp to degrees for 10 mins and then lowered the temp to degrees for mins. I overproofed them a bit, but they still were good. Recipe turned out really great!

    I agree with another commenter that about 10 cups of flour is needed for this recipe to get a dough, rather than a batter. I love the loose measurements for the filling and the dough is very, very light, fluffy and a pleasure to make. Lard to the rescue again!! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made it today for my dad who loves cinnamon rolls. I added some cinnamon chips, too, and the flavor was outstanding.

    Your dad is right about the raisins. They really turned up the volume. Thanks again. First of all, the dough is such a joy to work with. Rolls out like velvet. I always end up with 2 15 x 10 pans of the rolls, and end up freezing one of them they taste just like they are fresh from the oven when you thaw them. I will never try another recipe…. These are the best cinnamon rolls you will ever find! Then while my mom was sleeping I rolled out the dough and put all the ingredients on it and rolled it back up.

    I used a bread knife to cut the cinnamon rolls. One half of the dough made about of them. Thanks for sharing this recipe and tell your dad thank you! I will definitely be making these again! I made these for my coworkers early this week and I got compliments on them the entire day! This recipe was so easy to do and the only thing I found was that mine required a few more cups of flour than was given in the recipe. I will never make cinnamon rolls with any other recipe again. The fact that this is a cherished family recipe makes these even more precious.

    My late mother was a brilliant cook and baker and she never measured anything but she did manage to write her most special recipes down for me and so I love to make her family recipes even though they never quite come out the exact way I remember hers. That special ingredient was no doubt the love she imparted into her cooking. God bless you and your family. I made these for my co-workers early this week and I got compliments on them the entire day! My late mother was a brilliant cook and baker and she never measured anything either, but she did manage to write her most special recipes down as accurately as she could for me.

    I love to make her family recipes even though they never quite come out the exact way I remember hers. Check out a special cinnamon at penzeys. Worth the money to pick up especially if your Dad is know for his cinnamon rolls. This cinnamon is sweeter and richer than the one you buy in the grocry store. I have my neighbors hooked on it! I made these this morning and the recipe made 4 dozen. I had cream cheese icing from another recipe. Used that and loaded with pecans and raisin. Everyone loved them. I shared them with the neighbors.

    I will definitely be making more for the group. Easy and I had fun making them. Thanks for my new recipe. Taste just like Cinnabon bake shop. This recipe really works. I have made these for our first day of term…. Say thanks to your Dad. With these, I just slathered on some soft butter and plenty of brown sugar and cinnamon.

    I was a little worried it would not be enough, but they were great! These cinnamon rolls are wonderful and I may never use another recipe ever again. The only negative I had was that I wish my kitchen aid was large enough to make the entire recipe. These were so yummy and my husband and and boys thought so too!

    Sautéed Collard Green Omelet

    I will definitely make these again and try adding more flour to get the dough less sticky. Thanks for sharing this! I tried these again this week and determined I goofed up somewhere last time. These turned out amazingly good! These are amazing! And because of the way this recipe is written I have now figured out how to make bread. The outer part browned beautifully, but the inner part was still raw rough.

    Recipe for Cinnamon Rolls

    The first time I made these I used a bigger pan……. Secondly, the temperature seems to be a issue again. I had to adjust my oven so many different times this second time around. These are delicious and definitely affordable for college students!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe. Definitely keeping it just wanted to say thank you!!!! Could you use butter instead of shortening?

    And would you use the same amount or would that need to change for butter?

    Food | This Morning

    I made this last night and they turned out great. The recipe was really simple and easy. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I made these last night and they turned out great. The buns literally melt in your mouth. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Oh my goodness! These are delicious! My family loved them! With or without the icing they are fabulous! Thank your dad again for allowing you to share is recipe! Seriously these rolls will put Cinnabon out of business! Made them for the boys at the fire hall and they were gone within minutes. By far the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Can these be made without a stand mixer? Any ideas on how to alter the recipe to be mixed by hand? Yes, you can make the cinnamon rolls without a mixer, you will just have to do a lot of kneading. You have received so many wonderful comments about these rolls and I just have to add to it. These have been the only rolls that I have made since finding this recipe a few years ago.

    Thank you for putting it out on the internets and thank you to your father for sharing his knowledge. This is a recipe that will carry on to the next generation. My family loves them! Thank you!!! I made these today and they are amazing. And I changed the cooking temperature to F and baked them for 30 minutes.

    I have made a lot of different cinnamon bun recipes in my day. But these will be my go to recipe from now on. I loved these! I made them and they are perfect! And yummy. Best recipe I have come across ever! Nice quick recipe. The taste is awesome, I just like them goo-ier! Thinking about making your cinnamon roll recipe for the holidays but I was wondering if you can make these the night before and bake them the next day? Looking forward to trying this recipe! And should it be room temperature? Thanks for the wonderful recipe. These look absolutely perfect! This is a fantastic recipe and so easy.

    Wanted to make these cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. I began preparing them on Christmas Eve and intended on letting them refrigerate overnight and finishing them up on Christmas morning. I did not want the full recipe for my family of 4, so I halved all the ingredients. My dough was extremely runny! I could not knead it at all. Not sure where I messed up. I was so excited about making these!

    Maybe making the whole recipe would have made a difference? These look delish! At the beginning it says to sprinkle some sugar with the yeast Is that a separate amount from the cup of sugar?? Made this today for Christmas breakfast. Halved the recipe. Dough so very wet after using the dough hook. Added lots of flour at that step, and lots more when trying to knead, which was impossible given how wet it still was. After getting the flour right, I followed the recipe as written. I was worried that a baking sheet would be too large, and that the rolls would fall apart.

    I chose a round cake pan, and the rolls touched each other when fully risen.