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Great Strides is a fun, family-friendly event that raises awareness and support for people with CF and their families. Joshua has overcome a lot in his young life and we pray for a cure every day! I know it will come! Thanks for your support. Love to ALL! Infections can exacerbate CF symptoms and worsen lung function, so we ask attendees at Foundation-sponsored events to observe the following best practices to reduce the risk of germ transmission:.

All Great Strides walks are non-smoking events. River walk.

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Our Great Strides Story. Our Team Name. Avon Join our team and help add tomorrows! Join Team. Team Roster. Rachael Doll. Toni Andreoli. Hunter Barnes. Emily Dolan. Billie Doll. In , the Michigan native was driving to a job when something with the work van went wrong and he lost control, causing the van to flip 15 times.

He woke up from a coma a month later with news that he had a spinal-cord injury and he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Before his accident, Rucker was very athletic and was involved in both wrestling and football. While he enjoyed playing basketball, there was always something else out there he wanted to do. Then one day when I was searching the web, I came across a wheelchair bodybuilder named Colt Wynn.

Wow, was I amazed! After watching Wynn, Rucker knew he could become a wheelchair bodybuilder and he was very determined. He started training multiple days a week and was sticking to a very strict diet. NPC is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the U. When entering the world of bodybuilding competitions, NPC is the first stop. After his first professional competition, Rucker ran into some medical problems that made him realize he needed to slow down and focus more on his health, which soon led him to adaptive CrossFit.

But CrossFit is about being in shape. Adaptive CrossFit has been a better fit for Rucker.

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CrossFit is more about your performance rather than the way you look. Rucker now focuses on gymnastic work, weight training and metabolic conditioning. The medical problems that Rucker experienced while bodybuilding have dwindled since he started CrossFit. Bodybuilding just is not for me anymore, but I found another way to keep living my dreams. His Instagram account is full of popular videos that might make someone watching a bit nervous.

Joshua's Journey of Hope

Some of his stunts include pullups from monkey bars, planches off the side of a bar, and pulling himself to the top of any bar, all while still in his wheelchair. While his Instagram account is full of successful and thrilling videos to watch, Rucker has had his fair share of accidents. Being a bodybuilder is not just about the physical.

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You must have the confidence and mental capability to go on stage and show off your body. While Rucker has faced many fears and doubts, he has continued to compete because he loves the thrill of competition. Click here to cancel reply. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You Might Also Like Click on any of the links below to read more articles from SportsnSpokes! Read more. El Capitan, the worlds hardest climb, just got more challenging for one adaptive climber Story The Boston Marathon took place April 15, Before the race began, participants were The best Told through vignettes, Joshua's Journey tells the story of a young African American boy persevering and reaching his goal of becoming a healer.

An elderly Joshua shares the story stories of his childhood with his daughter, grandsons and a student.

Joshua's Journey

The book does touch on the racism and struggles that African Americans face, but didn't dwell on it. Instead, Joshua was able to grow past these challenges. I thought the daughter's sections showed more of the racism the family faced. I won this book Told through vignettes, Joshua's Journey tells the story of a young African American boy persevering and reaching his goal of becoming a healer. I won this book in Goodreads' giveaway, but that did not affect my opinion. Nov 26, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: goodreads-first-reads. I liked the fact that it was illustrated and the fact that the chapters were short.

The author definitely got her point across and gave me a great outline of what it's like to work hard for what you want when most of the world is against you. Feb 07, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: misc-read. I won this book through Goodreads. Loved heart wrenching and inspiring book.

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Joshua's Journey was a beautifully crafted story of hope. Mar 21, Catherine Milmine rated it it was amazing. Won this book on Goodreads and could not put it down, really enjoyed Joshua's stories about what he went through and the people that believed in him and helped him achieve his dreams. Highly recommend this book to all ages and hope one day we can become a world that respects all human beings as people who just want to be happy and make their dreams come true and to help one another rather than think one is better than the other.

Thank you for this inspiring story.

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Dec 22, Tehila rated it really liked it. Well-written young adult book. A sheltered black child grows up into a man who faced and overcame challenges caused by prejudice.


In engaging way to introduce a child to the realities of a bigoted society. I received a free review copy of this book. Apr 18, Natalie Murnane rated it really liked it. I liked the part of the book I read. I was supposed to be sent one in a goodreads giveaway but never received it.